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Bergen, Norway is the second largest city in the country after its capital, Oslo. The attractions of this place include both natural monuments (fjords) and historical heritage. The houses and temples of Bergen were built in the 12th century. Despite the numerous fires that destroyed the city more than once, the locals managed to preserve the unique flavor of the life of Scandinavian medieval merchants.

Where is Bergen located

Bergen is located on the western coast of Norway, on the peninsula of the same name. The bay of the city is protected from the Norwegian and North Seas by three islands - Askei, Holsney and Sutra. Geographical coordinates of the city: 60°23′33″ north latitude 5°19′24″ east longitude. The territory of Norway is divided into 19 provinces, or fylke.

Bergen is the administrative center of Hordaland county and consists of 8 districts. Its population is about 420 thousand inhabitants.

There are several ways to get to this place. The fastest and easiest of them is air travel. The airport is located 12 km from the city center. In terms of passenger traffic, it ranks second after the capital of Norway. The average price of an air ticket from Moscow is 12 thousand rubles, and the duration of the flight is 5.5 hours.

Flybussen runs between the airport and the city. The duration of the trip on it is 30 minutes, and the stop is located in the immediate vicinity of the exit from the arrivals hall. A ticket costs about NOK 105, and if you buy in advance online, you can save 20%. There are other local bus routes that stop near the terminal.

The cheapest way to get from the airport to the city is to take the light rail. The duration of the trip in this case will be about 45 minutes, and its cost is 38 kroons for an adult ticket and 19 kroons for a child. The flight starts right at the terminal at the airport and ends in the center of Bergen.

A taxi ride will cost much more - 400-500 crowns. Car parking is located near the terminal. Bergen can also be reached by car. Crossings in the bays are carried out using ferries. Fans of unusual Norwegian landscapes can recommend another way - a trip from Oslo to Bergen by train.

The cost of a trip on one of the most beautiful railways in the world is about 800 kroons, and its duration is 6.5-7.5 hours. Children under 4 years old can travel for free, from 4 years old and older there is a discount 50%. For comparison, a flight from Oslo to Bergen will cost 700-1500 crowns, and the travel time is 1 hour.

Weather in Bergen, the best time to travel

Since the city is surrounded by mountains and islands, then the climate here is not as severe as in other regions of western Norway. This is evidenced by the numerous flowering rhododendrons that adorn Bergen. From May to August the average temperature here is +16…+17°C. In July, the thermometer can reach +32°C.

Bergen, Norway monthly weather.

There are the following seasonal features that must be taken into account when traveling to this city:

  1. In October, the weather is still warm here (up to + 24 ° С), and the cost of renting housing becomes less by 30%.
  2. The beginning of autumn (September 15-25) is the peak of the tourist season, so hotel prices are high.
  3. In December it rains and it gets cool (the average temperature is about +2.5°С).
  4. The cheapest price in hotels is in February.

Bergen places of worship

There are several churches and cathedrals in Bergen (their address is given in brackets):

  • The Cathedral (Domkirkeplassen 1);
  • John's Church (Sydnesplassen);
  • Church of the Holy Cross (Nedre Korskirkeallmenningen, 20);
  • New Church (Strandgaten);
  • St. James Church (Kong Oscars Gate);
  • St. George's Hospital Church (Kong Oscars Gate, 59);
  • St. Mary's Church (Øvregaten).

In 2002, the city's parishes, located in the historic center of Bergen, were merged into the Cathedral Parish, which consists of five main churches.


Bergen Cathedral is one of the oldest buildings in the city. The first mention of it dates back to 1181, but the building received its present form after 2 fires in 1623 and 1640. Here you can listen to the church choir and organ music, admire the stained-glass windows of the late 19th century, which depict scenes from the Old Testament.

Externally, the building looks like a typical strict Lutheran cathedral. In one of its walls you can see a cannonball stuck during the Anglo-Dutch war in 1665. To the left of the altar is the grave of Magnus, the Norwegian king who lived in the 16th century.

On the south side of the cathedral there are 2 memorials dedicated to Norwegian poets. Visiting this building is free. To get to a concert of church music, you must first familiarize yourself with the schedule of its holding.

St. Mary's Church

St. Mary's Church is the oldest surviving building in Bergen. Its construction began in the 1130s. Like most of the buildings, the church was burned several times. Its last reconstruction was carried out in 2013. The interior decoration of the church is richer than that of the Cathedral. Here you can see carved decor in the form of plants, animals, ornaments.

In the center of the altar is a triptych depicting the Virgin Mary and the baby. This is the oldest relic of this church, created in the 15th century. The pulpit, or seat for the bishop, is unlike those found in other Norwegian churches. Who made it is not known for certain. Tortoise shells were used to decorate it, which is not typical for the art of this country.

In the XVII-XVIII centuries. the walls of the church were completely covered with paintings dedicated to the memory of prominent citizens of the city. Now you can see the remains of medieval frescoes here.

The church is open from 9:00 a.m., but during the low season it can only be visited from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. It also hosts organ music concerts. The price of an adult entrance ticket is 75 kroons, and for children up to 16 years old is free.

Church of the Holy Cross

The history of the Church of the Holy Cross also goes back to the XII century. For several centuries, its building has undergone many changes and reconstructions, and she acquired his crucifier only in the XVII century. The architecture of this building combines several styles - Romanesque, Late Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque.

There are 3 bells decorated with cherubs and floral motifs in the church. A memorial was established at the cemetery near the soldiers who fell in 1808 in the battle against the British. Inside the church is an organ built by the famous German organist Albert Hallbach. The temple is open from Monday to Friday, from 11-00 to 15-00.

Bergen Museums

Bergen, Norway, whose attractions have a centuries-old history, has more than 2 dozen museums.

Of these, the most popular among tourists are the following:

  • The Bruges Museum (located in the city center);
  • Hanseatic Museum (Bruges' Embankment, Finnegaarden 1A);
  • Norwegian Fisheries Museum (Sandviksboder 20);
  • Maritime Museum (Haakon Shetlele Plass 15);
  • Jewelry Museum, where you can buy gold and silver decorations of modern masters (Sandbrogaten 11);
  • Art Museum and Composer Houses (Rasmus Meyers Allé 3
  • 7 OG 9).

The Bruges Museum

The small building of the Bruges Museum in Bergen serves as a starting point for many tourist routes. Here are the findings of archaeological excavations, which were held in the city from 1955 to 1972. The museum you can see exhibits dedicated to the architectural history of Bergen.

The second floor presents a small exhibition of Norwegian art, some exhibits of which are 500 years.

The cost of an adult ticket amounts to 100 crowns, children up to 16 years old entrance is free. When buying a tourist map, Bergen Card can be saved on visiting this and other museums up to 50% of the ticket price.

Hanseatic Museum

The Hanseatic Museum is a merchant house furnished in the tradition of the Times of the Hanseatic Union of the XVIII century. It is dedicated to the history of the city, region, as well as a merchant league.

Exposure examination takes about 30 minutes. In several quarters there is another part of this museum - a building, where merchants gathered together to discuss trading transactions. The cost of the adult is 160 kroons and applies to both parts of the exposure. In the summer, the Norwegian Museum of Fisheries is also included in the visit price.

Norwegian fishery museum

This museum is devoted to the main fishery of local residents, thanks to which the city of Bergen developed, - fisheries. His visit will also be interested in children, as entertainment activities are organized for them. In the museum of fishing, you can see traditional sailors at home, some of which are older Bruges buildings.

There is also a small harbor filled with antique fishing boats. A visit to the museum for adults costs 90 crowns, as part of a group of 10 people and more - 70 crowns, children under 16 - free.

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Monuments in Bergen

The main part of Bergen monuments is concentrated in the historic center of the city. They are devoted to local artists and people.

Of these, it is possible to distinguish 3 of the most unusual:

  • Sailing Monument (TorgallMenningen);
  • Fish Monument (Jacobsfjorden);
  • Monument to man.

Monument in memory of sailors

The monetaries are installed on the central square of the city in 1950. It is devoted to the main Norwegian profession since the time of Vikings. On the semetter monument there are 12 sailors of sailors of various eras, including modernity.

Find this monument is easy - for this you need to walk along the central pedestrian street of the city to the lake. There is also a large number of shops, the National Theater and the Cathedral.

Monument to man

on the way from the fish market to the Cathedral, at the entrance to the central bank of Bergen, you can see an interesting sculpture. She depicts a bare person sitting on asphalt. She was manufactured by the Norwegian sculptor Arne Mayseland.

The inscription near the monument reads: "None of us is what can be seen." This sculpture personifies a simple poor man, the only beggar in one of the richest countries of the world - Norway.

Fish Monument

In the depths of the city, among the labyrinths of narrow streets, you can see another original monument. It is made of a solid tree trunk and is dedicated to cod, thanks to which lively trade began here. The monument among the locals is considered a symbol of good luck.

The sculpture was huge in size was carved by the Italian sculptor Alessandro Pavon.

Architectural structures in Bergen

Bergen, Norway, attractions of which are associated with medieval merchants, is famous throughout the world thanks to the Bryget Embankment. This area is an open-air museum, consisting of more than 40 wooden houses of the XVIII-XIX centuries, among which there are medieval shops, bakeries, hairdressers and other institutions.

In the summer, the historical picture revives street actors.


Despite numerous fires in the past, house foundations were preserved from the XII century. This area of ​​the city is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Running into narrow streets between the houses, you can get into the handicraft workshops where unique handmade things are sold. There are also many cafes and restaurants in the area where you can have a snack while walking along the historical promenade.

Natural attractions of Bergen

Bergen, Norway, are called the gateway to fjords. This city is one of the best starting points for visiting the main Norwegian attractions - the picturesque bays with rocky shores, glaciers, mountain slopes and waterfalls. Bergen is located in the middle between the two largest fjords of Western Norway - Sognefjord and Hardangerfjord.

Neri Fjord is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the world. It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the National Geographic TV channel recognized this tourist direction by the most untouched corner of wildlife.

Visit the fjords is available year-round. You can choose a cruise of various duration - from 1 hour to several days. Some travel agencies offer to unite the journey along the fjords with swimming on kayake (a small single closed boat), an inflatable ship or combined with hiking.

a standard short cruise duration of about an hour around Bergen on board the ship will cost about $ 40, an excursion to the Queen of Fjords "Hardangerfjord (the trip includes inspection of 3 fjords and 2 waterfalls) on 6 h - about $ 200.


Raised to the Mountains surrounding Bergen, you can see a beautiful panorama. Funicular on Mount Fleen is one of the most famous sights of Norway. Every year there are more than 1.5 million tourists. Landing is produced in 150 m from the fish market.

The rise takes about 6 minutes. The cost of using the funicular is: for an adult - 125 crowns, for a child - 65 kroons (there and back). The observation deck is located at an altitude of 320 m above sea level. Here you can have a snack in the restaurant, cafe, buy local souvenirs. For children there is a playground.

After landing on the top of the mountain, you can walk along dirt roads and trails. One of the most popular mountain hikes is the hike from Mount Fløien to Mount Ulriken. The duration of such a walk is 5 hours. Mount Ulriken can also be reached by cable car.

This is the highest peak in the vicinity of Bergen - 630 m. It takes about 1 hour to hike this mountain. The approach to it starts near the University Hospital Haukeland. The cost of a trip from the city center to the foot of the mountain and a cable car ride will cost $33.

City Park

In the center of Bergen there is a small park with a lake and a fountain. Here you can take photos with a view of Mount Fløien, and children will enjoy feeding the ducks and swans that live in the lake. The park is especially beautiful in May, when numerous trees bloom. There are benches where you can relax while sightseeing.

The park also houses a statue of the famous Norwegian composer and pianist Edvard Grieg. Across the road from this place is a market where you can eat in restaurants and do some shopping. The central bus station is 15 min. walk from here.

Modern objects in Bergen, interesting to visit

In the city center there are all kinds of shops - from small shops with unique goods that are not found anywhere else in the world, to large shopping centers.

The largest of these are:

  • Kløverhuset;
  • Galleriet;
  • Bergen Storsenter.

There are also several shopping centers within a short drive from the city. Lagunen Storsenter in Laguneparken (Laguneveien 1) is the largest of them in the Bergen area. You can get here by high-speed tram.

Bergen Storsenter

Bergen Storsenter is located at Strømgaten 8. This center includes more than 70 shops: wine, grocery, books, flowers, clothing stores, pet stores, restaurants, pharmacies and other retail stores. objects with a wide choice of goods.

Bergen Storesenter is close to a large covered car park and bus station, making it easy to get here by car or public transport. Opposite the center is a city park where you can take a walk after shopping.

Fish market

The open fish market (Torget) is one of the city's main tourist attractions. It is open from May to September, from Monday to Sunday from 8 am. Here you can buy the most fresh seafood - live and cooked fish, shrimps, crabs, rare delicacy dishes - sausage from whale meat and moose, as well as fruits, berries and vegetables.

The indoor fish market is working throughout the year. Trail to the sea gifts began in the XIII century. At first, the merchants sold fish in the Bruges, and then transfer the market to the city center. There are also numerous restaurants and cafes.

Interesting places to relax with children

Bergen, Norway, the attractions of which include a large number of historical monuments, also has several entertainment centers for visiting children.

Among them are the most popular are:

  • Vilvite Scientific Center (THORMØHLENSGATE 51);
  • Water Park at the ADO Arena Hotel (Lungegågårdkaien 40);
  • Bergen Aquarium (Nordnesbakken 4).

11 km from the city center (Kokstaddalen 18, Kokstad) is Leo's Playland - the largest network of entertainment parks in Norway. Adult entrance - for free, children up to 1 year - 95 kroons, from 2 to 17 years old - 195 crowns.

Water Park

The Hotel ADO Arena has a large swimming pool with a water park, which includes a 10-meter tower, jumps for jumping, several slides. There are also 2 basin with heated warm water and sauna. Adult ticket costs about 60 kroons.

Similar services offers a Vankantene hotel. Waterpark Vannkanten Waterworld consists of an indoor and outdoor pool, a water slide, a jacuzzi. There is also other outdoor activities on the hotel - rock, skating rink, curling, bowling, gym. Adult ticket costs 135 kroons, for children up to 15 years old - 125 crowns, for children up to 3 years old - 60 kroons.

Scientific Center Vilvite

Scientific Center Vilvite is intended for family holidays with children. Here they will be able to experiment in an exciting form and familiarize themselves with interesting facts from the world of science. The center has more than 100 exhibits, among which experiences with water, robots, globes, virtual underwater expeditions and much more.

This establishment works year-round, on weekdays from 9-00, on Saturday and Sunday - from 10-00. On holidays and weekends, the Center's staff offers an extended entertainment program.

The price of the entrance ticket:

  • weekdays : adult - 180, children's - 150 crowns;
  • Weekend and holidays : adult - 190, children's - 160 crowns;
  • Summer holidays : adult - 190, children's - 165 crowns.

With a Bergen card, the discount can be up to 50%.


Bergen Aquarium has more than 50 large and small tanks, which are home to various species of fish, sea lions, crocodiles, snakes and lizards. In the section dedicated to the tropics, you can watch the monkeys. Animal feedings are held here every day, in which visitors can also participate.

A children's ticket to the aquarium costs 170 kroons, an adult - 230 kroons, a family ticket for 2 children and 2 adults - 670 kroons.

Itinerary for exploring Bergen on your own for 1 day

In good weather, a city tour for 1 day can be planned as follows:

  1. Embankment Bruggen. Walk through the historical center, visit the workshops of artisans.
  2. Visit to the Hanseatic and City Museum.
  3. Walk through the fish market, lunch with fresh seafood in one of the restaurants near it.
  4. Funicular ride to the top of Mount Fleyen. View of the city from the panoramic platform. For lovers of hiking - the transition to Mount Ulriken, descent by cable car.
  5. Dinner in one of the cafes or restaurants, walk around the city center, study of architectural sights and monuments.

On a rainy day, the following program is optimal:

  1. Visit to the KODE Art Gallery (Rasmus Meyers allé 3, 7 og 9) and contemporary art center Bergen Kunsthall (Rasmus Meyers alle 5).
  2. Study of history in the museums of Bryggen, lunch at one of the restaurants in the area.
  3. Travel by boat to the fjord Sognefjord.
  4. In the evening visit Vannkanten Waterworld. For tourists with children - viewing the aquarium or participating in the entertainment program of the Vilvyte center.

Hotels in Bergen

Bergen, Norway, which attractions attract travelers from all over the world, has about a hundred hotels. You can stay in hotels, guest houses, campsites, apartments, cottages, hostels or bed and breakfasts.

Housing can be found in a wide price range. There are more than 40 hotels in the city center alone. The table below shows some of them and the average prices for accommodation.

Name of the hotel Address Additional services, features Minimum price per room per day, crowns
Four-star luxury hotels
Norge by ScandicNedre Ole Bullsplass 4bar, restaurant, conference room, free WiFi, Rooms for people with disabilities.2200
Opus XVI, A EDVARD Grieg Heritage HotelVågsallMenningen 16Restaurant, Bar, Local Art Exhibition, Fitness -Al, conference room and banquet hall, free Wi-Fi.2590
Panorama Hotell & ResortAUSTEFJORDVEIEN 165, 60 km from the center of BergenView of the fjord, wellness center, Banquet room, bathing area and fishing.1800
Middle Price Range
Scandic BYPARKENChristiesGate 5 -7Breakfast, buffet for dinner, conference room.1400
Scandic Flesland AirportLønningsVeien 9, 1 km from the airportConference room, underground garage, bar, gym.1400
Scandic OrnenLars Hillesgate 1816 conference rooms, fjord views, restaurant, bar, free WiFi.1600
budget hotels
BERGEN BUDGET HOSTELKong Oscars Gate 48For adults, free Wi-Fi, restaurant, microwave and general refrigerator.270
Magic Hotel XhibitonSmåstrandgaten 3Bar, Nightclub, Restaurant.275
P-Hotels BergenVestre Torggate 9Breakfast, free Wi-Fi.400

where to eat in Bergen

Original cafes and restaurants of various price levels in which you can eat during walks in the city:

Name Address Kitchen Features Medium check, crown
Restaurant Magic Ice Bar BergenC. Sundts Gate 50Norwegian, EuropeanThe inner interior is made completely from ice.220
Anne Madam CafeKong Oscars gate 2AEuropean, Scandinavian, VegetarianView on the embankment, Russian-speaking staff.250
Horn of Africa RestaurantStrandgaten 212African, Ethiopian, Vegetarianabout the culture of Africa; exotic dishes that are eaten with the hands.500
Restaurant Sky:Skraperen & Ulriken by nightUlrikens toppNorwegian, EuropeanLocated at the top of Ulriken. The price includes a ride on the cable car.760
Restaurant Olivia ZachariasbryggenTorget 3Italian, Mediterranean, EuropeanBeautiful interior, waterfront view.800
Restaurant 1877Vetrlidsallm-enningen 2, at the foot of FløienNorwegian, European, Scandinavian, vegetarianWhen serving dishes, cooks tell the history of their preparation and features; vintage interior.900

How to get around Bergen

Public transport in Bergen is represented by buses, trams and trolleybuses. The city has the only operating trolleybus system in Norway.

All types of tickets can be bought at the Bergen Tourist Information Center next to Fisketorget in Bergen city center or from bus drivers. Taxis in Bergen are very expensive (the trip costs about 400 crowns), so even the locals prefer to travel by public transport.

When purchasing a single transport card, you can travel on all Skyss buses in the region and on the tram, and the Flybussen discount will be 20%. The cost of 1 bus ride for an adult is 27 kroons, for children - 14 kroons. Weekly pass - 205 kroons.

The ticket (travel card) is attached to the electronic device at the entrance to the vehicle.

Buses start running at 5 am and end at 12 am. Bergen, Norway is an ancient city with a long history. Numerous attractions of this place allow you to organize several types of excursions - from visiting architectural monuments to a week-long trip to the Norwegian fjords.

All conditions for families with children are also created here, and local cuisine made from fresh seafood can satisfy the taste of the most demanding gourmets.

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