Boston, USA. Where is it located, photo, sights of the city, what to see for a tourist

Boston is the capital of Massachusetts, the birthplace of the American struggle for Independence. The city has many historical attractions. The most popular is the Freedom Trail, commemorating an event in 1773 called the Boston Tea Party.

It was then that the American Revolution began. Desiring to get closer to the history of America, the city is visited annually by about 20 million tourists.

Top 10 interesting sights in Boston

  1. Zakim Bridge. The Boston Bridge is named after American rights leader Leonard Zakim. This is the largest project in the United States in the 2000s. The bridge was opened to traffic in 2003. There are 8 highway lanes and 1 river lane across the Charles River. The Zakim Memorial Bridge is the main road entrance to Boston, located in northern Massachusetts.
  2. Skyscraper Prudential Tower. The skyscraper, reaching 228 m in height, is the second tallest building in Boston. The opening of the skyscraper took place in 1965. The building houses business offices, boutiques, cafeterias. On the 50th floor of the skyscraper there is a closed observation platform, which offers a beautiful view of the city's outskirts. Also here you can see educational installations about the life of the city and its famous personalities.
  3. Boston Public Library. Free to the public, the City Library is one of the largest libraries in the United States. The library fund contains more than 22 million book copies. It houses rare editions and valuable works, including the collection of Daniel Defoe and early editions of William Shakespeare. The building has a computer room, a room for geographical maps. Art and architecture tours are held regularly.
  4. Quincy Market. The old market complex Quincy Market is one of the most visited places in the city. The market was built in 1826 and designed by Alexander Parris in the traditional Romanesque style. The two-story building accommodates a variety of cafeterias and restaurants. Here you can buy fresh vegetables, meat and other products.
  5. Samuel Adams Brewery. The original brewery is named after an American patriot who participated in the Boston Tea Party. Craft beer lovers will love this place. Excursions are regularly held here, which tell about the intricacies of making exclusive beer, and there is also the opportunity to look at the real brewing of beer. The brewery tour with beer tasting is absolutely free.
  6. Harvard University. The oldest university in the United States has made Boston famous as the city with the best education in the world. More than 30 Nobel Prize winners have graduated from its walls. The university was founded in 1636 and named after its benefactor John Harvard. Near the university is Harvard Park, where student dormitories, libraries and administrative buildings are located.
  7. USS Constitution. ​​The late 18th century sailboat is still in service with the US Navy. During the armed conflict between Britain and the United States in 1812-1814, the sides of the ship could not penetrate the enemy’s cores, for which he was nicknamed the “Iron-sided old man”. It has been in drydock in Boston Harbor since 1922. There are currently guided tours of the decks and technical rooms.
  8. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Boston is among the world's largest centers of higher education, bioresearch, and IT technologies. Here is the world famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology - a leader in the field of science and technology. It was founded almost 200 years ago. 73 graduates of the Massachusetts Institute have become Nobel Prize winners. Cybernetics was invented here, and now much attention is paid to artificial intelligence and robotics. Tourists can freely visit the institute, where free excursions are conducted by the students themselves.
  9. Fenway Park. Not far from downtown Boston is the oldest baseball stadium in the United States. Designed by James McLaughlin. The famous Boston Red Sox baseball team played here for the first time in 1920. The stadium is still the home ground for this team. A unique attraction of the stadium is the high wall "Green Monster", over which the balls do not fly.
  10. "Freedom Path". Boston is at the center of great historical events for America. The Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party took place here, which eventually led the country to independence. In honor of these events, a walking tourist route called the "Freedom Path" was laid. With the support of the mayor of the city in 1951, a la carte of red brick was created on 16 sights of the city.All marked places are marked with signs and signs. The route at the Park Boston-Common begins and ends at the Constitution sailing ship.

Architectural objects and monuments of Boston

  1. Memorial victims of the Holocaust. In memory of the 6 million dead Jew in Boston, a memorial was established, which was built in the form of 6 glass pillars, symbolizing 6 main concentration camps. The camp numbers of prisoners are applied on the glass columns. Passing under the columns, you can see the clubs of steam and the flames of candles, bursting through the lattices in the sidewalk. This is a smoke symbol from the furnaces in which innocent people died.
  2. Monument Banker Hill. The magnificent granite obelisk height is 67 m located on the Brades Hill Hill. It was built in memory of the major battle for independence between American and British troops in 1775. If you rise to the top of the monument, you can see the beauty of Boston from the height. Next to the memorial there are 2 monuments of famous figures who spent the independence of the colonies - William Prescott and Joseph Warren.
  3. Massachusetts State Capitol. A huge building in which the meeting of the Boston and Massachusetts state meetings were built in 1798. Capitol was built on the project of Charles Bulfincha and is considered one of its best architectural works. The building is composed of red bricks, and support its snow-white columns. A distinctive feature is a huge dome covered with gravestone gold. The top of the dome decorates the pine bump - the symbol of the forest industry.

Boston's historical monuments

  1. Old Capitol. One of the oldest historical monuments - the old capitol is located in the center of Boston at the intersection of Washington Street and Street Street. The red brick building was built at the beginning of the XVIII century on the site of the burnt town hall. Almost a hundred years old Capitol served as a place for decisions of the United States's iconic events, including the leaders of the independence leaders. Now the building functions as a city museum. Excursions are held every day, where you can learn about the Boston Savior and other historical events of the city.
  2. Lighthouse Boston Light. One of the oldest undergoing lighthouses of the United States is located on the island of Little Brewster in Boston Gulf. Powerful lighthouse light can be seen from a distance of 50 km. The lighthouse was built in 1783 and continues to function automatically since 1998. However, tourists can meet the guardian worker here, who will hold a tour and tell about the amazing stories associated with the Lighthouse.
  3. Royal Chapel. The royal chapel building was built in 1754 on the project of Peter Harrison and was performed in Georgian style. Initially, there was a wooden chapel in her place, which over time ceased to accommodate parishioners. Outside the building decorate massive granite columns, inside it is worth paying attention to the wooden columns cut by manually. For its architectural importance, the chapel in 1960 is recognized as a national historical monument.
  4. Granari Cemetery. The fourth stop on the tourist path of the "Trail of Freedom" is the ancient Christian graveyard of Granari. It was open in the middle of the XVII century. Parents and the nearest relatives of the American public actor of Benjamin Franklin are buried here. In addition to them, the victims of the Boston massacre, with which the struggle for independence began. The tombstones from the subtle granite and the trees surrounding them over time were darkened, so the cemetery seems to be a mysterious and gloomy place.

Boston Museums

  1. Library-Museum named after John Kennedy. The Presidential Library and the Museum in honor of the 35th President of America is located in the southern part of Boston. Here you can consider private photos and documents concerning the life of the president, the chronicle of his service as president and the mystery of death. The museum collection will also introduce the life of Americans of the 60s. Interactive stands illuminate information in English. Many interesting facts about the development of space, testing nuclear weapons, the Caribbean crisis can be found in the John Kennedy Museum.
  2. Museum and Ships of Boston Tea Party. Boston is located on the shore of the Boston Bay in the Massachusetts Bay. It was here that the historical event of the XVIII century happened, when sailors in protest drowned tea cargo. Fans of American history and maritime travel will like the museum with recreated ships of the Times of Boston Tea Party. Regularly on the Congress Street Bridge is a fascinating tour, during which you can reproduce past events and reset tea cargo to the river. There you can also purchase souvenirs and visit the tea shop.
  3. Museum of Fine Arts. In this majestic museum, more than half a million works of artists and sculptors are presented. Among them, it is possible to consider collections of antiquity, ancient Egypt, Renaissance and modern art of the United States. Reenwasters, Claud Monet, Van Gogh, Sarjent and other famous impressionists are presented. For a deeper study, you can purchase a guide in Russian. The museum periodically hosts temporary exhibitions of contemporary artists.
  4. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. The private art museum is housed in a building replicating the courtyard of an Italian palazzo. The building has a courtyard, which contains special greenhouses for growing plants, as well as various art objects. To preserve them, a certain climate control is observed all year round. The exposition of the museum is represented by masterpieces by Titian, Botticelli, Raphael, Rembrandt, Manet, Degas. Tapestries, pieces of furniture, ancient sarcophagi, marble columns are impressive.

Temples and cathedrals of Boston

  1. Old North Church. Boston is among the cities in the United States that place great emphasis on historic preservation. Boston's oldest surviving church is an example of ancient American architecture.The building was erected in 1723 according to the designs of the architect W. Price. The "Freedom Path" tourist route passes through this Church, since it was from its bell tower that the signal was given by Paul River about the attack of the British during the struggle for Independence. As a sign of this event, there is a monument to the national hero in front of the temple. Due to hurricanes, the snow-white spire of the building was reconstructed 3 times.
  2. Old South Church. One of the oldest churches in the city was built in 1669 and is in the style of Gothic architecture. At the beginning of the 20th century, the bell tower of this temple was renovated. Now it is decorated with a huge bell weighing 900 kg. The United Church of Christ, which is one of the oldest congregations in Boston, worships here. The architecture of the Church is striking in its splendor. High arches, colorful stained-glass windows, various types of facing stone, decorative carvings - all this gives the building a solemn look.
  3. Church of the Holy Trinity. Trinity Church is one of the ten most significant places in the United States. It is located in the center of Boston opposite the Public Library and stands out among office skyscrapers with its unusual architecture. The building has the shape of a Greek cross and is made in the Neo-Romanesque style. The facade of the building is decorated with massive arches, and many towers give the Church a fabulous look. The high central tower can be seen from afar thanks to the bright clay dome. Inside, you can admire stained glass windows and ancient frescoes.
  4. First Church of Christ. The Boston Church of Christ or Christian Science Center is an entire complex of buildings belonging to a Christian denomination founded by Mary Baker Eddy. The complex includes a large building (built in 1902), community house, library, fountain, swimming pool. The church is made in the style of Byzantine architecture, decorated with mosaics, stained glass windows depicting biblical history. Inside the building can accommodate about 900 people. In 1952, one of the largest music organs in the world was brought here.

Boston Parks and Gardens

  1. Boston "Emerald Necklace". Emerald Necklace is a complex of parks and green spaces developed by the first landscape architect of the United States Frederick Olmst. The total area is 500 hectares and includes 10 park zones, starting with the Boston Common Park and ending with Franklin Park. All parks are combined stylistically and composite. Such a development of green plantings allowed to expand the place of walking and recreation for citizens, as well as improving air quality in Boston and his suburbs.
  2. Public Park Boston Common. In the capital of Massachusetts, the oldest Park of the United States is the Central Park Boston Common. His story begins early since 1634. Initially, the park was a pasture for grazing livestock, and later they sentenced the death of dangerous criminals. Currently, this small park is a great place for walking and fitness practices. There are small ponds, statues, rest benches, a bronze fountain decorated with the figures of the Greek gods. The main attraction of the park is ducks and manual proteins.
  3. Public Garden. Public Garden and Park Boston-Common shares Charles Street Street. In 1859, a botanical garden was formed in the park (hence the name of the park). Now there are about 150 species of trees, among them multicolored trees, which differ in color throughout the year. On the territory of the park there is a big pond, which you can ride on unique swan boats, take a picture against the background of a large monument to George Washington, as well as feed the manual protein. Another sight of the park is a sculpture road ducklings.
  4. Arnold Arnold. Located in the suburbs of Boston, Arnold Arnold is an object of historical heritage and entered into the National Register of the United States. Named Arndraria in honor of the merchant James Arnold, who in the will transferred land for gardening to Harvard University. Currently, about 15,000 plants are growing here, mostly wood species. Many exotic plants brought from Korea, China, Japan. Here you can walk on thematic alleys: maple, pine, rhododendron and others.

Modern objects of interest to visit

  1. Institute of Contemporary Art. Lovers of contemporary art must visit the art museum, which focuses on the work of young artists and sculptors. The futuristic building was built in 2006. The facade of the museum is decorated with vertical metal and glass panels made of transparent glass. Inside there are several galleries where solo and group exhibitions of works by contemporary photographers, artists, sculptors are held.
  2. TD Garden sports arena. Boston Sports Arena was completed in 1995. This building replaced the old sports complex "Boston Garden". The TD Garden is now home to the Bruins and Celtics. The arena regularly hosts sports matches, as well as entertainment shows and concerts. The building houses the Sports Museum, shops with sports merchandise, cafes and restaurants. The underground level of the building accommodates the waiting room of the North Station.
  3. Ray and Maria Stata Center. “Stata Center” is the Laboratory for Computational Methods and Artificial Intelligence Research. The famous American architect Frank Gehry worked on the project. As a result, an unusual building was brought to life, piled up with curved, as if falling walls. The main idea of ​​building the Center was incompleteness and improvisation. In addition to the research center, there is a cafe, a gym and a kindergarten.

Boston tours

Tour type Stops Duration Cost
By carColonial center; Beacon Hill; Harvard University and

Massachusetts Institute;

Memorial to the victims of the Holocaust; the Frank Gehry building; House of jokers.

4 hours$400 (1-3 people)
By SegwayFaneuil Hall; Old Capitol;

Boston Common; Public Garden; Cemetery of Granari; Massachusetts Capitol; royal chapel; Church on Park Street; Cambridge; Beacon Hill.

2 hours90 $
on the amphibious busAquarium of New England; pier;

Rose Kennedy Park; Park Boston Common; Public garden; Swan boats; Zakim Bridge; Museum of Science; Logfellow Bridge; Public market; Memorial victims of the Holocaust; Town Hall

80 minutes43 $
Sea CruiseBoston Bay1.5 hours$ 30

Top 5 places suitable for recreation with a child

  1. Aquarium of New England. Boston is one of the largest aquariums in the world. Every year, more than 1 million tourists are visited annually. The most memorable place in the aquarium is the ocean tank, which holds 75 thousand liters of water. The cylindrical form of aquarium as it should reproduce the seabed. Lifting over the spiral staircase, you can see penguins, jellyfish, sea turtles, skates. In total, there are about 20,000 inhabitants of the water world. For children, programs for the study of the ocean and its inhabitants are provided.
  2. Boston Children's Museum. With any age, you will like the museum located on the children's pier. Built museum in 1913. There are 18 thematic expositions on which you can try yourself as a firefighter, builder or doctor. You can participate in master classes, conduct scientific experiences, visit the Japanese house. The museum is openly a cafe where you can eat ice cream and drink lemonade.
  3. Franklin Park Zoo. In 1912, Boston Zoo was opened. About 220 animal representatives live here. In winter, heat-loving animals are transferred to warm enolrs, the other animals live in open enclosures with any weather. In the summer, exhibitions of exotic insects are held here. Children enjoy open playgrounds, a contact zoo where you can feed the parrots, rabbits and other hand animals.
  4. Museum of Science. Boston is one of the most interesting US museums. The museum was opened in 1830 on the initiative of local entrepreneurs and city residents. Here everyone can feel like a child, opening the secrets of biology, chemistry, physics. The museum contains more than 500 interactive exhibits, about 100 rare fauna representatives. There is also a planetarium and a major cinema
  5. Mapparium. An amazing exhibit in the form of a huge globe of stained glass height of 9 m is under the library of Mary Baker.Finding inside, you can see the whole map of the world, on which the borders of 1935 are indicated. Excursions with light effects are regularly held here. Another uniqueness of the spherical globe is acoustics. Here you can perfectly hear each other, even if you speak in a whisper and are at different ends of the installation.

Hiking route for a tourist

In addition to the famous Freedom Trail, a traveler in Boston can walk along the following route in one day: ​​

  1. Boston Convention Center
  2. Skyscraper Prudential Center.
  3. Newbury Street.
  4. Church of the Holy Trinity.
  5. Boston Public Library.
  6. Public Garden.
  7. Boston Common.

If a tourist has a couple of days at his disposal, then you can visit popular attractions starting from the center of Boston:

  1. Day 1: Beacon Hill - Acorn Street - Royal Chapel - King's Chapel Cemetery - Tremont Street - Old Capitol - Quincy Market.
  2. Day 2: Boston waterfront - New England Aquarium - Fan Pier Park - Boston Tea Party Museum - USS Conctitution.

Interesting facts about Boston

  1. In 2014, a company at the Massachusetts Institute developed benches with solar panels and environmental sensors. Several experimental benches have appeared in Boston parks.

    These are the phone chargers located in Boston parks

  2. The most popular person in Boston is Paul Revere. The mention of this national hero can be found on almost every street.
  3. The Fenway Park baseball stadium has a distinctive red seat. In 1946, one of the athletes made the farthest shot in history, hitting the ball to the hat of a fan who was sitting in this place.
  4. A famous sculpture of Boston ducks is in the Boston Public Garden. An exact copy of this sculpture is located in the park of the Novodevichy Convent.
  5. The main symbol of Boston is a gilded teapot, installed in the 19th century. Now the kettle serves as a sign above the entrance to the Starbucks cafe.

Boston is the universally recognized capital of science, education and culture. There are more than 100 universities and colleges, ancient churches and libraries, research centers and science museums. Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology brought worldwide fame to Boston. More than 100 graduates of these institutions have become Nobel Prize winners.

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