Atlantis water park in Dubai. Price, photo, reviews

Recently, a very popular holiday destination on the coast of the Persian Gulf for tourists around the world has become Dubai (Dubai) in the United Arab Emirates. This is an extraordinary place. There are many interesting, unusual attractions and entertainment venues. One of his calling cards was the water park of the five-star hotel Atlantis (Atlantis The Palm).

Not only the famous Aquaventure water park with its numerous exciting attractions is unusual, but also the place where it is located. Palm Jumeirah, where the water park is located, is the most popular of the 3 Palm Islands, artificially created in the Indian Ocean Bay.

They got their name due to the forms, which, from a bird's eye view, are very similar to date palms. This is not a coincidence. The palm tree is the symbol of the emirate of Dubai.

Palm Jumeirah (Palm Jumeirah) consists of several parts that form a symbolic tree:

  • the trunk which is the center of the island and connects it to Dubai;
  • the crown, which is formed by 16 small islands;
  • breakwater, more than 11,000 m long, in the shape of a crescent, located around small islands forming a crown.

It is on the territory of the "crescent" that resort areas with beautiful beaches and comfortable hotels are located. Among them is Atlantis The Palm with the largest water park in the Middle East "Aquaventure". This is a fabulous place for recreation and entertainment with many water attractions, swimming pools and exotic vegetation.


How to get to Atlantis Water Park in Dubai

Atlantis Water Park in Dubai (which is often called "Aquaventure" in the Palm Jumeirah archipelago) occupies a huge territory, the total area of ​​​​which is 170,000 square meters. m.

It is connected with the mainland by the symbolic "trunk" of Palm Island. Highways and monorails are laid through its territory, along which you can get from Dubai directly to the gates of the Atlantis Hotel (Atlantis The Palm 5 *).

The easiest, but not the cheapest way to get to the water park is by train on the monorails. The departure station is located on the coast almost at the very Palm Jumeirah. Trains operate on the route to the Atlantis The Palm hotel every 15 minutes. from 9 am to 9:45 pm.

One-way fare can be 396 rubles. 11 kop. (20 AED/Arab Dirhams). A trip in both directions (to the hotel and back) will cost 594 rubles. 16 kop. (30 AED/Arab Dirhams). At the final stop at Atlantis The Palm 5 *, to the left of the station, there is an entrance to the Aquaventure water park.

In order to get to the water park of the Atlantis hotel, you can use the metro and taxi services. From Mall of the Emirates Metro Station, drive 3 stops on your own to Nakheel Station. Next, you need to take a taxi. Travel time to the hotel will be from 15 to 20 minutes. The trip will cost 356 rubles. 50 kop. (AED 18: AED 2 metro, AED 16 taxi).

It should be noted that it is difficult to get lost in the Dubai Metro. Each station is called in Arabic and English several times. In addition, this information is displayed on monitor screens in subway train cars and at stops.

Taxi only, the Mall of Emirates is a 25 minute drive to Atlantis The Palm. The trip will cost 554 rubles. 55 kop. (28 AED/Arab Dirhams).

The most convenient way to get to the water park is a transfer from the hotel where the guests are staying and back. Accordingly, the cost of the service will cost more than in the case of using a taxi and metro.

The easiest way to get to Aquaventure is by those staying at Atlantis. They can walk there on foot through the shady territory of the hotel complex or get there free of charge on the special transport of the hotel, which runs regularly in this direction.

Ticket price

Atlantis The Palm in Dubai is a modern, luxurious five-star hotel, where there are always a lot of tourists. The status of the hotel complex implies high prices for accommodation in it and services that are provided to tourists.

Numerous reviews of the water park, which is part of the hotel, indicate that entertainment in it can hardly be called budget, and many consider Aquaventure to be the most expensive in Dubai.

When buying an entrance ticket to the water park, you should pay attention to the advantageous packages of services that are offered to visitors who do not stay at the hotel. Guests of Atlantis The Palm 5 * have a privileged right to free admission to the water park.

The ticket price depends on the height of the visitors. Those below 120 cm can purchase it for 4,920 rubles. 55 kop. (249 AED / Arab dirhams), and those who are taller than this mark will have to pay 5,908 rubles. 61 kop. (299 AED/Arab Dirhams). Children under the age of 2 are entitled to free access to the water park.

Entrance fee does not include access to some attractions, meals in cafeterias on the territory of the water park, use of towels and lockers for clothes.

Type of entrance ticket

(service package); additional service

Cost (RUB/Arab Dirham)

for children

Cost (RUB/Arab Dirham)

for adults

1.Full day visit4,920.55 / 2495,908.61 / 299
2.Water park + meals (set lunch)5,730.76 / 2906,797, 86 / 344
3.Water park + local photographer services5,829.56 / 2956,916.43 / 350
4.Water park + oceanarium5,533.14 / 2806,995.48 / 354
5.Swim Slippers197.61 / 10197.61 / 10
6.Towel691.64 / 35691.64 / 35
7.Small personal locker th (rent)889.26 / 45889.26 / 45
8.Locker for personal belongings large (rent)928.78 / 47928.78 / 47
9.Locker + towel1,086.87 / 551,086.87 / 55

with myself. It is allowed to bring 1 liter of water (in small bottles) into the territory of the water park. Bringing other drinks and food with you is prohibited.

Hours of operation

Atlantis Water Park in Dubai has an official opening hours. On weekdays it is open to the public from 10 am to 6 pm. Opening hours on weekends (Monday) and public holidays are from 10:00 to 20:00 . However, according to numerous visitor reviews, Aquaventure does not close until sunset.

The largest water park in the Middle East is open to visitors all year round. During the period in Dubai, the World Trade Fair Global Village from October to February (sometimes in May month) in the ATLANTIS The Palm hotel is especially crowded. In order to not stand up for a long time in the entrance queues, it is better to come here early.


On the huge territory of the AquaVENTURE water park there are more than 30 attractions and water slides. The most extreme of them are focused in the Tower of Neptune and Poseidon Tower. The entrance is available to resting, whose growth exceeds 120 cm.

LEAP OF FAITH ("Faith jump")

The following entertainment are concentrated here:

  • LEAP OF FAITH ("Faith jump"). His slide originates at the highest point of the tower and has a practically vertical position at the beginning of the descent. Half of the way down runs through the underwater glass tunnel, over the walls of which sharks and huge rocks float. The total slide length is 61 m, and the height is 27.5 m.
  • Shark Attack ("Attack Akul"). This is a rapid descent on the inflatable "Watrushka" on a transparent tunnel, which passes through the lagoon, a complete shark, rods and other marine inhabitants.
  • Water Slide ("Water slides"). This is a breathtaking walk on the "cheesecakes" in labyrinths with steep turns, rapid descents and dizzying lifts.
  • Poseidon's Revenge (Poseidon Revenge). This water attraction is of great popularity among visitors due to bright and exciting impressions arising during a rapid descent to water abyss.
  • ZUMERANGA (Zameranga). This is a real journey into weightlessness with dizzying takeoffs and drops on a huge inflatable mattress, where up to 6 people can fit.
  • Slizerin (Slytherin). This is a high-speed competition, breathtaking race on water corridors with steep turns and turns. Here the one who is more lucky, and the result will be seen all those present on the light scoreboard.
  • Aquaconda (Aquacon). This is a slide where it is necessary to descend on the water inside the pipe, which depicts a huge snake. There are many turns. At the end, the descent passes through the transparent tunnel.
Aquaconda (Aquacon)

Besides this, AquaVENTURE water amusement park has special recreation and entertainment areas for children Splashers Island and Lagoon. There are 14 water slides, which are miniature copies of adult extremal descents.

Among them there are slides for the smallest, whose height should not exceed 120 cm:

  • “Cyclone”;
  • "Wave";
  • "Flash".

Swimming pools

For those who do not like extreme sports on the water, the Atlantis Water Park provides zones for quiet entertainment in numerous pools and on the territory of a private beach, immersed in the greenery of palm trees and other exotic plants.

Among the pools there is an unusual The Torrent, in which artificial waves are created. Here you can watch the real ebbs and flows, swing on the waves and breathe in the fresh sea air.

In the children's areas by the pools, there are places for parents to relax, equipped with sun umbrellas and sun loungers.



In addition to extreme slides, the Aquaventure water park has a lot of other entertainment.

Among them:

  • Shamal (“Shamal”). A downhill spiraling ride on inflatable "cheesecakes" ends in a pool that guides vacationers to the next attraction.
  • This attraction is a river with steep rapids and breathtaking turns.
  • "Lazy River". The body of water, which is almost 2,000 m long, runs throughout the water park. Vacationers have the opportunity to see all the sights of the territory, slowly moving through its waters on inflatable boats.
  • "Conqueror of the Waves". This is surfing on artificial waves. The attraction is available to all adult visitors.
  • "Atlantean Pilots". This is a cable car that runs over the entire Aquaventure area. Its height is 20 m, and its length is more than 500 m. At a speed of 15 km per hour, you can go around the water park by air.
Atlantean Pilots

For visitors with small children, there is a separate entrance to the Splashers territory - an area of ​​play attractions. There are comfortable showers, sun-protected recreation areas and trampoline towns. The area is patrolled by professional lifeguards.

Entertainment with animals

Atlantis water park in Dubai offers vacationers not only exciting and breathtaking rides. Here you can see marine life, watch funny theatrical shows with their participation, feed, and with some even swim and swim.

Shark Safari

Shark Safari is a popular pastime at Atlantis The Palm Water Park. Immersed at the bottom of the lagoon sharks on the territory of "AquaVENTURE" in a special helmet for free breathing, you can walk along the bottom and watch water inhabitants floating nearby.

Adult visitors and children over 8 years old are allowed to the attraction. Tickets for the show must be purchased additionally.

Ferring of skates

Only in the water park of Atlantis, you can take part in feeding the skates (for a fee). In shallow water in the shark lagoon, you can consider these marine inhabitants closer, touch them and give food under the supervision of the servants of the water park.

Rhinoptera Bonasus (Rhinoptera Bonasus) are not dangerous and quite friendly. Adults and children from 6 years can take part in the show.


65,000 naval and oceanic inhabitants can be seen in the largest oceanarium of Dubai, which is located on the territory of the ATLANTIS The Palm. For guests of his guests, the entrance is free. Ticket for adults for the whole day of stay will cost in the amount of 2,517 rubles. (128 AED), for children - 1 809 rubles. (92 AED)

Bathing with dolphins

The Dolphin Bay Dolphinarium Dolphinarium is very popular with tourists, located within walking distance from Atlantis. A ticket to Dolphinarium gives the right to a free visit to the water park adults and children over 8 years old. In Dolphin Bay, you can see the show with Dolphins, swim with them and play.

Dolphinarium operation mode:

  • Mon, T., Wed, Thu. - 11:00 (1st session), 18:00 (2nd session);
  • PT., Sat. - 11:00 (1st session), 15:00 (2nd session), 18:00 (3rd session);
  • Sunday - day off.

Visiting the dolphinarium for children aged 2 to 11 years will cost in the amount of 50 AED to 100 AED (from 983 rubles. Up to 1 966.85 rubles.). For adults - up to 140 AED (up to 2,753,59 rubles). For children up to 2 years A visit to Dolphin Bay for free.

On the territory of the Dolphinarium there is a cafe where you can eat tasty, and souvenir shops where you can buy inexpensive presents for memory.

The center of observation of marine lions

Atlantis Water Park in Dubai has a program in arsenal, which is called "familiarity with the sea lions." It is provided for visitors from 6th age and is held at the Sea Lion Point Observation Center in Dolphin Bay Dolphinaria.

You can play with sociable marine animals, swim along with them (part of the program called SEA Lion Discovery). You can take part in a fun photo shoot (part of the program called SEA Lion Photo Fun).

Numerous reviews who visited Dolphinaria Water Park indicate that the show with marine lions is very positive and memorable for a long time.

Food zone

After exciting and extreme entertainment in the Akvapark Hotel Atlantis, you can go to Food Court (Food Court) - Restaurant courtyard, where cafes, restaurants of national kitchens, Fast Food Restaurant, benches With light and national food, as well as various drinks.

Especially popular with the visitors of the Cafe Shark Bites will hide holidaymakers by Arab snacks, as well as popular burghers, Italian pizza and fried chicken. Dishes can be enjoyed inside the power supplies or take with you.

Restaurants in the water park

Several restaurants in the AquaVenture Water Park Hotel Atlantis offer visitors a variety of dishes - from the most simple to the most sophisticated:

  • Shawafel is famous for Shawarma and Falafel (fried in fryer balls from chickpeas with spices);
  • The Dosa Factory offers curry guests and hot dishes from Tandara;
  • TBJ is popular with delicious juicy burghers with marble beef (Wagu);
  • Asia Republic Express is preparing a delicious national noodle.

It should be noted that it is forbidden to carry food and drinks to the water park. The presence of cafes and restaurants here allows resting to choose a place where you can eat or delicious and tightly eat.

The largest water park in the Middle East, located on the territory of the Atlantis Hotel in the Arab city-Emirate Dubai popular with tourists around the world. He is hospitable ready to receive guests at any time of the year.

Video on the water park

Video review of the Akvapark Atlantis in Dubai: