Beaches of Spain. Photos are the best holidays

Photo Snow-white sand On the beaches, Spain can be seen in many colorful prospects that offer tourists to go on holiday in this picturesque country. But all these avenues could not convey true beauty, will not allow the sights of the sights and friendliness of the indigenous people.

Sea and beach in Costa Brava, Catalonia, Spain. Photo.

It is better to go to Spain, and you can do it at any time of the year, buying a ticket and paying the entire travel route in advance.

Features of the holidays in Spain

Spain is one of the small list of the country that can please the tourists year-round tourist season. Not only the summer holiday on one of the warm beaches is popular with popularity, but also winter - on the eve of the European Christmas or New Year holidays. It is at this time that the ski season opens in the Spanish winter resorts.

Beaches of Spain photos are positioned as a place to relax, where the high tourist season is for the summer. Russians most often attend this country in July, and Europeans prefer in August. But the biggest influx of tourists falls at the beginning of August.

only Conditionally, Spain can be considered the Mediterranean climatic region. At the same time in different parts of the country, the temperature can be very different, and there are many precipitates or a little.

But still, Spain is considered one of the warmest countries in southern Europe. The sun shines here about 280 days a year, and in some areas even up to 300. In the south of the country, the average daily temperature does not fall below + 20 ° C, and the maximum reaches + 40 ° C. But in the north of the country in the summer is a bit colder - + 25⁰c. In the winter period, the temperature is rarely lowered below 0.

All beaches in Spain are public, unlike many other European countries. At the same time, the beaches in Spain are recognized as one of the best in Europe.

On the territory of Spain, three main types of climate are distinguished:

  1. The central part. Continental climate, cool winter, and summer is warm and dry.
  2. South and the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Mediterranean climate, winter wet and soft, and summer is dry and rather roast.
  3. North and North-West. Moderate marine climate suggests a low temperature throughout the year, as well as abundant precipitation.

Tourists who came to Spain can eat in restaurants, cafes or tapas bars. It is also possible to acquire semi-finished products in stores and cook them on their own. As a basis in Spanish cuisine, the gifts of the sea are taken, as well as beef and smoked meat - Hamon, all sorts of cheeses, rice.

Local residents love to eat roast, stew, pickled meat, cold soups, Gaspacho, risotto, but as a dessert eating various baking, most of which resembles donuts.

The average cost of food in Spain restaurants is 20 €. But the tapas bars have a completely different system: if the client orders a drink, then it is offered a plate with a kanap appetizer.

The rating of the best

Beaches of Spain (photos confirm this fact) are recognized as one of the best places for a pleasant stay, getting a beautiful bronze sunbathing and bathing in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Among the wide list of the best beach there are those where you can relax as if I visited Paradise.

Beach Aiguablava

Beaches of Spain (photos can be seen further) include Aiguablava. It is located in a small picturesque village near Girona.

It is in this place that you can find a huge number of tourists from all over the planets that come to these places to combine a pleasant stay with watching the best attractions. In the vicinity of this village there is something to see and capture into memory.

In the vicinity of the village, now for no one century pleases its species of locals and guests a medieval fortress, which served as a reliable protection for residents of a small village from the raids of enemies.

Rate all the beauty of this beach can be immediately at first glance. It is him among all the beaches on the Costa Brava can be considered the most comfortable and comfortable.

The main lack of waves is considered the main plus, and all thanks to its unique location. There is a beach in the middle of the bay, and in addition to the shallow water, this beach is considered an ideal place for family holidays.

You might think that this beach is suitable only for a measured family vacation, but in fact there is something for those who love extreme sports. So, for example, those who love diving will be able to see a lot of interesting things on the seabed. Having descended to the seabed, diving enthusiasts will be able to see with their own eyes such representatives of the underwater world as "sea cucumbers".

Here on the beach you can rent a boat or boat to swim away from prying eyes, enjoying the measured rocking of the ship on the waves and breathing in the fragrant sea air.

During the summer, the beach has 5 restaurants and one hotel with direct access to the water. Standing on the beach, you can see Cape Begur, as well as the mountains surrounding the bay from the east. On the right side of the bay, a picturesque path begins, protected by railings and pine trees.

Following it, you can get to Punta des Mut, where the parador is located. Paradors in Spain is a network of state-owned luxury hotels, which are located in restored historical buildings: monasteries, palaces, castles, fortresses. As close as possible to the bay is the 4-star Mas Ses Vinyes hotel, with views of the sea and mountains.

Granadella Beach

The beaches of Spain (pictured below) include Granadella, a cozy and quiet place in the southern part of Javea. It is a small enclave, the length of which is a rustic bay with crystal clear sea water, gravel on the beach.

You can get to the bay where the beach is located along the road of the same name - the Cabo de la Nao highway. Beach guests can relax by renting an umbrella or sun lounger.

This bay is considered one of the best for diving and snorkeling. All lovers of this sport know and admire the beauty of the seabed. Here, many interesting routes have been developed on the beach, and one of them starts from the beach, has low complexity and depth - up to 10 m. Extreme lovers can also do other sports here: water skiing, kayaking or canoeing.

Wind on this beach is very rare, and all thanks to reliable protection - the mountains, surrounded by which it is located. That is why windsurfing or surfing will not work here. Not far from the beach, there are excellent restaurants where you can enjoy first-class dishes of rice and fresh fish.

So gourmets will have something to treat themselves to. Well, lovers of sights should take a walk to the ancient fortress located nearby.

In Cala de la Granadella there is Tio Catala Avenue - this is a road along the edges of which a mass of houses formerly owned by fishermen rises, and after they were bought by wealthier people, they began to rent them out.

Macarella Beach

This beach is famous for its unusually colored waters. If you climb the mountain and look down at the bay, it may seem that boats and boats are just hovering in the air below. The waters of this beach are called "blue tourmaline", and in combination with white sand, the coast looks bewitching.

Due to the fact that the beach is located in a bay, here you can have a pleasant and secluded rest. That is why this beach was chosen by nudists.

The beach is located on the island of Menorca, one of several islands in the Balearic archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. This island is considered one of the most expensive resorts in Spain. It is popular among foreign tourists due to its history and fascinating beauty of sights.

There are no hotels near the beach, tourists can stay in the southwestern part of the island and get to the beach by rented transport daily.

Divers can do what they love and add new photos to their collection.

Bologna Beach

South of the Iberian Peninsula in the province of Cadiz is a true paradise on earth - the beach of Bologna. Located in the municipality of Tarifa. This beach is often called virgin, because the local landscapes appear before tourists in their original form. This beach is characterized by clear water and fine sand, which is why it is considered the best place for a family holiday.

This beach is considered a protected area. In its western part there is a dune of great ecological importance, which has been declared a natural monument. The dune system is mobile, which is why vegetation does not grow here, but in the inner part there are pines and an undergrowth of sea juniper, mastic and juniper.

Tourists relaxing on this beach can not only soak up the sun, but also go in for water sports, as well as visit interesting sights:

  1. Claudia Baelo. These are the remains of an ancient Roman city. Built in the second century BC. e. most of it has survived to this day. Today it is a visitor center and a museum that tourists can visit for free from Tuesday to Sunday.
  2. Camarinal lighthouse. This is an ancient watchtower from the 16th century. Previously used as a lighthouse, today it is increasingly visited by tourists as a cultural interest.
  3. Caugnulo Creek. This is a wild bay, located near the beach of Bologna, on one side of the bay there is a military base, and on the other a lighthouse.

Tourists can have a tasty and satisfying meal in restaurants and cafes located nearby. You can spend the night or just relax in a hotel or hostel, which are within easy reach.

This Andalusian beach is that part of the Spanish coast that is exposed to the winds, which is why hundreds of surfers come to these parts every year in search of the best waves. Those who are already tired of swimming will be offered other entertainment in these parts: a boat trip and acquaintance with whales and other representatives of the marine world, and lovers of antiquity can visit the oldest Roman settlements.

Maspalomas Beach

Photos of the picturesque Spanish Maspalomas beach fascinate with their enchanting views. It is located in one of the largest tourist areas of all the Canary Islands near one of the southernmost cities of Gran Canaria - Maspalomas. It is in this place that the most outstanding natural attraction in Spain begins - the Dunes of Maspalomas.

This beach is considered the cleanest, and was awarded the Blue Flag to confirm it. Nowhere else in the world will you be able to see the stunning beauty of natural white sand dunes. This place is considered the sunniest, because here the sun almost never hides behind clouds, giving tourists its warmth for 4000 hours a year.

Tourists vacationing on this beach can have a tasty and hearty meal in local restaurants and cafes, and there are more than a dozen of them open on the beach. There are also shops, attractions, bars and small boutiques. Tourists can find here whatever their heart desires.

Not far from the beach there is Palmitos Park, which has a dolphinarium, a botanical garden, an oceanarium, and a bird nursery. Also not far from the beach is the caretaker's house and an observation tower.

Ses Illetas Beach

The beach is named after the town where it is located. This town is considered one of the most picturesque; its name means “islands” in translation. This beach has long been included in the 5 best beaches in the world. Its length is only 120 meters.

It is located on concrete platforms with a sheet of snow-white fine sand and a smooth entry into the sea waters. On the rocks that hang over the beach, there are cozy terraces for a secluded holiday for tourists.

This beach is popular with families with children. The water in this place is clean and transparent, attracting the attention of diving tourists. There is a diving center on the beach, where you can not only rent all the necessary equipment, but also get trained.

There is also a center on the beach where you can rent skis and water sports equipment. From the beach you can go on excursions to the nearby islands of Sa Torre, Sa Caleta and Des Paz.

Benijo Beach

In the north-east of Tenerife, not far from the village of Benijo, there is a wild beach surrounded by elaborate rocks, which the locals call "crocodile teeth". A winding road leads to the beach through the Anaga mountain range, which is covered with evergreen deciduous forests, emitting heady aromas of laurel and heather.

At the entrance to the beach you can admire its coastline with black sand mixed with small pebbles. A path leads to the sea - a stone staircase, but not everyone dares to go into the sea in this place, even despite the gentle slope. It is in this place that the strongest current and the highest waves are observed.

It is for this reason that thousands of windsurfers visit this beach every year. And lovers of lying on the sand should definitely find out when there is an ebb and flow on the beach, so that these elements do not catch on the beach, which will be filled with water.

Barceloneta Beach

This beach has been awarded the Blue Flag for its clean sand and water area. Its length is 1 km, thanks to which it can accommodate more than one thousand tourists. The beach is also popular due to its convenient entry into the sea. It is equipped with free toilets, fresh water showers, umbrellas and sun loungers poster point.

Spanish beaches: Barceloneta

playgrounds are arranged on the beach during the season.

The beach has a basketball and volleyball court. You can also relax here, relaxing on the massage table under the skillful hands of Asian masseuses. The entire coastline is dotted with bars, restaurants, which are ready to entertain tourists all night long, offering the best music programs.

Sant Sebastia Beach

This Barcelona beach is located in a quiet and cozy bay in the old part of the city and is over 1 km long. This beach attracts tourists with its velvety and soft sand, the special purity and transparency of sea water, thanks to which the beach was awarded the Blue Flag.

This place has a peaceful atmosphere even in peak season. For those who like topless sunbathing, there is a special area on the right side of the beach.

This beach has all the conditions for a pleasant stay: there are points where you can rent umbrellas, sun loungers and other beach equipment, showers with fresh water, comfortable dry closets, slopes are equipped for easy entry, which make it easy to go down even for people with disabilities.

Vacationers are under the supervision of lifeguards. For active vacationers, playgrounds for sports games and children's play areas have been arranged, schools teaching swimming and surfing are open.

Lloret beach

Lloret beach on the Costa Brava stretches as a wide sandy strip for 1.5 km within the city of Lloret de Mar. From the embankment to the beach they descend along wooden decks, continuing their journey along golden sand that does not stick to their feet.

Entry into the sea, pleasing with the purity of the water, is convenient, but the depth begins not far from the entrance, so the entire beach area is under the supervision of lifeguards. Beach comfort is created by a considerable number of free showers and changing cabins, rental of sun loungers and umbrellas.

On Lloret Beach, you can rent a catamaran, ride a “banana”, take a sightseeing boat trip along the picturesque coast with cozy bays and artsy rocks rising from the sea. Along the beach there is a series of cafes, restaurants and nightclubs, where, with the sunset, fun reigns until the morning.

Comparison table

Beach name Location Highlights
AiguablavaOn the Costa Brava, near the town of Begur, province of GironaFree sun loungers, umbrellas, lots of water activities. Suitable for children, sandy beach.
GrenadillaIn the southern part of XàbiaThe bay is considered the best for diving and snorkeling. There are restaurants on the beach, there are a lot of different excursion programs.
MacarellaStop. MenorcaIn this quiet bay you can ride a jet ski, boat, kayak, you can make a hiking route through the most beautiful places.
BolognaD. BolognaFeatures a beautiful view of the sea and dunes, suitable for surfers.
MaspalomasIn the village of the same name, stop. Gran CanariaThis is one of the largest tourist areas of the Canary Islands. Tourists can admire the lighthouse, the botanical garden, there is a bird park.
Ses IlletasThe small town of Illetas in MallorcaThis beach has an excellent spa infrastructure and a wide range of different wellness treatments.
BenijoNear the village of Benijo, in the northeast of TenerifeThis beach is distinguished from others by its black sand with small pebbles. A wild beach surrounded by bizarre rocks. Here you can often see waves up to 3 meters.
BarcelonetaBarcelonaThere is a rescue team, a lot of entertainment is provided, there are always crowds of tourists.
Sant SebastiaThe oldest beach in BarcelonaLots of restaurants, bars, fast food stalls, sports clubs, diving center.
LloretCity of Lloret de MarThere is a lifeguard service, it is possible to do introductory skiing, jet skiing, there are many excursion routes.

Spain is the only country where the beaches are more or less clean. Photos of these charming places annually attract a lot of tourists from different countries to relax in comfort in an interesting place on the Mediterranean coast.

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The best beaches in Spain on the Costa Blanca: