Auckland, New Zealand. Photos, sights, where it is, what to see

Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand. It is home to about 32% of the entire country. It has natural attractions that deserve the attention of tourists.

Location on the map

Auckland is located between two harbors located on the northern part of New Zealand's North Island.

Between the two mountains of Hanuya and Waitakere, located in the southeast and northwest, respectively, and between the Pacific bay in the east and the bay in the southwest.


Where to stay in Auckland?

For living in the city, there are many hotels where accommodation will be convenient for every tourist, here are a few of them:

Hotel names Address
Best Western Newmarket Inn & Suites112 Great South Road| Newmarket
Kiwi International Hotel411 Queen Street
VR Auckland City188 Hobson Street
Haka Hotel Suites – Auckland City2 Day Street
President Hotel Auckland27-35 Victoria Street Road

All of them are within walking distance of city attractions.

Where to eat?

For a light snack or, conversely, a hearty dinner, there are various establishments:

  • Goodness Gracious Cafe (2a New North Road);
  • Remedy Coffee (1 Wellesley Street West);
  • Fond(ou) (157 Hobson Street);
  • La Vista Cafe & Restaurant (417 Tamaki Drive, Street Heliers);
  • Chocolate Boutique Cafe (1/323 Parnell Road).

Each of them has its own advantages, such as visiting with children, vegetarian and vegan options, and many others.


Auckland (New Zealand) has a large number of interesting museums worth visiting for tourists:

  1. Auckland Museum. Address: The Auckland Domain, Parnell. Opening hours: 10:00-17:00, Monday to Sunday, seven days a week. On holidays, working hours may vary. The Auckland Museum is served by buses INN, S017, OUT, 655,635. You need to get to the stop 493 Parnell Road. The museum is one of the main museums in the whole country. It contains one-of-a-kind exhibits dedicated to New Zealand. The museum's permanent exhibition showcases everyday life and valuables of the Maori and Pacific Islanders. In addition, the museum also hosts temporary exhibitions.
  2. Art Museum. Address: 38 Wellesley Street East. Opening hours: 10:00-17:00, seven days a week. Opening hours may vary on holidays. You can get to the Auckland Art Gallery by buses OUT, CTY, 295, 309, 30, 101, 25L, 25B. Stop: Wellesley Street East outside ASB Bank. The Toi-o-Tamaki Gallery is famous for its unique art collection. The permanent exhibition includes not only works by New Zealand masters and Oceania, but also works by great artists of the Renaissance and modern times. The museum complex also hosts various holidays and temporary exhibitions, lectures on the topic of art.
  3. Aquarium Museum. Address: 23 Tamaki Drive. Opening hours: 9:30-17:00 (times may vary on public holidays). Buses 769, 767, 757, 756, 755, 750, 745 (Tamaki Drv Opp Kelly Tarltons stop) run to the destination. Kelly Tarleton's Underwater World is a complex located underground. It includes tunnels, underwater reefs and caves. Hundreds of different marine life live here. Also in the museum there is a cafe, which offers a view of the world, located in the water column.
  4. Maritime Museum. Address: Corner of Quay and, Hobson St, Viaduct Harbour. Opening Hours: 10:00-17:00, Monday to Sunday, 7 days a week, however changes may occur on public holidays. You can get there by buses: N97, N83, 974, 973, 972, 971, 955, 954, 953 (stop 1 Lower Albert Street). The museum is located next to the former port, which is now a housing and office center. The exposition shows the entire history of the New Zealand maritime industry from its very beginning to the present day. The museum's exhibition also includes the history of whaling. Inside and outside the museum, some ships are displayed, not only modern, but also ships of past centuries.


Auckland (New Zealand, in addition to complexes with interesting expositions, has many no less fascinating places) is famous for its architectural and natural attractions.

They are:

  1. Eden Park. It is the largest stadium in all of New Zealand. Its capacity is about 50 thousand people, but during games the stands are filled with non-football fans. Rugby competitions are held here, and every resident of Auckland is a fan. Eden Park also hosts Cricket competitions, an equally popular sport in New Zealand. The stadium is located at Reimers Avenue, Kingsland, Eden Park. You can get there by private transport or by buses 5, 7, 9, 12, 26, 27 and trams 7, 41 15, 33 to stop 34 Sandringham Road.
  2. Domain Park. This is the oldest park in Auckland, formed back in the 19th century. It originated around the crater of the extinct Pukekawa volcano. The park has undergone numerous renovations. The Domain has hosted many events of great historical significance throughout New Zealand, such as the arrival of the Pope or the Queen of Great Britain. On the territory of the park there is the War Memorial Museum, which became the memory of the Soldiers who died during the wars. The park is located at Park Road, Grafton. You can get there by buses INN, S017, OUT, 655,635 (stop 493 Parnell Road).
  3. Waitakeres Park. This park is regional and located on the coast of the Tasman Sea. The Waitakares are called the Hawaii of New Zealand. This place is famous for deserted black sand beaches surrounded by jungle. Many world-famous films were filmed here. Waitakares Park combines absolutely opposite things. Here you can find something to do for people who love risky actions, and for those who strive for peace of mind and peace. The park is located at 300 Scenic Drive, Oratia, Waitakere 0604. Accessible only by car.

Auckland (New Zealand, in addition to picturesque parks, is famous for its most beautiful architectural structures) has on its territory the Cathedral of St. Patrick and Joseph. The building was built in the 40s. 19th century and was originally wooden, but it has experienced a huge number of reconstructions, thanks to which it became stone.

The cathedral was built in the Gothic style, which is characteristic of Christian cathedrals in Europe. The main attraction of the cathedral is the Bell Tower, which houses the oldest bells in New Zealand. The cathedral is located in the very center of Auckland at Saint Patrick's Square, Auckland Central, Saint Patrick's Cathedral. You can get on buses 195, 719, 625, 515. Stop Hobson Street and Gorst.

Other Attractions:

  1. Arena vector. Arena vector (Arena Spark from April 2017) is a large platform located in Auckland, intended for sports and entertainment events. There are concerts of various musical performers and comedians with a large audience. Capacity Spark Arena is 12,000 people. In addition to concerts, events are held here on various sports disciplines: professional struggle, netball, basketball, BMX, MMA, ice hockey. Arena is located at 42-80 Mahuhu Cres, Parnell. On public transport you need to stop Quay Street Near Tangihua Street (buses 762, 774, 775, TMK).
  2. Sky-Tower. Auckland in New Zealand has the highest construction not only throughout the country, but also throughout the southern hemisphere. This structure is the Sky Tower Tower - the tourist attraction of the city. This is a radio station located in the very center of Auckland. The height of the structure is 328 m. The building has several viewing sites. At one of these, there is a restaurant with a beautiful view of the city. During the celebration of the New Year, the tower is used as a platform for launching fireworks. There is Skye Tower at the address Victoria Street West. Opening hours: 09: 00-22: 00. You can get on buses 22N, 22R, 24B, 24R, 75, INN (stop Victoria Street West Opp Sky Tower).
  3. Bay Haraki. The bay located in the northern part of the north island, between Auckland, the plains of a haraki and the Koromandelian peninsula. Tourism is well developed on the shore of the bay, such as surfing and diving. Rare species of sea inhabitants live in waters. Because of the fishing, the Bay of Hauraki declared the Marine Reserve. But despite this, now it is permitted on the greater territory of the harbor. You can reach the islands located in the bay. Ferry berth Downtown Ferry Terminal, where ships depart, is located at Quay Street. (Stop Commerce St Between Quay and Tyler; 27H, 27W, 321 RBE buses).
  4. Oakland Zoo. In this Park there are several zones in which animals live in conditions as close as possible to their natural habitat. There are plants that can be seen only in New Zealand. The Auckland zoo is of great importance not only for the tourist industry, but also to preserve the vegetable and animal world of New Zealand, that is, is a reserve. Scientific research is conducted on the park and there is a medical center. Oakland Zoo is located at Motions Rd, Western Springs. Buses where you can get in: 18, 110, 129, 132, 133, 134, 195, 505, 650, 010 (stop Great North Road Near Motions Road).
  5. Thanes of Makhut. This is the largest representative of Agathis South. This species is represented only in New Zealand. The exact age of this tree is unknown, but there are assumptions that more than 1500 years. Thanes Makhuta - the name given by the people of Maori. It means "Lord of the Forest" and comes on behalf of God Tanya, the ruler of forests and birds in the mythology of the indigenous people of New Zealand. Public transport to this attraction does not go, you can get only by car or tourist bus. The address of State Highway 12, Tane Mahuta.

Restaurant Molten

In this institution, tourists have the opportunity to try the traditional Pacific cuisine, which meets all criteria for proper cooking.

There are also new Zealand wines, which each if desired can taste.

This restaurant is popular not only among tourists, but also at the indigenous New Zealanders. This factor is the best characteristic of this institution.

This restaurant is most like:

  • nutrition quality.
  • Service.
  • price and quality ratio.
  • The atmosphere.

is located at: 422 Mount Eden Road. Stop: Stop a MT Eden Village (Buses: 27H, 27W, Out, Sky).

Cape Reunga

This area at the end of the North Islands, Maori people consider the sacred. According to the legend, it is at the Cape Reign located a portal in the afterlife. There is a border between the Tasmann Sea and the Safety Ocean.

If there is a look at the north, it will even be visible in the windless weather, because on this border the water is constantly rippled. You can only get on the car. Address: Cape Reinga 0484.

Overview of Mount Eden

At the very top of the Mountain Eden there is a platform with incredible views of the Auckland. The observation deck is completely free. Located at: 5172079, Mount Eden.

Bombay Hills

Auckland nearby has a chain of hills, which is a kind of border inside New Zealand. There are unfriendly relations between residents of the city and the surrounding area. Oaklands consider the remaining New Zealand residents of the provincials, and they, in turn, think that the population of Auckland is very arrogant.

Therefore the people of each side say that the country ends in the hills of Bombay. The hills are located near the city of Pukehohe, next to Razorback Road. You can only get here by car.

Waiheke Island

This place is famous for its scenery, New Zealand cuisine and the best wineries. Geographically belongs to the city of Auckland, but is located 18 km from it. The island is located in the Hauraki Bay, so there are only two ways to get to it: by water or by air.

Auckland Botanical Garden

This is one of the most popular places among tourists. Despite the fact that this park is relatively young, it attracts visitors with its diversity. It has many unique plants growing exclusively in New Zealand. In the botanical garden it is possible to take a tour and learn about specimens from a professional.

Fruit crops used for food also grow.

It is the fruits of these plants that are fed to visitors to the cafe located on the territory of the botanical garden. Address: 102 Hill Rd, The Gardens, Auckland 2105. You can get there by bus number 366 to the 100 Hill Road stop.

Auckland Harbor Bridge

It is considered to be the most beautiful bridge in Auckland. It connects the two parts of the city, separated by Waitemata Bay, Central and North. The bridge is over 1,000 meters long, making it the second longest bridge in all of New Zealand. The height of the bridge is about 45 m, which creates a breathtaking view from the bridge.

People who love extreme sports can jump with insurance from the Harbor Bridge into the water, while the rest will be able to enjoy the view of Auckland, called the "city of sails". Located off 123 Curran St, Herne Bay.

The Golden Mile

This is Auckland's liveliest area, compared to the peaceful beaches and quiet surroundings surrounding the city. There are entertainment venues, cafes, restaurants, shops. The Golden Mile is a round-the-clock revival.

From morning until the end of the working day, this area is considered a business and shopping area, and after the onset of 12 am, various entertainment establishments begin to work there. Therefore, a tourist who has enjoyed the nature of New Zealand can diversify his vacation by arriving at the Golden Mile at night.

Mount Eden

The hill, located in the very center of Auckland, is one of the city's main attractions. This is a volcano that has not been active for a long time, the slopes of which are covered with grass. Auckland is believed to have started here. Many years ago, Maori grated on Mount Eden animals, various cultures were grown. In the course of the development of mankind, the first school appeared here, the first prison.

Since then, this extinct volcano is popular not only among tourists, but also among the residents of Auckland, who love to come there for picnics. Located at 250 Mount Eden RD, Mount Eden, stop 328 MT EDEN RD (27H, 27T, 27W buses).

Milford Sound

of the bay located within the National Park "Fjordland". Once the author of the famous "Jungle book" called this fjord 8 miracle of the world. It is formed during the time of the ice age.

This is a monument of ancient nature, which has been preserved to the present day and to which can be reached by transport without any problems.

In addition to routes on water, there is also a pedestrian trail in the bay. You can get to it on personal transport and tourist buses. Address: Milford Sound 9679.

North Island

One of the two main islands of New Zealand, where the capital of Wellington and the largest city of Auckland is located. On the island there are many volcanoes and miracles of nature, and along the edge of the shores a large number of bays and bays. This island is famous for incredible landscapes.


This village, which is now one of the main attractions of New Zealand, was once a nondescript farm. Hobbiton annually takes many thousands of tourists, lovers of the trilogy "Lord of the Rings".

Auckland, New Zealand, is famous for the fact that the trilogy of the lord of the rings was taken in it. Hobbiton is part of the requisite.

This place is located near the city of Matamata at 501 Buckland RD, Hinuera, Matamata 3472. You can get on your personal car and tourist bus.

The Franz Joseph Glacier

is located in the National Park Westland. The uniqueness of the glacier is that it stretches through the wet forest, descending to a height of about 240 m above the UR. M. About his name in the Maori language walks the legend. According to legend, he began with tears of the girl whose beloved man tragically died in the mountains in which she loved to walk.

The Franz Joseph Glacier is the fastest moving glacier on the planet. Every hour he shifts 2 m. For security purposes, visit this place with a guide.


due to the fact that the New Zealand Islands have volcanic origin, they retain high volcanic activity. In one of these zones is the WAI-O-Tapu. Due to high geothermal activity, there are sources with thermal water and geysers.

It was because of them that this place was a landmark and in order to maintain nature and secure visitors, the local authorities have made this territory and made the amusement park "Country of thermal wonders Wyotapu." Address: 201 Waiotapu Loop RD, Rotorua 3073. You can get to the tourist bus from the city of Rotorua or by car. Open from 8: 30-17: 00.

Auckland's city in New Zealand is a place that gathered a huge number of unique attractions. Each tourist should be visited by this country to enjoy the landscapes, find adventures and relax in the New Zealand nature.

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