Boca Chica, Dominican Republic. Reviews, 4-5 star hotels, sea, beaches, attractions

Boca Chica is one of the resorts of the Dominican Republic. It has been awarded positive reviews by travelers for its excellent beaches, natural beauty, and hotels suitable for a budget holiday.

Significance of the city in the modern world

Boca Chica is a southeastern province of the Dominican Republic.

The area is surrounded by such municipalities as:

  • Santo Domingo.
  • San Pedro de Macoris.
  • San Antonio de Guerra.

The beaches of Boca Chica are washed by the Caribbean Sea. The municipality includes the area of ​​La Caleta, which is a natural reserve. Coordinates: 18°26′59″ N, 69°35′59″ W Boca Chica covers an area of ​​146 sq. km.

On the site of the modern province, there has long been a settlement of indigenous peoples - the Taino Indians. They were engaged in fishing and growing sugar cane. Being the center of sugar production, in the first half of the 20th century, Boca Chica was connected by road with Santo Domingo, which significantly influenced its development.

In 1940-50, wealthy Dominican families began to settle here. Boca Chica is gaining popularity as a resort destination. At the very beginning of the 21st century, the region becomes a separate municipality.

The phrase Boca Chica in Spanish means "the mouth of a young girl." Pristine beaches, clear waters of the Caribbean and lush vegetation attract a large number of tourists and residents of the capital, located 37 km from the resort.


The climatic zone of Boca Chica is the tropics. Therefore, the level of air humidity on the coast can reach 95%, and its temperature during the day varies between + 27-33 degrees. Boca Chica, like all resorts in the Dominican Republic, is subject to seasonal weather changes. The most favorable for visiting are the winter months and the beginning of spring, as well as July and August.

Boca Chica, Dominican Republic, climate map of the area.

The rest of the time, heavy tropical downpours can be observed in the resort, which are of a short duration. Particularly unfavorable months for recreation are September, October and the first half of November, at which time rains can develop into hurricanes and typhoons. In general, the climate in the resorts of Boca Chica is mild, with little temperature fluctuations.

This table will help determine the most comfortable temperature for rest:










) October



Air +29+30+31+32+31+30
Water +26+26+27+28+29+27
Rainfall 42 mm40 mm45 mm50-100 mm80 mm90-40 mm


B Thanks to the large number of rivers and reservoirs, the number of plants growing on the lands of the Dominican Republic is 3 times higher than the European continent. Tropical vegetation (palm trees, mangroves, orchids) and trees of the European strip (pines, cedars, apple trees) coexist calmly here. The Government of the Dominican Republic cares about the preservation of natural heritage.

More than 15% of the island's territory is occupied by nature reserves. One of them is located on the territory of Boca Chica and is called La Caleta. Its feature is ships that were specially sunk in coastal waters for the development of marine flora and fauna.

The sea coast of Boca Chica is distinguished by its shallow depth and gentle entry into the water. This fact is explained by the fact that the resorts of the region are located in the lagoon of the Caribbean Sea, protected from the waters of the ocean by a coral reef. The sea here is always calm and clear.

The coastal strip, especially the beaches adjacent to the hotels, is always kept clean. Hotel or municipality workers clean the beach from debris and algae. Boca Chica (Dominican Republic), reviews of the beaches of which are very controversial, has ideal conditions for a beach holiday with children.


The last estimate of the population of the Boca Chica region is 142,000. Before the discovery by Christopher Columbus of the island of Hispaniola in 1492, on which the Dominican Republic and the Republic of Haiti are now located, one of the most developed peoples of the Antilles, the Taino Indians, lived here.

They were peaceful, cultivated crops, and loved to sing and dance. These qualities were inherited by their descendants, the modern inhabitants of the island.

The Spanish conquest of the Caribbean islands resulted in a two-thirds reduction in the local population, largely due to a lack of immunity to diseases introduced from Europe. In the 16th century, a large number of South African slaves were brought to the island.

Today the population of Boca Chica is:

  1. 75% Dominicans are descendants of Indians, Spaniards, French and African slaves.
  2. Representatives of the European race - 15%.
  3. And the remaining 10% come from Africa or neighboring Haiti.

Flora and fauna

The main representative of the flora of the Boca Chica region is sugar cane. Reed plantations have been located on the lands of the resort since ancient times.

More than 10 types of palm trees also grow, the most common among them are:

  • coconut;
  • banana;
  • royal;
  • Cana palms.

There are 300 varieties of orchids blooming in Boca Chica.

Fruit trees and shrubs are especially common:

  • The most popular are bananas : yellow, red, green. Banana palms bear fruit all year round.
  • Papaya. It can also be found in Boca Chica at any time of the year.
  • Pineapple is the most common fruit in the Dominican Republic. The plant bears fruit constantly.
  • Passion fruit. The plant that bears fruit with this fruit is a creeper with extraordinary flowers. The crop is harvested 2 times a year.
  • Mango. There are more than 40 species of this plant in the resort. Mango is a seasonal fruit, harvested from spring to early autumn. Traveler reviews say that mango is the most popular fruit taken from the island.
  • avocado. It grows throughout, fruits twice a year.

The world of the region is as diverse. The joy of many tourists, large predatory animals and poisonous snakes do not live on the island. Crocodiles dwell only in the reserve outside the Boca Chiki. The main representatives of the fauna are lizards, turtles and birds.


To representatives of the maritime world of Boca Chiki include whales, dolphins, tropical fish and crustaceans. Dangerous for a man sharks and predatory fish in the coastal waters of the Caribbean Sea are not found.

How to get there?

The plane is the only possible way to get to Boca Chiki from the cities of Russia. Direct flight is possible regular flights from St. Petersburg and Moscow. The flight time is 11-13 hours.

Airplanes arrive from Russia in 3 main airports of the Dominican Republic:

  • The airport is located closest to Boca-Chika -Doming - Las Americas. It is 10 km from the resort. Prices for direct flights Moscow - Santo Domingo starts from 63.000 rubles. You can get from the airport to the city on any minibus that goes to Santo Domingo. The cost of the trip varies within 1 $. Also, Taxi and private transfers are also available. In this case, it will have to pay about $ 30.
  • La Roman Airport (Casa de Campo) is located 110 km from Boca Chiki. Plane ticket there - back will cost at least 80.000 rubles. To get from this airport to the resort on public transport will be with transfers. The only way relatively quickly and without changing transport to get to the resort is a taxi. The cost of the trip starts from $ 115.
  • The most popular among Russian tourists is Punta Kana Airport. Most flights from Russian cities arrive here. For a ticket in both directions will have to pay about 45,000 rubles. Getting to the region of Boca-Chik 2-3 hours, as the distance to it is 160 km. If you choose the most inexpensive transportation - the bus, you will have to make a transplant in Santo Domingo or the city of Iguay. The cost of such a journey will be $ 10. You can also get to a taxi at least $ 120.

from any Dominican Airport to get to Boca Chiku on a rented car. The average cost of renting the machine of the economic class is $ 70 per day excluding the cost of gasoline and insurance. In any of the listed airports you can take a car for hire.


Move the resort in several ways:

  • Bus. From Boca Chiki, buses go to Santo Domingo, Iguei and Bavaro. The stop is located on the Unnamed Road at the intersection with Av. The cost of the trip is 1-3$.
  • Taxi. The most popular form of transport in the resort. Taxi takes you anywhere on the island. The cost of the trip is fixed.
  • Rent car. The cost of a budget brand starts from $30 per day without insurance and gasoline.

Boca Chica (Dominican Republic) is distinguished by tourists as a region with not very developed public transport. Travelers believe that the most convenient way to get around the region is by renting a car.

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Boca Chica Attractions

Boca Chica is mostly rich in natural attractions.

These include:

  • Los Pinos and La Matica. Not far from the coast of the resort there are two uninhabited islands. One of them, La Matica, attracts tourists with thickets of mangrove trees. Every day, pleasure boats depart from the main beach of Boca Chica with travelers who want to look at the miracle of nature - mangroves - trees that have roots right into the water. Also on the island of La Matica there is a beach with sun loungers, cabanas and all tourist services, including a restaurant. The second island is famous for its pine forest and wild white sandy beach. The island is uninhabited, but everyone can get to it by boats and boats. It is better to find out the cost of such a trip from the owners of shipping facilities, as it is constantly changing. Experienced swimmers can swim to the islands.
  • Boca Chica Beach is a favorite place for tourists and residents of the nearby capital. The sea here is shallow, and the coral reef protects from the waves. The sand on the beach is crayons, soft and white. The infrastructure is fully conducive to a measured rest. If you drive from Santo Domingo, then the distance to the coast of Boca Chica will be 25 km. A bus ride will cost $1.5-2.
  • The main attraction of the Boca Chica region can be called the La Caleta Marine Reserve. Tourists are attracted by a coral reef with many underwater inhabitants and four sunken ships off the coast. In the second half of the 20th century, an American expeditionary ship sank in the waters of the reserve. And three other ships were sunk intentionally in order to diversify the flora and fauna of the seabed, and to attract tourists. Experienced and novice divers can look at the sea beauties. There is a diving school on the park. Also in La Calet there are underwater caves - La Rock, Los Jardin Oriental and El Tildo. The underwater park is 10 km from the resort. You can get to it by taxi, the trip will cost no more than $ 30.

The Historical Monuments of the region includes the temple of St. Archangel Rafail. It is located in the tropical garden on the main street of the city of Boca Chika, is very popular with the Catholic population of the city and tourists.


All Boca-Chiki stores are mainly concentrated on the shopping streets of Via Duarte and 20 de Deciembre parallel to the coast. The range of local shops and shops is the necessary things needed for a comfortable stay: bathing suits, sunscopters, beach accessories. In stores occupying 6 blocks, you can find a variety of souvenirs.

The tourists selling jewelry and bijouteria from multicolored amber, larimars and corals are particularly popular with tourists. Here is the only large supermarket in Boca-Chik - OLE, in the assortment of store food, cosmetics, souvenirs,. Prices in stores are significantly lower than in more tourist Punta Kane.

In addition to shopping on the main shopping street, each of the large hotels of the coast has its own souvenir and food shops.

The cost of goods in hotels is much higher than the market. The plus shopping in the hotel is that cash, in dollars or pesos, and plastic cards are taken here. Another component of the shopping in the sides of Chiki are beach merchants. However, it is worth with caution refers to the goods they offer. Their quality can be low, and the cost is highly overpriced.

Beaches of Boca Chiki

The coastal band of the resort is the main beach with a total length of 2.7 km. It is here that the main part of resort hotels is located. The beach is divided by the Pierce of the Hamaca Beach Resort. Near the hotel, water entertainment lovers will find the diving center and rental of various inventory.

Boca-Chika (Dominican Republic), tourist reviews about which they call it the best place to relax with children, justifies this reputation. Sand on Boca-Chika Beach is very small, snow-white. The depth of the Caribbean in this place reaches only 1.5 meters. There is no waves, because the coral reef is located nearby.

The second beach of the resort is called Playa Andres, is close to the former sugar factory. It is also fully equipped for those who want to swim in the warm and transparent waters of the Caribbean. Here you can rent an umbrella, sun beds, snack in one of the coast restaurants. The beach has a water entertainment center.

Playa Andres is the only beach in Boca-Chik, where you need to have special shoes for entering water. At a distance of 700 m from the coast there is a coral reef, so the remains of corals often brings to the shore, which can be human-use.

The beaches on the La Matica and Los Pinos are also the beaches to the Boc Chica. The depth of the sea on island beaches is small. During the slowdown, you can walk from the shore of Boca-Chiki to the islands. Unlike the planned beach in the Bay of La Matik Island, the coastal strip Los Pinos is a wild beach that attracts diver variety of underwater flora and fauna.

Active recreation

In Boca-Chik, diving lovers, snorkeling and water sports will be something to do. According to reviews, here is the best place in the entire Dominican Republic for the study of the underwater world. The resort does not have a great historical heritage, but abounding with natural beauty.

In Boca-Chik, there are 2 large diving schools:

  • Tropical Sea Divers - offers classes for beginners and for experienced divers. School can be ordered excursions to scuba diving sites. Address: 35 Ave Duarte, Boca Chica. Diving school works from 9.30 to 17.30
  • Treasure Divers - the school offers various trips to the most interesting places for immersion: underwater caves, reefs, La Calet Reserve. Address: 28 Ave Duarte, Boca Chica. Opening hours: 8.00-17.00

The cost of immersion in both schools begins from $ 40.

Tourists who prefer maritime walks and water sports can contact companies that organize yacht walks and rental water transport: Sailing DR (address: Marina Zar-Par, Boca Chica) and Big Marlin Charters (Address: Ave Abraham Nunez, Bocachica). The cost of renting the yacht for half a day - from $ 200.

Interesting seats for recreation with children

There are no specific entertainment for children in the town of Boca-Chik. However, if desired, you can go to the nearby Santo Domingo, there is the largest oceanarium in Dominican Republic - Aquamundo Sambil Santo Domingo. Children will be able to get acquainted with the views of fish and marine animals living in the Caribbean. You can get to it by bus next from Boca Chiki to Santo Domingo.

Cost of entrance tickets 5 $ adult and $ 3 child. Also in the capital is the National Zoological Park Zoo. Animals dwell there in large enclosures, and the park itself is a tropical garden. The cost of the entrance is $ 5.

A large selection of attractions and roundabouts is presented in the SCREAM LAND in Agora Mall shopping center. Getting from Boka-Chiki hotels to Zoo and the shopping center you can both by bus and taxi.


You can stay in hotels in different levels.

Be Live Experience Hamaca Suites All Inclusive 5 *

Hotel address: Calle Duarte, 1 ESQ. Caracol, 10124 Boca Chica, 15700 Boca Chica. The hotel is part of the BE Live Hamaca hotel complex. The airport ride will take 20-25 minutes.

Guests can take advantage of:

  • wellness center.
  • Casino.
  • with several pools.
  • 6 restaurants and bars.

The difference between Be Live Experience Hamaca Suites from the rest of the hotels in Spectrasevugus offered in Sunic. Registration of coming guests takes place in the VIP lounge, where you can enjoy snacks and drinks of high quality during the day.

The price includes free internet, an extended mini-bar, a separate breakfast and dinner. A animation program is held on the territory near the pool.

in all numbers:

  • balcony;
  • Seating Area;
  • toiletries;
  • mini-bar;
  • air conditioning;
  • Safe;
  • TV.

The cost of accommodation for two with breakfast begins from $ 306, with the "All Inclusive" system from $ 369 per night. You can get to the hotel from the airport using a taxi or transfer, which can be ordered by sending a request to the hotel.

Quality Hotel Real Aeropuerto Santo Domingo 4 *

Hotel Address: Autopista Las Americas Kilometro 22.5, 10003 Boca-Chika. The hotel is located on the seashore in some distance from the central part of the resort of Boca Chika, 22 km from Santo Domingo. The airport is 5 km away. The hotel has a swimming pool, a restaurant, a sports bar. Accommodation for two breakfast is $ 150. You can use Wi-Fi for free.

in the room:

• Tea and coffee accessories • Safe • Refrigerator and minibar • Dock Station • Video player, TV • Ironing facilities and dryer for clothes Book an airport shuttle. Also, the hotel can be reached by taxi or rent a car.

BE Live Experience Hamaca Beach 4 *

Hotel address: Calle Duarte ESQ. Caracol 1, 10124 Boca Chica. The hotel is located on one territory with Be Live Experience Hamaca Suites and Be Live Experience Hamaca Garden.

Hotel guests can use 2 adult and 2 children's pools, 6 restaurants and 5 bars, working on the buffet and a la carte. The hotel houses the famous Boca Chica nightclub. Animated performances take place every evening at the hotel theater.

Active entertainment in the hotel includes:

  • Catamaran, canoeing, water skiing.
  • Beach volleyball.
  • Tennis.
  • Billiards.

The hotel is an all-inclusive hotel. The price includes buffet meals. The cost of living in a double room per night is $220.

The room is equipped with everything necessary for a good rest:

  • Bath and toilet accessories.
  • TV.
  • Kettle and coffee maker.
  • Safe.
  • Air conditioner.
  • Seating area.

The hotel can be reached from Las Americas Airport by taxi, hotel transfer or rental car.

BelleVue Dominican Bay 3*

Hotel address: Juan Bautista Vinici sn Esquina 20 de Diciembre, 15700 Boca Chica. The hotel is located 6.5 km from the international airport. It features 3 restaurants and several bars. The hotel features a swimming pool with a children's area, free sun loungers on the beach, a wellness center and a fitness centre. The animation program is held in the morning around the pool and in the evening in the hotel lobby.

Guests can book tours directly with the hotel. There is also free parking.

Internet is available for an additional charge in public areas. All rooms have a balcony, complimentary shower facilities, tea and coffee making facilities. The hotel works only on an all-inclusive basis. The cost for one night is $120. You can get to the hotel from the airport or Santo Domingo by taxi or rented car.

Whala!boca chica 3*

Hotel address: Abraham Nunez Street, 15700 Boca Chica. This 3-star hotel is located on its own stretch of beach, close to the tourist center of Boca Chica. A distinctive feature of the hotel is the presence of a large diving center on site. Diving lessons and diving equipment are available for an additional fee.

The hotel has 4 restaurants, 2 of which serve buffet visitors. Guests can also use the services of 3 bars and an ice cream parlor. There are 2 all-season swimming pools on site. For younger guests of the hotel there is a kids club, from 4 years old, and an entertainment program.

All rooms are equipped with a refrigerator, free internet access, bath and shower accessories. The cost of a double room with all-inclusive meals is $135. The trip from the airport by taxi takes 15-20 minutes, the distance from it to the hotel is no more than 7 km.


Boca Chica (Dominican Republic), the reviews of which distinguish this resort from the rest as one of the best, is the most convenient starting point for exploring Santo Domingo.

Excursion to Santo Domingo

During the excursion tourists will visit the capital of the Dominican Republic and the first city of the New World. The excursion program starts from the hotel. The first point will be the famous Dominican cave called "Three Eyes". The cave is known for its numerous underground lakes, which are hidden from human eyes.

Next on the tour program visit Columbus Lighthouse, Presidential Palace and Colonial Quarter. During the tour, tourists will be told about the history of the city, famous personalities, and the culture of the country. The program is for half a day. The cost of the tour for those staying in Boca Chica hotels is $35.

27 waterfalls

The tour is suitable for outdoor enthusiasts in good physical shape. 27 waterfalls are located on the territory of the natural park of the same name. The excursion program starts early in the morning, approximately at 5.30-6 am. On the way to the waterfalls, tourists will stop for a light breakfast.

In the park, travelers will pick up equipment, if there are no shoes suitable for descent, you can rent them, the cost is $ 3. Further tourists are waiting for the descent of all the waterfalls. After the waterfalls, lunch is provided on one of the most beautiful coasts of the island - Playa Grande.

The tour concludes with a visit to Doo Du Lagoon, where you can ride a bungee and swim in the refreshing waters of the lake. Return to the hotel in the evening, approximately at 22.00. The cost of the tour is $125.

Saona Island

Travel to one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. The journey starts at 7.30 - 8 am. The bus with tourists arrives at the port of Bayahibe, from which the catamaran sails to the island of Saona. A trip on a catamaran will take no more than 2 hours. Free time on the beach of the island is 3 hours. The beach is fully equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas, toilets and changing cabins.

Tasty lunch and drinks await tourists. Return by motorboat through the amazing lagoon with starfish. Here you can swim and take pictures for 40 minutes. The hotel returns to 20.00. The cost of a basic excursion to Saona is $ 50 for adults and $ 25 for children under 12 years old.

What to bring as a souvenir

to the number of the most popular Dominican souvenirs include:

  • rum. Dominican Rom is considered one of the best in the world. Brugal and Barselo brands are particularly popular. Cost from $ 10.
  • Cigars. It is worth choosing only high-quality cigars in specialized stores or factories. Tourists are popular with such marks of cigars as Antonio Fuente, Courvoisier, and Carbonel. The price of a small pack - $ 10.
  • Coffee and Cocoa. Performed only from local raw materials. You can choose a drink with various flavoring additives and sugar or pure. The cost of a small package from $ 1.
  • Larimar jewelry. The cost of the product in the metal begins from $ 5 and increases to large prices for products in gold.
  • Doll without face - Lima. symbolizes the memory of the indigenous population, which there is no longer left in the country. Price $ 3-10.
  • As a tasty souvenir, tropical fruits are taken - mango, papaya, avocado. The cost is $ 1 per piece.

In Boca-Chik, all souvenirs can be purchased on the main shopping street - Duarte, or in small tents on the beach and in hotels. According to the reviews of tourists from the entire Dominican Republic, the best souvenirs in quality and cost are sold in Boca-Chik.

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