Beach holiday in Portugal. Best Resorts, Hotels, photos, prices and reviews

Holidays in Portugal are famous for football, delicious cuisine, and gorgeous beaches. The life of local residents is connected with the ocean, which is not surprising, taking into account the traditions of this country.

Location and climate of Portugal. Leisure seasons

Portugal is located in the southwestern region of the Iberian Peninsula. The country includes more than 10 districts, which are divided into 308 districts. The largest cities are Porto, Setubal, Funchal. The capital of Portugal is Lisbon.

The country has a subtropical Mediterranean climate with temperate features. This means that there are no strong jumps in air temperature in the country.

Portugal in spring

Spring in Portugal is beautiful, everything blooms and smells sweet. The weather in spring does not allow swimming in the ocean yet, but you can slowly explore all the interesting places. The coolest weather in Porto, here in March is +16°C, and the warmest in Madeira, here in spring +20°C.

Portugal in the summer

From mid-June, the beach holiday season opens in Portugal, which lasts until mid-September.

At this time, the air temperature is +30°C, but the cold Atlantic current does not allow strong heat and allows you to relax comfortably.

Portugal in autumn

In autumn, Portugal has warm weather and invigorating water. The influx of tourists in autumn is small, so every vacationer can be in silence and alone with nature.

Portugal in winter

A beach holiday in Portugal in winter is unacceptable, but it is green just like in summer. Winter is a good time for leisurely walks, and comfortable temperatures allow you to see many interesting places. The average daytime temperature is +13-18°С.

5 best months in Portugal for a beach holiday

The beaches of Portugal stretch for 1800 km, among them there are pebble, sand and rocky ones. On many beaches you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas. There are also many wild places that nature lovers will definitely like.


A beach holiday in Portugal in June pleases with the absence of strong stuffiness and heat. The weather at this time of the year is almost rainless and comfortable. During the day the temperature is +23°С and +27°С, and in the evening +19°С. There are precipitations this month, but they are unobtrusive and warm. In the northern region of Portugal, it is a little cooler in June, the temperature is +22°С, and +14°С in the evening. The water in the ocean in June warms up to +19°С and +22°С.

A beach holiday in Portugal in June pleases with good weather.

Such summer weather helps to combine a beach holiday with extensive excursions. Also at this time, a large number of exotic fruits ripen, so that the supply of vitamins is guaranteed to every vacationer. The price of a tour in June, on average, costs from 44,586 rubles. from a person.


In July, the temperature in Portugal is +29°C, and in some areas it can reach +35°C. Surprisingly, in Madeira in July it is 4 degrees colder than on the mainland, and the nights are 3 degrees warmer. There is almost no rain in July, there are no strong winds either, so you can come to the beaches at least every day.

In July, you can't count on super-comfortable swimming. The average water temperature is +21°C. In addition to comfortable weather, you can do many water sports. There are many beautiful beaches here, many of which have been awarded the Blue Flag. The cost of the tour in July is not cheap: from 91094 rubles.


It is difficult to call a beach holiday in Portugal in September a real velvet season. This definition fits the end of the month, and most of September is a continuation of the summer. Autumn in Portugal is comfortable and warm, people still bathe.

At this time there is no heat, warm ocean + 23°С and free beaches. In September, it is only cold at night up to +15°С. Autumn in Portugal is good for excursions. In September, you can buy a ticket to Portugal at a price of 87,625 rubles.


There is always something to do in Portugal this month, and the weather is conducive to walking. It is sunny, it rarely rains, and the air warms up to +19°C. The beach season is not yet open, the water is at +13°C. In March, you can go on an excursion and get acquainted with the multifaceted culture of this country.

In the spring, Portugal hosts a chocolate festival. On this occasion, you can see large chocolate sculptures and attend many different events. A tour in March costs from 36,000 rubles.


In Portugal in February the air temperature during the day is +15°С, and at night +9°С. The water temperature off the coast is only +10°C. In winter, it is densely cloudy, but such weather is not a hindrance to walking along the Riviera and sightseeing.

In February, gusty winds often blow, so windproof warm clothes should be worn on excursions. The cost of the tour in February to Portugal is from 52,000 rubles.

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5 best places to stay in Portugal on the ocean coast

A huge number of tourists from all over the world come to the republic for a beach holiday. This is facilitated by mild winters, warm summers and a clear ocean.

Below are some of the best oceanside locations in Portugal to enjoy the beauty of nature and first-class service:

Name Location Best time to go
Azorescenter of the Atlantic OceanJuly
AlgarveAtlantic coastAugust
AlbufeiraSouth of Portugal, Faro districtAugust
PortimãoWest of Portugal, Faro DistrictSeptember
LagoaCentral Algarve between Silves and PortimãoSeptember


Beach holidays in the Azores in Portugal are characterized by a mild climate with little temperature fluctuations. atur. The best time to visit is between June and September. The ocean at this time warms up to 24 ° C, and the air temperature reaches + 22 ° C.

During the day, the weather on the islands is unstable: rains are replaced by clear skies, and so on several times a day. In the Azores, sometimes there are heavy fogs, because of which flights are canceled. This should be taken into account when planning a vacation.


Most beaches of the Azores are located on Faive and there is a beach with golden sand - Porto Pim. Also interesting for tourists can be secluded beaches, such as Castelo Blanca and Praia de Pedro Miguel, they are surrounded by rocks on all sides.

There is still a beach at Volcano COMPRIDO. On the island of Santa Maria is Praia Formosa Beach with white sand. All beaches are superbly equipped. Here you can enjoy water sports or comfortably stay under an exotic palm tree.


Blue Islands, due to the beautiful view, which opens from the top of the mountains, is popular with tourists. Also here is one of the seven wonders of Portugal - the edge of Sete Cidades.

Here are 2 large lakes right in the funnel of the ever-active volcano.

In one lake, blue water, in another green. Also on the islands there are thermal springs located in San Miguel. Also you can walk on tea plantations and make a tour of the tobacco factory.

Cheap hotels and all inclusive hotels

In Portugal, many hotels and hotels operating on the "All Inclusive" system. The most inexpensive hotel includes 2 stars. Next to each such hotel are shops, bars, ATMs. The distance is a small distance, about 12-15 minutes. walk.

Here you will like with family couples with children, for which the affordable price and developed infrastructure is important. The hotel rooms also have balconies, bathrooms and kitchenettes. For children in hotels there are pools.

in the rooms:

  • TV;
  • refrigerator;
  • dishwasher;
  • Iron;
  • electric kettle;
  • Microwave.

Hotels are mainly located on the first coastline, so they are so popular.



Algarve is located in the southern part of the country and its length of 200 km near the Atlantic Ocean. Algarve is different from other cities with clean beaches, many of which won the nomination "Blue Flag". Algarve himself leaves 50 km deep into the mainland from the shore to the Mozshik Mountains. The capital Algave Faro and its main resorts are Albufeira, Quage, Alvore.


High rocks, sea caves, golden sand, attract millions of tourists in the Algarve every year:

  • Marino Beach It is among the top ten most beautiful beaches of Europe. This is not just a beach on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, it is a beautiful corner of wildlife.
  • Praia Grande Beach, about the sizes of which the name itself speaks, is diluted with river water. It is always calm here at the expense of protecting the mouth of the breakwaters. The beach is well equipped: there is a rental, rescuers, playground. Privacy lovers can arrange near the southern part of the beach, it is disconnected by the rock.
  • Falezia Beach extended 6 km between orange rocks and the ocean. It is considered the landmark of the region and can be found in the lists of the most beautiful beaches of the world.
  • Beach Benazil is located at the foot of limestone rocks, which for their forms resemble the buildings of the Renaissance.


In Algarve there is entertainment for each tourist. For holidaymakers, there are water parks, tennis courts, excursions, as well as walks on yachts. In Algarve, you can arrange a hunt for sharks or visit the Corrida. In local water parks, people sunbathe on the lawn grass, and the sun beds are located on the asphalt next to the pools. There are also many discs, nightclubs, restaurants and shops.

Cheap hotels and all inclusive hotels

Many hotels and hotels in Algarve are close to famous attractions and business centers.

The most inexpensive number, worth 550 rubles. Includes:

  • TV;
  • Free Internet;
  • Bathroom;
  • Sofa.

Also on the territory of almost every hotel and hotels there are pools for children and adults, free parking.


Albufeira is a city in the south of Portugal. This is the main resort in the Faro district, which is famous for beautiful beaches, a noisy atmosphere and a picturesque center.


Proud Albufeira are beaches, which are here more than a dozen.

All of them are clean, for 10 euros, you can rent an umbrella, chaise longue, also provided cabins for dressing and toilets:

  • the most famous beach FALESI A has a length of 20 m and consists of fine sand. Entrance to the ocean gentle. The beach is not easy and perfect for family pairs.
  • Rybatsky Beach It is famous for a cafe with a fish menu from just caught out of the ocean and moored boats.
  • The beach Evaristo is quite popular due to water sports.
  • Beach San Rafael mountainous. For many centuries, he accepted bizarre forms, and ponds were formed in Rasseks, all this is beautiful and worth seeing.


Many tourists come to Albufeira to enjoy the beach, but here you can also enjoy exploring the city. In addition, Albufeira has a museum and a city art gallery. Also in the city you can go to the show of fur seals and dolphins.

Albufeira has many shops and souvenir shops. There are cafes, restaurants and cinemas. Albufeira has many shops where you can buy souvenirs and a large shopping complex with boutiques, restaurants and cinemas.

Cheap hotels and hotels "All inclusive"

Albufeira hotels are presented in different price categories: you can book a cheap hotel room or a premium class. The cost depends on the location of the hotel and the level of comfort, as well as proximity to attractions.

Total for 2000 rubles. you can rent a room in a hotel or hotel that has:

  • air conditioning;
  • bathroom;
  • telephone;
  • TV;
  • cabinet;
  • electric kettle;
  • bed.


Portimão is the largest city, located 66 km from Faro at the mouth of the Aradú River. It is separated from the capital of Portugal by 200 km, which can be driven in a few hours. 36,000 people live in the city, but when the beach season opens, there are much more people.

Previously, the city was considered a fishing center, but then the scope of activity changed to a resort. Portimão has many historical monuments from the Middle Ages, which include old churches and monasteries.


Portimão has a large number of beaches with beautiful landscapes that are difficult to describe, they must be seen:

  • Rocha beach the main city. During the season there is a large influx of vacationers and fishermen who catch big fish. Here you can catch the main fish of the country - mackerel, which is prepared according to a special old recipe. The beach provides everything for a good holiday. Several roads lead to the ocean with a convenient descent. Also, doctors and rescuers are on duty here, and there is a rental service.
  • Do Vau Beach is located in the sandy harbor of the city. This is an unusually beautiful place, which is suitable for lovers of outdoor activities. Near the beach there is a large area for parking, so you do not have to go up and down the stairs for a long time. Night bars and cafes are open around the clock on the beach.
  • The Praia de Alemao beach is located in the western area. Here you can go spearfishing. You can go down to the shore by an elevator, which is built right into the rock. Down in the grotto there is a restaurant from which you can see a beautiful sunset.


In Portimão, there are many entertainments on the beaches:

  • water sports;
  • windsurfing;
  • yachting;
  • kayaking;
  • jet skiing.

It's a lot to rent all the necessary equipment, and learn to scuba dive with a coach. You can also participate in golf tournaments in Portimão. You can visit the attraction, dolphinarium and many cafes. There is a water park in the city where everyone will be interested.

Cheap hotels and hotels "All inclusive"

Tourists in Portimão can choose a variety of rooms: guesthouses, simple apartments, hostels or hotels. In inexpensive hotels you can stay for only 30 dollars. If you get a discount on hotel booking sites, you can rent a room for $25. Hotels located in the central area of ​​Portimão offer vacationers rooms from $40.

Each room is equipped with:

  • shower;
  • an electric kettle;
  • microwave;
  • sofa;
  • dinette;
  • kitchen utensils;
  • cabinet.


Lagoa is located on a hill and is surrounded on all sides by vineyards. It was once the capital of the Algarve. The city is over 2000 years old and has an old seaport. Before the earthquake there were many houses, palaces and churches.

Lagoa is a promising city for tourism, which attracts with beautiful nature, beaches and attractions. The first slave market in Europe was established in this city. In addition, there is an observatory of Henry the Navigator, who was the organizer of many expeditions at sea.


Beach holidays in Portugal in Lagoa are presented with beautiful landscapes and are suitable for those who want to avoid the crowds of vacationers in the summer.

Almost all Lagoa beaches are located away from the city:

  • Only one Praia do Carvoeiro beach is located within the city. There are white houses on the hills and fishing boats that lie along the entire beach. In addition to fishing, such boats are also used to deliver tourists to the caves.
  • Praia do Benagil is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, as it hosts the Benagil cave. At the top of the cave, there is a hole through which the sun enters and illuminates the lonely beach inside. When the ocean is calm and the weather is good, you can swim or rent a boat here.
  • To the beach Praia Do Carvalho can be reached in an elevator built into the rock. The beach is located at the sand bay and is surrounded by rocks.


There is a zoo in Lagoa, which is necessary to visit with children. Here you can look at the animals for a whole day and calmly relax in the cafe and arbors. Also in the city there is a golf course, on the territory of which is a school for golf, it takes all those wishing to learn the game.

The city has a plurality of spa salons, which are located in the city center: there will be a large selection of relaxing and massage procedures.

Cheap hotels and hotels "All Inclusive"

in Lagoa there are 25 hotels with an average and low price category. The price of rooms in such hotels is about 800 to 2500 rubles. per day. All hotels and hotels have free internet access. Despite the low cost, service in hotels at height. There are open and indoor pools, satellite TV.

All rooms have air conditioning, refrigerators, televisions. For children there is a special playground, free parking.

Portugal is an interesting country, with its customs and traditions. Here you can relax well on the beach, visit medieval cathedrals and castles, and diving lovers to see what.

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