Baden Baden. Where is the resort, photos, attractions that look at the tourist

Baden-Baden is noted as one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. This resort area is replete with healing thermal springs and unique sights. Over the years, the settlement has attracted travelers from all over the world.

Significance of the city in the modern world

Baden-Baden is located in Germany in the Baden-Württemberg lands. It spread along the river. Os, which flows in the western part of the Black Forest. The city lies in a hollow framed on all sides by small mountains overgrown with coniferous forests.

The resort covers an area of ​​140.2 km2, and its geographic coordinates are marked 48045`N. and 8014`E The settlement was first mentioned in 70 AD. like a Roman colony. Ancient Roman archival documents say that as early as 200 BC. BC. there were imperial baths and a complex for restoring the health of ancient Roman soldiers.

The rapid development of this settlement began in the 18th century, and already in the 19th century. he became famous as a popular European resort. It was visited by many world famous personalities. Until 1931, the settlement was called Baden, but people often pronounced Baden in Baden (region of the same name), and after that the current double name appeared.


Baden-Baden has moderate mild climatic conditions due to its special geographical position. The annual rainfall is 740 mm. The difference between the driest (March) and wettest (June) periods is 40 mm. The average annual temperature reaches 10.20C. The warmest month is July (the average temperature is 19.50C).

Baden-Baden temperature is provided in the table. This will help you choose the best time to travel.

The coldest month is January, when the atmosphere cools down to 0.90C. The holiday season in Baden-Baden lasts from May to mid-autumn. The mountains, overgrown with coniferous forests, protect the resort from the winds, and the sunny Rhine Valley stretches to the west.


The population is about 54 thousand people. Of these, 88% are Germans, and 12% are other nationalities.

Representatives of the following religious movements coexist in Baden-Baden:

  • Catholics;
  • Orthodox;
  • Lutherans;
  • Islamists;
  • Jews.


The national currency of Baden-Baden, like the whole country, is the euro. Banknotes can be changed in your state or upon arrival in the city. Immediately upon arrival at the resort, money will be needed to pay for transportation. Exchange offices operate in the airport terminals.

It is recommended to change foreign currency in banks, the exchange rate is not favorable at exchange points. In many shops, hotels and catering outlets you can pay by credit card.

Cuisine Features

Baden-Baden, whose sights are represented by traditional cuisine, is famous for national Bavarian sausages, beer and sauerkraut.

Tourists planning to visit the resort should try the following dishes:

  • egg treats (stuffed, with bacon or scrambled eggs with smoked herring);
  • onion pie;
  • smoked ham;
  • feta cheese combined with spices and fried mushrooms;
  • trout fillet paired with a special sauce and mushrooms;
  • pork dishes;
  • exotic treats made from raw minced meat;
  • lasagne with mozzarella cheese;
  • As a side dish, you should try stewed vegetables or legumes.

How to get there

You can get to Baden-Baden in the following ways:

Mode of transport Features Cost, travel time
AircraftA small air port is located 10 km from the resort, and there are international airports in large cities (Munich, Strasbourg)The journey from Moscow to Frankfurt takes 3 hours, the price is from 5000 rubles.
TrainThe railway station is located 15 km from the city center, there are connections to many major European citiespay 30-50 euros, duration 1.5 hours.
CarYou can order a transfer from the airportTime to move from Karlsruhe - 20 min, cost - 30 euros
BusBus station works around the clock, is located at Ooser Bahnhofstrase, 4Travel from Stuttgart costs 30-45 euros, time spent 80 min.


There are a large number of public transport in the city, with which you can get to any point of Baden-Baden. Buses are considered the main urban means of movement. They run with an interval of 10 minutes. The average fare is 2.2 euros, tickets are better to buy at stops, in specially equipped machines.

If you consider taxi trips, it is beneficial to use its services to tourists who came to relax a large company. On weekdays, the tariff is the lowest, and on holidays and the weekend the fare often rises. Drivers who have international sample rights and credit card have the opportunity to rent a car.

The car is leased for a while at least 3 days, and it is necessary to issue an insurance policy at mandatory.

The average cost of the car rented in the resort is about 100 euros per day, and if you pre-book a means of movement in the international company, then the average price It will decrease to 56 euros. The city also functions the cable car on the city of Mercur, through which you can get to the top, 670 m high. For a trip to both parties will have to pay 4 euros.

Entertainment and recreation

In Baden-Baden, tourists have access to the mass of interesting entertainment.

Lovers of outdoor activities will like such visa:

  • In the suburbs of the resort area, there are essential complexes, where riding riding, and the admirers of the equestrian sport are recommended to visit the hippodrome under name IFFETSHYMEM;
  • Conduct hiking or cycling, for which Rainenskaya Valley and Alley Liktental are ideal;
  • For tennis players, sports complexes Rot-Weis and Lawn-Tennis-Club are arranged;
  • climbers have the opportunity to climb to the top of the Black Forest Ridge and enjoy the panorama of the area from height;
  • A rope-garden, which has a mass of stairs and cable pontoons, operates in the central zone of the forest park strip.

Fans of night entities will like the club called Max's. One of the main entertainment attractions is a casino attracting gambling. As a medical recreation, it is recommended to visit the baths, their and spa salons, which are a lot in the resort.

There are still entertainment in the city:

  • Walking on Mongolfierre in Ballooning 2000;
  • Sports complexes called HardbergBad and BowlingCenter;
  • Escape Quests.

Architectural attractions

Attractions of Baden-Baden include many architectural monuments, among which various objects deserve attention to tourists.

For example:

  • The castle of Hoenbaden served as the residence of the local ruler - Margraph Badensky for several centuries. He stands on a mountain, towering over the city. The construction of the palace complex started 1100 g, while the building was kept in the Gothic style. After some time, a new castle was built nearby, and the old burned out. Currently, parts of some buildings remain here. Tourists attracts a good viewing platform here, opening the unjusting panorama. Address of the complex: Alter Schlossweg, 10. Enchantment is free, if possible, you can make a donation. Work schedule: every day from 10.00 to 22.00.
  • Kurhaus is a building constructed in a neoclassical style. The structure was created at the end of the XIX century. - The beginning of the XX century. The internal decor is made in the image of the French royal palaces of that time. Building surrounds a picturesque park, and inside there is a winter garden. Now the building has a casino and a conference room. Here you can go to a concert or play casino. Another option to get into the tour, the price of which is 7 euros. Excursions spend every day in not playing time from 9.30. Kurhaus is located in a literature opposite Lichtental alley.
  • The remains of the castle of Alt-Eberstein are located on the hill between Baden-Baden and Hernsbach. The castle building was built by local markers in the XIII Art., And after 400 years, the fortress became uninhabited and began to collapse. Today, the yard and high walls have been preserved here, and visitors have the opportunity to stroll here on numerous stairs and passages, look into the basements and look at the surroundings from old windows and boys. The local restaurant is open to visitors with W. on sun. from 14.00 to 22.00;
  • Friedrichsbad is a thermal complex, built in 1877. Outside the building looks not remarkable, but inside it contains a mosaic and marble decoration. Excursions are not held here, you can see it, having visited the terms. Friedrichsbad is located on Romerplatz, 1 and you can get into it every day from 9.00 to 22.00. The input price varies within 25-37 euros for 3.5 hours;
  • The city house festivals is at the same time a concert hall and an opera house. He opened his doors to visitors in 1998. The building was reconstructed from the old railway station, and issued it in the form of Cuba. Palace is located 1 km from the ground (North-West direction).

Religious objects

In Baden-Baden, such religious objects are worth visiting:

  • Lichtental Monastery It is at the end of the alley of the same name. The construction refers to the end of the XIII Art. And well preserved to the present. In this functioning female monastery, there is a small museum representing a variety of artistic creations - furniture, china and paintings. The church ensemble includes several buildings. The oldest of them is Furstenkapelle, dated 1288. Almost all structures are built in the Gothic style. Classical music concerts are held here, the price of tickets is 12-18 euros. The address of the monastery: Hauptstrasse, 40. Visitors can enter it for free or for voluntary donation with Mon. by sat. from 10.00 to 18.00, and in the sun. from 13.00 to 17.00.
  • The Temple of Stylekrekhe is considered the first Catholic City Church. It was opened at the beginning of the XII Art. Initially, the structure was decorated in the Romanesque style, but after repeated reconstructions, elements of gothic and baroque appeared in it. Today's appearance church acquired in the second half of the XIX century, and now it belongs to Protestants. The sculpture of Peter and Paul is decorated with its central portal, the main attraction is the body. Inside the sanctuary at the site of the central altar is the stone cross, a height of 6.5 m. In the temple there are 14 tombstones of Baden markgraphs. The church is located on the Marktplatz at the foot of the Florentine Mountain. For visitors, the entrance is open daily from 8.00 to 18.00.
  • The Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord was built at the end of the XIX century. The structure was created by the type of ordinary Orthodox churches, it grows on a bulky dome. The layout of the church building is represented in the form of a cross, which is kept 6 columns. Inside the temple is painted with frescoes, the theme of which is represented by the life of Christ the Savior. Window openings contain stained glass, and the inner territory is decorated with mosaic ornaments. Tourists can visit it every day from 10.00 to 18.00. Location of the sanctuary: Lictentaleler Strasse, 76.


There are monuments in Baden-Baden, which are recommended to visit tourists:

  • Figure F. Dostoevsky symbolizes the instability of his life path. It was installed in 2004, the author is the sculptor L. Barnov. According to the original plan, the sculpture was supposed to be placed near the casino, which would mean the writer's addiction to gambling. As a result, it was installed in the Rotenbachtal valley. The figure of the Russian classic was placed on the globe, and he stands on it with bare feet.
  • The statue of Empress Elizabeth is a queen holding a volume of Pushkin's poems. Behind her, a fence with memorial plates was erected. On one of them, the image of I. Turgenev and German words are drawn, and on the other board, the emblem of the bank and the Russian text are depicted.
  • O. Bismarck's monument rises in the cramped central part of the city on a steep slope next to the Jesuit steps. The figure of the chancellor, made of a roughly processed monolith, looks gigantic, because its height is about 15 m.
  • Fremmersbergstrasse, where he lived. The monument is made of bronze. The Russian classic lived in the city for a long time, even wrote the famous novel “Smoke” about the resort.
  • In the city's Kurpark, a monument dedicated to Lanner and Strauss, who gave summer concerts here, was erected in a clearing. It was erected in 1912 in honor of the great composers. The sculptures are made of bronze and placed on a low pedestal of purple marble. Their names are carved on the platform, and they themselves stand and hold violins in their hands.

Famous squares and streets

A significant part of the city can be seen if you walk along the famous city streets and squares, among which it is worth highlighting some places.

For example:

  • Sofienshtrasse contains on its territory ancient estates, ancient Roman baths and picturesque alleys with gazebos and benches. There are many catering establishments here. The highlight of the city highway is the Gothic church Stiftskirche.
  • Pl. Leopoldplatz extends in the central part of the city, not far from Goetheplatz. It houses the Atlantic Hotel, the main theater building, as well as the Kurhaus and the Casino. The square was named after the city ruler Leopold, who led the settlement in the middle of the 19th century. over the course of 20 years. The main attraction of the territory is the fountain, from which 4 streets begin. A fascinating walk can be made if you go along any of them.
  • The main city square is called Hauptplatz, and it got its present appearance in 1812 after a fire. It was rebuilt according to the project of the architect J. Kornhuizel. The space is decorated with a column dedicated to the Holy Trinity, 20 m high and the Imperial residence. These buildings form the architectural highlight of the area. Hauptplatz is considered the center of a vast pedestrian area with many shops and restaurants.
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Baden-Baden, whose sights deserve special attention, has at its disposal interesting museums:

  • Im. Faberge. In it, visitors will learn about the life and creative path of the famous architect, as well as look at the collection of creations of his masters, numbering about 3,000 items. The collection includes luxurious Easter eggs, unique miniatures, as well as various metal and copper items. The museum is located at Sophienstrasse 30 and invites guests every day from 10.00 to 18.00. The price of an entrance ticket for adults is 18 euros.
  • Frieder Burda. Includes a collection of paintings by German artists. Here are the creations of different directions and eras. Most of the works are devoted to national expressionism. The museum institution is open daily from 10.00 to 16.00, Mon. - day off. The building is located in the Kurpark towards the Lichtentaler Allee. An adult will have to pay 13 euros for entry.
  • Techniques and Arts XIX Art.. The exposition site, which began its work in 2009, tells about the interaction of these two life directions. The museum occupies an area of ​​400 m2. Every 6 months exposures change. Seminars and lectures, as well as excursions are held in the halls. It contains a huge number of documents, photographs and current technical innovations of that period of time. The museum building has an address: 10 Lichtental Alley.) The construction of Trinkhalle at first glance seems to have been built during the existence of the Roman Empire. In fact, it was erected in the XIX century. in Roman style. The building is decorated with national frescoes and a Corinthian colonnade. Inside there are springs of mineral water. The building stands near the Kurhaus.
  • Mount Merkur has an observation platform from which a magnificent panorama of the resort and the Black Forest opens. You can get there by bus or by funicular. For children, playgrounds are arranged here, and lovers of relaxing outdoors should organize a picnic here. The mountain rises on the border of Guernsbach and Baden-Baden.
  • In the vicinity of the resort in place 12 of the mineral springs found, even at the dawn of our era, the Roman conquerors built luxurious terms and bathing. The ruins of these structures were unexpectedly found at the time of the facilitation of Friedrichsbad. At the beginning of the XXI Art. At the place of the residues, the exposition of antique ancient Roman baths was opened. The walls of which about 2 thousand years have been preserved here, the water supply system and sewage system. With computer processing, tourists have the opportunity to see how the ruins looked at the time of their existence.

Natural attractions

Baden-Baden, attractions of which are popular with tourists, has unique natural objects:

  • The Lichtentaler Alley runs by most of the signs of the city. She originates near the city theater and stretches to the monastery with the name of the same name. Not so long ago, the promenade was 350 years old. In both sides, age-old trees are growing, numbering about 300 varieties.
  • Rose Garden, despite his young age, is considered one of the best European rosary. He spread a little away from the central highway of the city on Mount Batigig. There are many allests, sculptures and water cascades in the park, and in the evening it includes illumination. The main highlight of the natural zone is the huge collection of roses. The rosary works in a warm period of time and opens its doors to visitors every day until 12.00. Adults for the entrance will have to pay 1 euros, children come for free.
  • The hydrotechnical structure "Paradise" is an waterway (40 m), located on the slope of the Anna Mountain. Park zone, where the cascade is located, was planned at the beginning of the XX century. The planning is characterized by impeccability of lines, strict symmetry and green areas, which are organically combined with water design. On the sides of the hydrode system, stairs, benches and pools are installed.

Where to go with children

For family pastime with children, it is recommended to stop your choice at such objects:

  • Entertainment Park "Europe" consists of different zones. Each of them is confined to a certain state. For example, in the "Dutch" part of the channels you can swim by boat, and in the "Swiss" region to visit the Chocolate Republic. This park is suitable for children of different age groups, it has about 60 rides and many playgrounds. Euro Park address: Rust, Europa-Park-Strase, 2. Visitors can get here from the end of March to mid-November from 9.00 to 19.00. The cost of entry for adults for the whole day is 49.5 euros, for children - 42.5 euros.
  • Park Territory HardbergBad Lovers of a relaxing holiday. Here are the thermal pools, in demand from vacationers with children. In the warm period of the year there is an opportunity to swim in open reservoirs and organize a picnic. HardbergBad is located on Hardbergstrase, 30 and is open to visitors every day from 10.00 to 20.00.
  • The city library will be interested in children of any age. Almost every day children's exciting holidays and lectures are arranged here. Little guests are awarded as a memorable gift of the book.

The institution is on the street. Luisenstrase, 34 and works according to the following schedule:

Day of the week 278]

What to look for 1 day

Baden Baden, the attractions of which are grouped in quarters, suggests a large number for 1 day.

Inspection is better to start with ul. Sofistrasse and get acquainted with the following objects:

  • Terms of Friedrichsbad and Caracal;
  • Museums them. F. Dostoevsky Faberge;
  • Monastic Temple Shtyfoskirche;

Next, it is worth passing along the Alley Kaiser and see:

  • urban theater;
  • Casino;
  • Pavilion Mineral Water Trunkhahal.

Then you can stroll along the Lichtental Alley, on which such attractions are located:

  • Bust I. Turgenev;
  • Museum Institution F. Burda;
  • Temple of the Transfiguration of the Lord.

What to bring

In addition to conventional small souvenirs, the following gifts can be brought from Baden-Baden:

Product Name Store name Cost, Euro
Cosmetics OrganicDMfrom 0.55 to 4
Candy and chocolateHUSSELChocolate Tile - 4
Local Producers WineSpecialized Liquor Stores20-72
Souvenirs made by monksLichtental Monasteryto 10
OpticsAlbertWide Price Range (depend on from material, species)
souvenirs, copying items from the Faberge collectionTC and souvenir pavilions5-20
High-quality shoesVickermann & stoyafrom 200 to several thousand
JewelryChristEarrings cost 300-1500 euros

Baden-Baden is rich in historical, cultural and natural unique attractions. It offers a high level of health services, which are deservedly recognized as one of the best in the world. Therefore, this famous German resort is worth visiting not only because of many interesting places, and because of the impressive features of the city and the surrounding area.

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