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Minsk - Capital of the Republic Belarus, located in Eastern Europe. He carries the title "Hero City" since 1974 and is famous for the Stalinist architecture. At the moment, 2 million people live in the city, and thousands of tourists come to look at the sights.

How to get to Minsk

Minsk is relatively not far from the border with Russia. The distance between the capitals of the two countries is only 715 km in a straight line, and this distance can be quickly overcome by plane, train or car. From Moscow, transport to Minsk is sent once a few hours: every day there are 10 flights on airplanes or trains.

by plane

You can get to Minsk from Moscow from Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo airports. The flight will last an hour and a half, and the ticket will cost from 4500 Russian rubles.

Minsk, attractions of which are considered a mixture of European and Russian culture, attracts guests from St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad. From the northern capital, you can go from Pulkovo, and one and a half hours costs from 5500 rubles. The flight from Kaliningrad will last only one hour, and the cost of tickets begins from 4200 Russian rubles.

Flying by plane - the fastest way to get to the Belarusian capital, but it has a significant minus. Airport aircraft arrive at the airport, which is 50 km from the center of Minsk. Between the city center and the airport drive trains, buses and cars and transfers.

The cheapest way to get to the center of Minsk is to buy a bus ticket for 3.5 Belarusian rubles. This is a little less than two dollars. Losts such a trip will be 1 hour. The same time will take the airport from the airport.


If in priority trips on passenger cars, then you can call a taxi. Better to order a taxi on the first floor of the reception room at the airport. This is the official transfer and the only legal way to pay the trip by the Russian ruble: payment on the territory of the Republic of Belarus is made only in the Belarusian national currency.

by train

The path from Moscow to Minsk by train is 10 hours. It is possible to buy a ticket for a night train, which will go late in the evening and will arrive in Minsk from the morning. A second-class car trip costs about 3,800 Russian rubles, in the coupe - 6700.

A trip from Peter to Minsk will cost 4000 RUB for a second-class car and 6600 coupe. The path will last about 13 hours. The main plus trips to Minsk on the train is that the station is located in the very center of the capital.

Attractions are located in the limit of several km from the station, so if you sit on the night train, you can already arrive freebies and start to inspect interesting places.

Buses, trolley buses and trams stop near the station, right at the entrance to the station itself there is a metro station Square Lenin. So you can reach the hotel from the station without any spending and difficulties. Public transport cost - 0.60 Belarusian rubles. For land transport and 0.65 on the subway (prices at the time of September 02, 2018).

By bus

The most economical option to get to the Belarusian capital is the bus trip. It is suitable for those lovers to save, which without problems transfer long trips. The path from Moscow lasts as much as on the train - 10 hours

the cost is 2 times less and is 1500 RUB. Most buses go along the modern highway M1, because the shaking and trips around Ughabam and dents are excluded. You can go with Schelkovsky or Belarusian bus stations.

You can go to Minsk from St. Petersburg from Vitebsk Station and Bus Station No. 2. The cost of tickets is about 1800 RUB, and the path is 14 hours. The bus from Peter is not as comfortable as from Moscow, because of the areas of the path with bad roads.

The bus arrives at the Central Bus Station. It is located right at the railway station, at a distance of 200 m. The building of the bus station is united with the Galileo shopping center, in which the tourist can buy everything necessary: ​​on the second floor there is a supermarket "Neighbors", and on the third - large fudcourt with dozen Cafe.

On a personal car

, a car trip has its advantages: you can stop as soon as it wants, and choose the paths of the path with the best road surface.

To go to Belarus on its car, you need to buy a "green card" - international cargo policy.

Option for 15 days costs 840 RUB. You can leave the car in paid parking or road houses in the courtyards. Minsk is a safe city, and tourists quietly leave their personal transport without security.

Weather in Minsk

Summer is warm, but not roast. The average temperature in Minsk in June, July and August is 20-23 ° C. Is-for high humidity quickly becomes stuffy, therefore tourists are recommended everywhere to carry water with them. There are no drinking fountains in Minsk, and clean water can be obtained only in cafes, shops and kiosks, and in the latter are greatly overestimated.

In winter, snow falls in Minsk, and the temperature holds on -5-20 ° C.

Hotels Minsk

in Minsk a large number of hotels, hotels and hostels in which a tourist can stay.

The most popular:

  • "President-hotel". The five-star "Minsk President Hotel" is located right in the city center. The main tourist places of the capital are mostly not far from him, and if you go up the street, it will soon seem independence - the pride of residents of the capital. On the avenue there are many restaurants and cafes, he will also bring tourist to other famous attractions of the capital. The "President Hotel" received its name due to the location near the residence of the President of the Republic of Belarus. The hotel provides free Wi-Fi, buffet breakfast, air conditioning in each room. Guests can attend the pool and sauna. The hotel has a restaurant, it also provides an official transfer from the airport and back.
  • Victoria Olimp Hotel & Business Center MINSK. The hotel is located on the winners Avenue and offers guests free Wi-Fi and parking, air conditioning, swimming pool, sauna with jacuzzi. The hotel is prohibited smoking. In addition to breakfast buffet, a bar operates. Visiting the pool and saunas can be included in the hotel's price, but it is possible only strictly in the watch allotted for this. Not far from the hotel is the Park Victory, you can also visit the modern Museum of the Great Patriotic War.
  • Hotel "Monastic". The three-star hotel is located in the historic part of the city on the street. Cyril and Methodius near the Upper City - one of the most famous sights of Minsk. There are no parking on the territory of the hotel, and the taxi does not stop right at the entrance to the hotel - you need to go a little on foot. Guests are offered wireless internet, a restaurant, air conditioning in each room and breakfast in the room. Useful features of the "monastic" - fitness center, laundry and ramps for wheelchairs.

Where to eat

Minsk, whose sights amaze with their diversity, has a developed infrastructure, which includes many cafes and restaurants with a wide range of products.

  • El Pushka - a bar with Latin American and Mexican cuisine. The average check per person is 10-20 Belarusian rubles, which is 5-10 dollars. The pub opens at 18.00 and is open until 2 am all days except Friday and Saturday, when it closes at 4 am. They sell alcohol and offer free internet. There are seats in El Pushka, but if you wish, you can take food with you to take away. The bar is located right at the entrance to the Monastyrsky Hotel.
  • Lido. There are two restaurants of European cuisine Lido in Minsk, and both are located in the city center. This is the so-called homemade fast food: here you can have an inexpensive and hearty lunch, taking both the first and the second, and a salad with dessert. The restaurant operates self-service: the visitor chooses the dishes he likes, puts them on a tray and pays at the checkout. The concept of the restaurant is similar to the Russian "Mu-mu" and the Ukrainian "PuzataHata". "Lido" is suitable for getting acquainted with traditional Belarusian cuisine.
  • “I TOLD YOU!..”. This European and Russian restaurant is located on Oktyabrskaya Street on the banks of the river. There is parking next to the establishment, the restaurant itself is divided into two halls - for smokers and non-smokers. Open daily from 8 am to midnight. The outdoor terrace is open during summer. The restaurant is suitable for visitors with small children: small children's chairs and separate items on the menu are provided for them.
  • Depo is a popular place among young people. There are two Depo cafes in Minsk - on the street. Zybitskaya, famous for its bars, and st. October. Depo is famous for its stuffed pancakes and mulled wine. In the summer of 2018, set meals appeared: pancake + salad or pancake + soup. According to the principle of service, this is a typical mini-coffee shop: at the checkout, the visitor makes an order, says his name and waits for one of the employees of the establishment to call him. The menu can become a minus for a foreigner: it is exclusively in Belarusian. But the staff, at the first request, translates any of the articles into Russian.
  • "Dumpling" on Dolgobrodskaya. A two-story small cafe specializing in dumplings. To try several types at once, you can order a salty or sweet platter. In addition to dumplings, the establishment offers complex lunches, desserts and drinks.

Interesting routes

Minsk, whose sights are closely connected with its historical past, is a large European city, which is impossible to get around in a day. But you can choose one of the most popular tourist routes.

The first route

start a trip from the Metro station "Nemiga". Depending on which way to exit from the station, the tourist follows different routes. The first, most popular, follows to the upper city. This is the historic district of the city on the banks of the Swisloch River.

The Town Hall, and the Cathedral and the Cathedral are located in the upper city. A walk through the upper city returns a visitor to the past when Minsk was part of the Commonwealth.

On the way, the house number 5 is happening, in which there is a small museum. But it is interesting for most visits, he is not at all for this reason: according to rumors, it was here at the beginning of the 19th century, the collections of the Masons were held.

Hence the unofficial name of the building, "House of Masons". There is no documentary confirmation of the fact that the house actually held meetings, but the legend was firmly established in the minds of local residents.

From the upper city it is easy to get into Trinity suburb. It is located on the other shore of the Swisle. Trinity suburb is a place with a thousand-year history and a variety of two and three-storey houses that have retained their original appearance. Near the suburbs - the famous island of Tears, a monument to the victims of the victims in Afghanistan.

On the island of tears, the Memorial itself and the sculpture "Crying Angel", whose tears are infinite. In addition, on the island (which also bears the name of the island of courage and grief) there are several benches. Sitting on them in this quiet place, you can enjoy the views of the river and the Trinity suburb.

If you go higher along the river, you can soon be at the entrance to the large opera and ballet theater. This is a majestic building surrounded by fountains and sculptures. From the theater it is easy to reach the prospectus of independence, if you cross the Square towards the circus.

Second route

The second popular route begins with a zero kilometer of the Republic of Belarus - Oktyabrskaya Metro Station, it is also Kupalaovskaya. From the upper city, you can get here on Lenin Street, and if you go from the side of the Trinity suburbs, the path will go on the street. Yankee Kupala. [121!

Minsk, the attractions of which are located in all corners of the city, is impossible to look for several hours. If you inspect the "New Center" is completely the opportunity, you can restrict ourselves to four streets: Lenin, Kupala, Kirov and Independence.

Prospect of Independence - the architectural ensemble in the Stalinsky Ampire style claims to be included in the UNESCO list. Avenue will lead a tourist to the largest squares of the city: independence, Yakuba Kolas, Lenin.

On Independence Square, the main building of BSU, Pedagogical University and Church of Saints Symeon and Elena are located. But at the moment, the Catholic Temple is restored, but the entrance is free, and the service go according to the schedule. The church is located entrance to the underground shopping center "Capital".

The third route

The third popular route is from the Metro Station "Nemiga" towards the Palace of Sports. If you walk only 10 minutes, you can get to the Museum of the Great Patriotic War and Victory Park. The museum is a modern structure at the entrance to the park, and the Square itself is a quiet place without entertainment. It was created for unity with nature and rest, because there is only a forest, fountains and many benches, without attractions and kiosks.

Park is surrounded by the River Svisloch, and from it along the long bridge, from all sides by the knurled locks with the names of the couples in love, you can get to the island of birds.

The most interesting and unusual place in Minsk

those who are tired of traditional attractions and wants something daring and original, can like a small unusual courtyard in the green meadow area.

On the street of gray-haired, the Dvor Zoo is located: Minskin has created many wild animal sculptures from the thrown garbage. The first was a stork from the foam, created several years ago, and now no one, even the master himself, is not taken to count the number of "animals" in the yard.

The yard-zoo is a very strange attraction of Minsk. Some animals seem slightly creepy, for example, hare in the photo

All animals are fenced by a fence that does not allow to touch the products or spoil them. At the same time, the master's master himself opens a gate, if they ask him and promise that nothing happens with sculptures. Thus, in the courtyard recently there was a shot of a new line of clothes of a young Minsk girl designer.

A real magnet for Extreme lovers is also a cemetery of building cranes on Selitsky Street. Disassembled old taps are left in the territories of former factories, and daily attract informals, photographers and their models. Here you remove clips and movies, make photo shoots.

But at the moment, the entrance to the territory of the cemetery is officially prohibited. Despite this, "dead cranes" can be inspected from afar, and easily make several photos from the side.

Where to go with a child in Minsk

Families who come to Minsk with children should definitely visit the following places:

  • ) Botanical Garden, the entrance to which is located in the Chelyuskintsev park. Thousands of species of plants from all over the world have been brought into the garden, and a visit to the greenhouse is also possible for a fee. At the entrance there are discounts for employees of certain industries, students and schoolchildren.
  • Chelyuskintsev and Gorky parks have many attractions for all ages. There is a children's area for the little ones, and children are allowed on adult rides accompanied by their parents.
  • A few years ago water park Lebyazhy was opened. It has many water slides and other attractions, as well as slot machines. The water park is located on Pobediteley Avenue, 120. It is noteworthy that discounts for going to the water park can often be obtained when ordering pizza or buying a large amount at the Mila cosmetics store.
  • You can attend a performance at the Circus. R az the program completely changes in a few months, so the Circus will be of interest to those who have already visited it during their last visit to Minsk. Here, trained animals, acrobats, magicians and clowns are waiting for visitors.
  • Zaslonov Children's Railway. This is a working railway in the middle of the city, reduced in size for the convenience of children. This is not just a toy steam locomotive that rolls its little passengers in circles - it is actually an exact reduced copy of ordinary trains.
  • Cat Museum. This place is a good place to visit if the child loves animals, because the name is not false - the museum actually has a lot of cats and cats. This museum dedicated to cat culture also helps homeless animals find loving homes, and you can also find donation bins on the museum grounds.The museum is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and an entrance ticket for children costs an order of magnitude less than an adult. But before taking a child to the Cat Museum, parents need to make sure that he will not harm animals.

Winter tourism in Minsk

The simplest entertainment for local winter lovers is sledding down the mountains. And we are not necessarily talking about ski holidays - Minsk youth praises the slides in the parks of Uruchcha, on Angarskaya Street and in the Zavodskoy district.

If such entertainment seems too simple and childish, you can get out of the capital and drive to one of the five ski resorts located in the Minsk region. The most popular are Silichi and Raubichi. It offers skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and snowmobiling.

Belarusian tourism can offer a very unusual tour of the arrival - walk in Belarusian swamps. Most offices that suit similar excursions are oriented only for the warm season.

But the estate "on the expanses of Polesia" offers to bypass the largest Belarusian swamps and in winter. True, for this you will have to leave Minsk and go to the Brest region, Lakhovka village.

The route is currently two: "For the densely woodland" for 105 dollars and "according to Olmansky swamps" for 130. This offer is the only one in its kind, and before arrival it is better to call on the contact phone and clarify the availability of free places. The first route stretches 55 km, the second - 80.

It is worth noting in advance: this is not a weak entertainment. For several days (4 or 6, depending on the selected route), wander through deserted places, stepping on imperceptible trails and bypassing the most dangerous places. Several steps towards - and a non-historical tourist will take a wretched swamp.

Souvenirs from Minsk

In search of souvenirs, it is worth entering the largest shopping centers, as well as to look into Koski, scattered throughout the city.

Such Belarusian souvenirs will be the most traditional:

  • gypsum and wooden bison statuettes. Bison - Animal symbol of Belarus, and especially Belovezhskaya Forest. Its images and figures can be found in all souvenir stores of the country.
  • Flax products. These can be linen dolls and belts, wall-mounted charms and traditional Belarusian clothes. Products from Belarusian flax are the best on the territory of the former USSR.
  • Belarusian cosmetics, which won popularity throughout the CIS.
  • ​​
  • Stakeholders in Belarusian history and Tourist symbols are worth a visit to the store "". You can buy decorations and clothing with symbols, accessories, books in the Belarusian language.
  • Glass and porcelain products.

Belarus - the border between the West and the East, many cultures mixed here, and in the center of all this - Minsk. The sights of the city reveal the historical past of the country, where its territory was divided by the compulsory and Russian empire. Only in 1991 Belarus gained independence, and its history just begins.

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