Boro Boro island. Where is it on the map, photos, tours, prices for holidays

Boro Boro - island, exactly the place where the known blue Lagoon. It was here that the most beautiful photos from the bungalow over blue water were made. It has all the conditions for a good rest.

Geographical features of Boro Boro

Boro-Boro (Island) is located between South America and Australia, located in the Pacific Ocean. For 240 km - Tahiti. Boro Boro is the capital of French Polynesia - an organized community in France, which is located in the south of the ocean.

Island - Rather, the island archipelago, which is called leeward islands. Its surrounds the mother - the coral islands of small sizes, which surround one main island. Boro Boro borders with Cook Islands, Kiribati, Pitcaern - all of them at a distance of more than 1 thousand km.


  • 16.496748 South latitude;
  • 151.7348328 Western longitude.

Central Island Area - 30 square meters. km. Length reaches 9 km, and width - 5 km. The total area of ​​sushi, including the Moto - 38 square meters. km.

How to get there

The only way there to get there is a flight by plane. It may take for a long time, since the flight will not be with one transplant. From Russia there are no direct paths on Boro Boro, but you can get from Moscow to Los Angeles or to Tokyo.

Boro Boro (Island) is close to Tahiti, so the next aircraft will fly there. Time of the way - from 22 hours to two days. But, coming to Tahiti, tourists will have to change the vehicle. Coming out of the airport, you need to transfer a smaller plane, which is tensed in 45 minutes.

There is also a way to get from Tahiti to Boro Boro through the Pacific Ocean: To do this, it is necessary to order a speed catamaran or sailing on a cruise liner. To the bora-boron can be reached by the ocean only after one move: the shipping channel of the TeaVanui, which is located opposite Waitap. The canal connects the lagoon and the ocean. In the middle of the island there are ways to get all-terrain vehicle or walk.

The short sequence of the path to Boro-Boro:

  • get to the airport of Moscow.
  • Take the plane to Tokyo or Los Angeles.
  • Arriving there, transfer the plane to Tahiti.
  • Arriving on Tahiti, will go to the Northern Islands Boro Boro.

Line features

Central island - volcano. Its core flooded with water. The soil of the main island is basalt lava, and the highest point is the Mont Omeman, the height of which is about 727 m. Mountain Pahia is lower, however, it occupies a fairly large territory on the island. The mother was formed after the volcanic eruption. The variety of their nature depends on the formation period. They consist of sand and corals.

Moto surround the central island in the form of a ring, thanks to this, a blue lagoon was created. The annular road has a solid surface, which makes it easy to move between hotels; Her length is 32 km.

The climatic conditions of Boro-Boro

The climate of Boro Boro has a middle between the tropical and subequatorial. On the island drops 3050 mm of precipitation every year.


To choose for yourself the best time to relax, you need to know the weather at a certain time of the year:

  1. Winter. At this time, the air temperature will be from + 29 ° C to + 31 ° C, and at night from + 26 ° C to + 28 ° C. Winter water temperature - + 28 ° C.
  2. Spring. Day air temperature - + 29-31 ° C, and at night - + 26-28 ° C. The temperature of the water in the ocean comes to + 29 ° C.
  3. Summer. At this time of the year, the precipitation will decrease together with the air temperature. It will be from + 26 ° C to + 30 ° C, and at night - from + 23 ° C to + 27 ° C. Water cool down to + 26-27 ° C.
  4. Autumn. In the afternoon, the air is heated to a temperature of + 27-30 ° C, at night - from + 24 ° C to + 27 ° C. Water temperature - + 26-27 ° C.
Climate of Boro-Boro Islands (French Polynesia)

From November to April, the rainy season will last, but it will Warm, and dry and cool - from May to October. It is in a dry and cooler time that the accumulation of tourists reaches a peak.


Air humidity on Boro Boro is almost always the same. From November to June, it is 82%, and from July to October - about 77-80%. In summer, the humidity reaches the lower marks - 77%.

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In winter, the wind speed will be 17 km / h, and the maximum is 52 km / h. Such will be the maximum wind speed in January. In the spring, the wind will change its speed in a smaller side: the average - 15 km / h, the maximum - in May: 44 km / h.

Summer the wind will become stronger, its average speed will reach 19 km / h, and the maximum is 59 km / h in August. In the fall, the average speed is 18 km / h, and the maximum is 80 km / h. This speed will be in November, such weather is considered a storm.


Season month Number of precipitation Number of cloudy days General number of precipitation Total number of cloudy days
WinterDecember130-250 mm9-15420-750 mm23-43
January120-230 mm6-14
February170-270 mm8-14
SpringMarch110-200 mm6-12260-425 mm16-26
April70-115 mm5-7
May80-110 mm5-7
SummerJune50-75 mm3-5115 -195 mm5 -10
July30-50 mm1-2
August35-70 mm1-3
AutumnSeptember50-75 mm2-3200-265 mm10-15
October70-80 mm5
November80-110 mm5-7

The rain is dominated in winter, 420-750 mm of precipitation will fall out for this season. Days with cloudy weather will be from 23 to 43. With the arrival of spring there is a decrease in the amount of precipitation. For 16-26 days with bad weather, 140 to 425 mm of precipitation will fall from 260 to 425 mm. In summer, the sediments will be held in 5-10 days, and their number is 115-195 mm. In the fall of precipitation will fall out 10-15 days, their number will reach 200-265 mm.

Sights of Boro Boro

  1. The island is rich in its nature and on land, and in water. The main attraction and the feature of the island is a blue lagoon, in which a large variety of fish, sharks, skates. Different types of diving are common on the island so that tourists can enjoy the delights of the world under water.
  2. Mountains Omeman and Pahia are impressive with their size, especially against the background of the blue lagoon, they look amazing.
  3. Some remains from World War II were preserved on the island: the military base of Americans and the old military road. You can also visit the village of Faantui, in which the leaders of Polynesian tribes lived.
  4. "Lagunarium" - aquarium under the sky. This is a kind of reserve in which, accompanied by a guide, a tourist can get to know the turtles, sharks, all sorts of fish and skates. There are also small submarines for scuba diving.

Boro Boro hotels

Maitai Bora Bora

Maitai Bora Bora is located in the southern part of the island, namely on Matir Point. 10 km between him and the airport. It is recommended to choose rooms with windows that go to the garden, since the Laguna is not attractive from this island.

There are also houses over the water near the beach. Free use of fishing equipment, water sailing kayak and also flippers, mask, tube for underwater shallow swimming. The Haere Mai Restaurant, Boro Boro tourists can enjoy traditional cuisine, as well as their local dances and singing.

The hotel provides free use of Wi-Fi and parking, a close location of the beach. Inside the room is a large double bed, a bathroom, a TV with satellite channels, air conditioning and a terrace. Room price per person per night - 14250 rub. The hotel has 3 stars and is great for a budget tourist.

Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora

The hotel has 5 stars. Consists of villas from the shore and bungalows on the water. Of these, you can observe the mountain and private beach of Point Matir. From the airport sail 15 minutes. All villas and bungalows are large, inside the traditional interior. There is a gym in the open air and a wellness salon.

The hotel offers free Wi-Fi, a tennis game, a swimming pool, an excursion to the nature reserve. Hotel restaurants are preparing not only traditional dishes, but also French and Asian.

Beautiful sunset is best to look from the Sunset lounge. Delicious breakfast is not needed. Rooms Large double beds, flat-screen TV and satellite channels, air conditioning, bathroom. Room cost per person per night - 75411 rub.

The ST Regis Bora Bora Resort

The hotel has 5 stars. Riding on a boat to the airport takes 15 minutes. The hotel owns 4 restaurants, 2 pools, the hall with simulators, and the center of recovery on the beach. From the room you can see some islands located nearby. The architecture of the villas is made in the Polynesian theme, all sculptures of the tree and are made by the hands of a person.

The room has a TV with satellite channels, a large double bed, air conditioning, a bathroom, a dressing room, a dining area on the street. Price per person for one night - 109735 rub.


The hotel is located on the Matir Cape. In his possessions, private beach. It is exclusively for the hotel visitors. The distance between the airport and the hotel is 11 km away. The hotel offers underwater diving on a small depth with a mask, a shock and tube, as well as kayak swimming, there are billiards and a tennis table.

The NOA NOA restaurant has a buffet, and the ability to eat not only indoors, but also on the street, right above water. Vini Vini Bar is located near the pool, a beautiful view of the blue lagoon from it.

The rooms in the bungalow have a bed, air conditioning, a private bathroom and modern television. Also here are free Wi-Fi, food delivery to the room. Room cost per person per night - 46279 rub. The hotel has 4 stars.

Le Miridien Bora Bora

The five-star hotel has a beautiful view of the Oman. Prior to this place - 9 km from the airport. The hotel is characterized by the fact that there is a group of protection of turtles on its territory. He also owns 3 restaurants, wellness center, swimming pool and gym.

There are rooms in the bungalow located on the water, and also villas that are standing along the beach. Polynesian dishes are preparing in restaurants. The hotel provides free Wi-Fi and all appliances for water entertainment: masks, flippers, canoees and kayaks. Room has satellite TV, a large bed, air conditioning, minibar. The cost of the room for one person on one day - 56047 rubles.

Intercontinental Bora Bora & Thalasso Spa

On Moto-Piti AAU This hotel has been built, which is located 8.7 km from the airport. The rooms are presented with villas over the lagoon, there is a wellness center, a hall with simulators, an unusual bath, as well as a pool beach. The restaurant windows overlook the blue lagoon, they offer to have lunch not only inside, but also on the terrace.

The wellness center Deep Ocean provides baths in salted water to resume mineral equilibrium in the body. The room has a sleeping and bathroom, air conditioning and a living room. From it you can go to the terrace, where the path leads directly to the sea water of the lagoon. Room cost per person for one night - 81650 rub.

Conrad Bora Bora Nui

A five-star hotel on the island, which is called Mother Tupua, is located in its own bay. From the airport you can stay in 20 minutes on the boat to this place. Villas stand on the water.

On the territory there is a wellness center on a hill, a gym, 4 restaurants with traditional cooking dishes, a kids club, as well as a swimming pool that surrounds hill with tropical trees.

In the rooms with traditional design, there is a living room with a TV of new technologies, air conditioning, a bathroom in marble design. Some villas have a private small swimming pool with landscapes on the lagoon. The hotel provides free Wi-Fi services, food delivery to the room. Price Villa for one night per person - 66235 rubles.

Sofitel Bora Bora Marara Beach Resort

The hotel has 4 stars, from the airport to this place - 20 minutes on the boat. The hotel has a bar, restaurant, swimming pool. It is possible to settle in the bungalow over water or near the beach. The restaurant serves dishes cooked in the traditional oven, and in the evenings sometimes there are live performances.

The hotel provides skiing services for special skiing, boat rental and snorkeling equipment at a small depth. Room has air conditioning, a modern TV, free drink in a minibar, a tropical shower. It also includes free Wi-Fi and food delivery to the room. Room cost per person for one night - 25354 rub.


Short description:

  • Four Seasons - The beach of the hotel, which is considered the best on the whole island. The hotel's room is expensive, but it is worth it.
  • Hilton - The beach, which is located next to the tropical gardens. Landscapes spoil the bungalows along the coast.
  • Le Meridien - Hotel Beach with an identical name. Different with the best view of Mount Omeman.
  • Intercontinental-Talasso - The beach, which is located on the Mother distant from the atoll. The best place for swimming is on the southern beach the Moto. Sand on the beach is too solid.
  • Perl-Beach - private island with an excellent beach. It has a beautiful view of the mountain of the mine and a convenient approach to water.
  • Matira Point - an excellent public beach, which is located on the main island. The coastline is narrow.
  • Iden-beach is a good wild beach for budget travelers. There are no bungalows on the water, but palm trees grow near the shore, which adorn the beach. Entry into the water is not very good: a lot of algae grows at the bottom of the lagoon.
  • Sofitel is a hotel that has almost no beach. Entry into the water is also bad: there are stones at the bottom, which distinguishes this beach from others. All other beaches have a sandy bottom.


  • Trekking to Otemanu and Pahia Mountains is a lot of fun, with beautiful views of the lagoon and the entire island.
  • An excursion to the turtle center is also exciting. There they will not only provide visitors with the opportunity to feed the turtles and spend time with them, but also tell some details about the life of turtles.
  • The Leopard Rays Trench beach will give you the opportunity to meet stingrays that do no harm, allow themselves to be petted and fed, and are not at all afraid of people.
  • Tupitipiti Point is a diving site that allows you to view the underwater world.

Interesting facts

  1. Magellan was the first to visit the island of Boro-Boro in 1521.
  2. French Polynesia became a community after the colonization of Tahiti and Moorea by France.
  3. Boro Boro (the island) has been at the top of the list of beautiful islands in the world since the 1960s.
  4. A total of 10,000 people live on the island.
  5. There is a pearl factory, which is open to tourists.
  6. There are no poisonous snakes or insects in Boro-Boro.

Boro Boro is an island that only wealthy tourists can afford to be on, but it's an amazing place.

Many celebrities have been here. Before traveling, it is recommended to think over a plan in order to save money and see as many sights as possible.

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