Barcelona, ​​Spain. Self route on free attractions.

As in any European city So, in Barcelona you can find free attractions - these are not only monuments and parks, but also, on certain days, museums, churches, galleries of modern art. There are even free guided tours in the city.

Where is Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the largest cities in Spain, located on the Mediterranean coast. In fact, it is the administrative center of the Autonomous Republic of Catalonia. You can get here as you like - by plane, by boat, by bus or by your own car.

Large Russian airlines have direct flights from federal cities to Barcelona. The minimum ticket price is from 7500, the flight lasts 4 hours 40 minutes.

From Moscow and St. Petersburg, tickets provide:

  • "Aeroflot";
  • Air Europa Lineas Aereas;
  • Czech Airlines (with transplant in Prague);
  • Lufthansa (with a transplant in Frankfurt);
  • S7 Airlines;
  • Iberia.

Flights of the reduced cost or have several transplants on the way, or they are not launched at Barcelona Airport - most often, in Girona. Getting to the city in this case falls on the train or bus. Reaching the other coastal city of the Mediterranean, before Barcelona can be saved.

There are no direct trains from Russia to Spain, but there is an opportunity to travel with transfers - for example, in Paris, Berlin or Frankfurt. Train from Moscow to Paris, for example, runs three times a week.

In Berlin, you can buy a ticket for a high-speed train TGV, travel time is about 20 hours, a trip cost - 69 €. According to Spain, high-speed trains Ave: for 32 € you can easily get from Madrid to Barcelona.

You can get to Barcelona purposefully from other port cities of the Mediterranean Sea - for example, with Balearic Islands, from Morocco, Algeria, Sardinia and Rome.

You can get to Barcelona from Moscow or St. Petersburg by bus, but it will take about a week - moreover, you will have to do a lot of transplants. The trip route should be independently consulting with sites of various carriers, as travel prices between cities can vary.

Weather in Barcelona, ​​the best time to travel

The period from mid-June to mid-September is considered to be a high tourist season in Barcelona - at this time, prices for housing and air tickets are growing. Tourists come so much that to get to the sights is very hard, but the weather is very stuffy, and the sea warms up only by mid-July. Racing prices also come for holidays - Catholic Easter and Christmas.

In order to save money, but to familiarize himself with the culture of the city, it is better to go to Barcelona from the end of April to mid-June. If desired, swim and sunbathe the optimal time - from the beginning of September to the beginning of October. In mid-October, precipitation begins, because of which prices are also reduced. The most optimal option is the winter months, when the weather is pleasant, and people are not so much.

Season Approximate water temperature Approximate air temperature Commentary
Winter13-15°12-15°The sun continues to shine, there is almost no precipitation
Spring13-17°19-25°The most warm and comfortable - from the end of April
Summer21-25°25-29 °The hottest months are July and August
Autumn25-26°Up to 26°In October, the weather is warm, but the rains begin During the winter months, the weather in the city is pleasant, but there are fewer tourists, so the prices for tickets and hotel accommodation fall.

Barcelona's Free Man-Made Attractions

There are many buildings in the city that you can admire without going inside and paying for a ticket. There are also museums with free exhibitions and expositions. You can’t go to the museum for free every day, so you should find out about such promotions in advance.


The museums of the city have a free entrance rule on certain days of the week.

The Museum of Barcelona History, for example, which has exhibits covering 2,000 years of the city's history, does not charge admission fees on the first Sunday of each month. Admission is also free on Sundays after 15:00. The Blau Museum, located next to the Botanical Gardens on the Montjuic mountain, works according to the same scheme - also free of charge.

The Museum of the History of Catalonia can be entered free of charge on the last Tuesday of the month, except for July, August and September. The National Art Museum of Catalonia, located near the musical fountains of Montjuic, is open free of charge on the first Sunday of the month and on Saturdays after 15:00.

On the first Sunday of the month, the Museum-Photo Gallery is also open: here you can see more than 2000 works of Portuguese and Spanish photographers.

In addition, free access to the Frederico Mares Museum and the Music Museum. Some museums also have Open Days on February 12, May 18 and September 24. Museums also do not charge entrance fees on Museum Night - it is held annually, in the spring, and is identical to the action of the same name in Russia.

Viewing architecture

Barcelona's free attractions are numerous cathedrals of different ages. The first thing you should definitely see in the city is the Sagrada Familia: the cathedral has been under construction for more than a year, but it is already a completed building. It stands in the quarter of the architect Gaudi - where you can also see the Casa Batlló (translated as "House of Bones", so named because of the characteristic decoration).

The Sagrada Familia is a free attraction in Barcelona known throughout the world, which has been under construction for more than one century

At certain hours it is open for visiting Barcelona Cathedral, attractive not only for its spiers and facades, but also for its pleasantly furnished courtyard - exotic trees grow here and geese live. The entrance to the cathedral is open in the morning from 8:00 to 12:45 (on Sundays and holidays - an hour longer) and in the evening from 17:15 to 19:30. Courtyard - from 8:30 to 12:30 (on Sundays and holidays - half an hour longer) and from 17:15 to 19:00.

Churches can also be visited free of charge from inside and outside:

  • Santa Maria del Pi;
  • Santa Maria del Mar;
  • Virgin de la Merced.

It is worth considering that on church holidays there can be many parishioners here.

Gothic Quarter

If you are drawn to ancient buildings, you need to go to the Old Town - buildings erected in the Middle Ages and even earlier have been preserved here. For example, it is here that the ruins of the palace of Octavian Augustus stand.

In addition, there are many working churches, including the main cathedral of the Holy Cross and St. Eulalia (it is in it, contrary to a common myth, that the main church services are held in city).

There are, however, elements of modern art here - for example, the sculpture "Carmela", depicting the head of a woman with her eyes closed.

Barcelona's Free Natural Attractions

In addition to visiting the parks in the summer, you should check in advance for possible live performances by classical or jazz musicians that take place every year as part of the Music in the Parks festival. Approximate start time of the concerts is 20:00-21:00. You can find the exact timetable online.

Park Güell

The most popular park among tourists is Güell, created by the same Gaudí. You can enter the park itself for free, but the entrance to the palace, located right there, will cost 12 €, except for the first Sunday of the month.By the way, souvenirs that are sold right at the entrance cost twice as much as, for example, on a hill, where you can buy the same little things, but half the price.

Citadel Park

Located in the Old City, the park offers visitors free jazz every Wednesday and Friday at 22:00. A wide stone alley leads to the Citadel, on which stands a triumphal arch. There are many fountains surrounded by gardens in the park itself, in the very center there is a huge fountain of the Cascade.

Botanical Garden

Located near Montjuic, the Botanical Garden does not require an entrance fee. On weekdays, the garden is open from 10:00 to 19:00, on Sundays and holidays - until 20:00. The day off is Monday.


Horta's Labyrinth

This park is known for being the location of the filming of the movie Perfumer.No entry fee is required on Wednesdays and Sundays, on all other days the entrance ticket costs 2.23€. The park is not very popular with tourists, so there are few people here.

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Free modern attractions in Barcelona

Barcelona attractions with free admission are also modern art galleries, exhibition halls. And, of course, viewing platforms.


You can see Barcelona from above in the following places:

  • at the National Palace;
  • on Montjuic (in summer, a free bus runs from 20:15, returns at 22:00);
  • in Bunker El Carmel;
  • in the shopping complex "Arena" on Plaza de España;
  • in the shopping complex "El Corte Ingle" in Plaza Catalunya.

Shopping malls can charge money to climb observation decks, but there are free ways to get there. In the Arena, this is an escalator; in El Corte Ingle, any elevator.

Center for Contemporary Culture

Those who appreciate modern culture should go here - exhibitions of artists and photographers, various art installations are regularly held here.Tickets are not charged on Sunday after 15:00. Tickets are usually not required to attend events.

Palazzo de la Virreina

Exhibitions are also often held here, both by artists and sculptors.

Free attractions for families with children

Free attractions in Barcelona can be interesting even for children. If there is no desire to take children to tourist places that are not interesting for any child, you can opt for interactive museums and active recreation parks.

Museum of Natural Sciences

Children who are in love with biology, geology and geography will appreciate the Museum of Natural Sciences, where you can see stuffed dinosaurs, samples of minerals, living insects and more.

Eixample Beach

Children can have plenty of fun by the water at Eixample Beach, tucked away on Rue Roger de Luria.There are orange trees, plenty of sand to picnic on, and of course a shallow outdoor pool. True, there is an age limit - children over 7 years old are unlikely to like it here.

Singing Fountains

Every half an hour in the evening, the Singing Fountains start their free show. Sometimes the schedule changes, so it's better to check this point in advance. In late spring, summer and until October, shows are held from 21:00 to 23:30, in other months and on weekends from 19:00 to 21:00. The spectacle will definitely entertain both children and adults.

Tram 110

An alternative to sightseeing buses is tram 110, the only one left in all of Barcelona (trams were canceled back in the 70s).

The first destination is Piazza Dr Andreu, the final destination is the funicular, by sitting on which you can climb Mount Tibidabo (the avenue is named after it). Parents who decide to accompany their children will be able to watch the Art Nouveau mansions that stand here.

Tibidabo Park

The amusement park has nothing to do with tram 110, but after the final stop, you can get right here - to the oldest amusement park in Barcelona.Buying a Ferris wheel ticket, you can explore the city, and then ride vintage rides. The park is monitored, so the old carousels do not pose a danger.

Itinerary for exploring Barcelona on your own for 1-2 days

Getting to the center of Barcelona from the airport is easy - bus stops are located next to the passenger terminals. From there you can get to the two main squares of the city - Spain and Catalonia, from where all tourist routes begin.

  1. Once in Plaza Catalunya, tourists first of all go to the pedestrian street La Rambla, where you can buy food in street tents and souvenirs. Fountains stretch along the street - in the evening they are highlighted.
  2. After walking along the pedestrian street, it is worth taking some time to study the architecture - visit the Sagrada Familia or any other church, the Gothic Quarter or look at Gaudí's buildings. You can relax after a long walk in the Ciutadella Park.
  3. At 20:15 every day during the summer months, a tourist bus leaves for Montjuic, allowing not only to get to the castle of Montjuic, the Blau Museum and the adjacent botanical garden, but also to visit the observation deck at its top. Buses stop running at 22:15.
  4. End the day with a visit to the singing fountains of Montjuic. Performances begin every half an hour, but to clarify the time is better in advance, as they differ depending on the time of year.

Free Attractions of Barcelona can be seen on excursions offered by different companies:

  1. Sandemans offer a daily sightseeing tour - it lasts 3 hours and begins on an angel square. To accurately get on the bus, you should purchase a ticket in advance.
  2. Runnerbean Tours From April to mid-October, there are two excursions a day - morning (at 11:00) and daytime (at 16:30), in the rest of the month - only the morning. Day off - Catholic Christmas and New Year. Each tour is 2.5 hours. Place of collection - Fountain on the Royal Square.
  3. FEEL Free Tours offer only three excursions - Old Town (at 11:15 and 17:00), Gaudi Places (11:15) and Grassia district (on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 11:15). In Catholic Christmas and New Year - weekend.

The rules of good tone require if you do not pay the excursion completely, then leave the guide for tea. Most excursions in English.

Hotels in Barcelona

Choosing an economical hotel in Barcelona, ​​it should be carefully related to the ratio of price and quality. Finding a budget accommodation option, you need to pre-read the reviews and explore the hotel rating on tourist sites to be ready for surprises. Also, do not forget about the possibility of renting apartments - although it may be more expensive, but more comfortable and sometimes even more comfortable.

Oasis, PLA Del Palau, 17

Two-star hotel offers rooms from 4600 rubles per day with all the necessary amenities. Although the numbers are close, they have everything you need - including personal lockers for things.The hotel is equipped with everything that needs people with limited physical abilities. Some employees speak Russian.

Coffee and Sugar, Carrer de Casanova 232

A 20-minute walk from the historic center is a hotel with minimal cost of 1000 rubles, but there are also options more and more comfortable. From pleasant surprises - some rooms have a private bath, located in the corridor. The only thing - in winter it can be very cold, so it is worth stock clothes.

Barcelona Go, Lepanto, 143

Next to the National Theater Barcelona Hotel Barcelona Go with rooms from 3200 per day. In walking distance - the Citadel Park and Sagrada de surname. As in other two-stroke hotels, the rooms are small here, but they have all the necessary furniture, as well as air conditioning and internet access. If desired, a daily breakfast buffet can be included in the price of the reservation.

Alberg Palau, metro Liceu

The hostel-type hotel has several multi-bed rooms with bunk beds. One place costs from 1000 rubles.Amenities include free Wi-Fi, a 24-hour front desk and free breakfast. One kitchen, bathroom - one per room. For each guest - a personal locker for things. You can walk to the center from here in 10 minutes.

Hotel Lyon, Calle General Castanos, 6

Another three-star hotel near the center, with rooms from 3600 per night. The rooms are small, but the tightness is made up for by excellent service - regular cleaning and even a change of bed linen. According to the guests, there may be problems with sockets, as there are not many of them in the rooms.

Where to eat in Barcelona

If you want to save money on food, you can ignore expensive Spanish restaurants and buy snacks in supermarkets - or spend money on self-cooking. You can also visit budget places in the city itself.

Wok Arc De Triomf

At the Arc de Triomf metro station, Passeig de Lluís Companys, 19, there is an unlimited Asian food cafe. The rules are simple: by paying €10.50 (from 12:30 to 17:00) or €13.95 (from 20:00 to 00:00), you can eat as much as you like.The assortment is large - first courses, second courses, desserts.

“365” coffee houses

“365” chain coffee houses are open throughout the city, especially near metro stations. Restaurants open at 6:00, so here you can have a coffee with a croissant for 1.7€ for breakfast, and spend 5€ for lunch at noon. Coffee houses close at 22:00.

100 Montaditos

100 Montaditos cafe chain proves that national cuisine can be cheap - even if it's simple tapas, Spanish beer snacks. To tapas, of course, you can buy beer. On Wednesday and Sunday, tapas cost only 1€. On weekdays, establishments are open from 10:00 to 00:30, on Sunday - 24 hours.

La Malandrina

Those who want to try Spanish meat dishes can safely go to La Malandrina at Carrer de l'Almirall Cervera, 5 - prices for them are lower than here, you will not find in the whole city.Steak must be accompanied by salad and french fries, the cost for one serving varies from 8€ to 15€.


Also a chain of cheap lunches. For example, a salad can be purchased for 2€, hot for 2.50€. Focaccia (Italian flatbread) costs only €1.30. Cafes open at 8:00 daily and work until 22:00.

How to get around Barcelona

The city has a very developed transport system. It can be used by metro and buses. The neighboring towns can be reached by train or ferry.


There are two underground transport companies in Barcelona, ​​TMB and FGC, each in charge of certain lines. There are 12 lines in total. The metro opens daily at 5 am, but the closing time may vary - on weekdays until midnight, on Friday and on holidays - until 2 am.

At the same time, trains run less often, so the travel time increases. On Saturdays and holidays, the metro operates around the clock.


If you need to go along the coast of Barcelona to the resorts, you can use the services of the railway - passengers are transported by the Renfe company.

Rent a car

You can also rent a car in Barcelona – you can find a car rental office immediately upon arrival, as two of them are located right at El Prat Airport. To get a car, you will have to stand in line, cross the road and find the parking lot of the selected rental company.

You can book a car in advance via the Internet - then you will not have to pay extra for an urgent rental.

The following documents will be required for booking:

  • a foreign passport (at the time of rent, the tenant must be over 21 years old);
  • credit (not debit) card details;
  • driving license (experience - more than a year);
  • paid insurance.

During the rental period, the card will block the amount of money for a deposit (deposit) and a deductible - the maximum amount that will have to be paid in the event of an accident. If the tenant is under 25, a surcharge is made.

The following rental companies operate in the city:

  • Aresmobile-Aero City;
  • Goldcar Rental;
  • Enterprise Rent a Car;
  • Hertz;
  • Avis;
  • Sixt;
  • Europcar.

In addition to the airport, rental offices are located:

  • at the Sants railway station;
  • on the Ramblas;
  • on Diagonal Avenue;
  • at the seaport.

However, tourists report that parking spaces are difficult in Barcelona.


Bus stops in El Prat are located near the exits of the passenger terminals. From 4:50 to 23:50, buses No. 46 and Aerobus expresses run daily to the center. At night, the central square can be reached by NiteBus. The ticket price at any time of the day is 2.20 €.

You can find free places in Barcelona if you clarify all the necessary information in advance - it can be a pleasant cultural holiday even without visiting the beaches and swimming in the cold sea.

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