Atelika Horizon 2*, Alushta. Reviews, photos, prices

Hotel complex Atelika Horizont has a level of service 2*. It is located on the southern coast of Crimea in a picturesque area of ​​the resort town of Alushta under the name Professor's Corner. According to the reviews of those who have visited it, this is a budget hotel with services at competitive prices.

General information

Until 2018, the Gorizont boarding house built in 1970 was located here, which, after repair and restoration work, became part of the network of country hotels of the Russian company Atelika.

The history of the Professor's Corner district began at the end of the 19th century, when the Russian professor, doctor of science, teacher, participant in the Crimean campaign and the Battle of Balaklava in 1854 Nikolai Alekseevich Golovkinsky in 1886, having retired, moved to the town of Kastel-Primorsky near Alushta and settled in his house.

He was attracted here by beautiful picturesque places and fresh sea air. Later eminent scientists began to rebuild their houses and dachas next to it, and the already inhabited place was called the Professor's Corner.

In those days, rest on the Crimean coast, which only wealthy people could afford, was considered prestigious. Nowadays, everyone can enjoy the beauties of the Crimea and relax here. This is a 2* hotel, which ranks it as a "C" category hotel with modest service and facilities.

Location and surroundings

Atelika Horizon is located in the suburban green area of ​​the city of Alushta on a high seashore. At a distance of 55,200 meters from the hotel, in the capital of the Republic of Crimea, the city of Simferopol, the nearest airport is located, 46,000 meters from the railway station, and 905 meters from the bus station.


The center of the city of Alushta is located at a distance of 5,000 m from Atelika Horizont. Public transport stops are located within walking distance.

How to get

From Simferopol to Alushta you can take 1.5-2 hours by trolleybus or 45-50 minutes by fixed-route taxi with a transfer at the bus station. The movement of trolleybuses is carried out regularly, with a frequency of 15-20 minutes from early morning until 22:00. Shuttle transport transports passengers 1 time per hour and departs from the station square.

To get to the hotel complex, you can use the shuttle service provided by various travel companies. It is ordered in advance, advance payment in one direction is made on the account of the tour operator.

Transportation of tourists is carried out from the airport and railway station by several modes of transport:

  • Standard (economy class transfer); designed for 3 passengers, including children. The approximate cost will be from 1,850 rubles. up to 1 950 rub.
  • Comfort (transportation by luxury cars); designed for 4 tourists with children. Approximate cost from 2,000 rubles. up to 2,200 rubles
  • Business (high comfort transfer by business class cars); the maximum number of passengers is 3 people, including children. The approximate cost will be 3,750 rubles.
  • Minibus (transportation for 7 people with large luggage). The price of the service will be from 3,450 rubles. up to 3,550 rubles.

Private transfer services are provided around the clock. Prices depend on the travel company in which vouchers are purchased. Crimea is famous for its beauty, wonderful nature and interesting places that you can see while on vacation here.

Atelika Horizon 2 * (Alushta) reviews describe as a place where you can not only relax by the sea, but also admire the surrounding beauties, visit historical and entertainment places:

  • Beketov's house-museum. The building of extraordinary beauty was built in the Moorish refined style by the Ukrainian architect and academician Aleksey Nikolaevich Beketov. It has many interesting exhibits, is a decoration of the Professor's Corner and is located 296 m from the hotel.

  • Almond Grove (water park). This is a place that adorns Alushta with its interesting design. It has many water slides, waterfalls and pools, rides, cafes and bars. It is located 914 meters from Atelika Horizont.
  • Dolphinarium "Watercolor". This is an entertainment and therapeutic center that can accommodate up to 700 spectators. Here you can watch performances by artists, dolphins and fur seals. It also provides swimming with dolphins for recreational purposes. It is located in Alushta, at a distance of 1,734 m from the hotel.
  • "Crimea in miniature" (park). This is an interesting place in Alushta, where copies of the most interesting sights of Crimea are collected, made on a small scale (1:25). The park is open all year round and is located 1,742 m from the hotel complex.
  • Alushta Aquarium. It consists of 4 halls where you can see extraordinary fish from all over the world, crocodiles, turtles and crabs. It is located in the center of Alushta, at a distance of 1,806 m from Atelika Horizont.
  • Central embankment of Alushta. This is a great place for walking and relaxing with many cafes, bars, parkland and magnificent views of the sea. It is located 1977 m from the hotel complex.


Hotel complex Atelika Horizont with a level of service 2 * is located in a guarded, closed area of ​​50,000 square meters. m. The reviews of tourists resting at the hotel indicate that the infrastructure is well developed here. The territory stretches next to a green park area, very well maintained and well landscaped: many flower beds, cypresses and palm trees.

The hotel complex consists of 3 buildings with 198 rooms.

Here are located:

  • comfortable buildings;
  • restaurant;
  • bar;
  • car parking (200 rubles per day);
  • tour desk;
  • swimming pool;
  • amphitheater;
  • playgrounds;
  • cinema hall;
  • playroom for toddlers (up to 4 years old);
  • cinema / conference hall (for 220 people);
  • kids club;
  • playground for animation;
  • laundry;
  • mini-football field;
  • library;
  • badminton court;
Atelika Horizon 2 * (Alushta) reviews of tourists who have already rested here are characterized as a place for a budget holiday.
  • volleyball court;
  • banquet hall;
  • rental shop;
  • beach (pebble) with the necessary paraphernalia.

Swimming pool

Swimming pool on the territory of Atelica Horizon open. Its area is 300 sq. m. Fresh water in it is regularly heated. The pool has a separate area for children, its depth is 0.8 m. Sun loungers and sun umbrellas are placed on the territory by the pool.


Since the hotel complex is located on high mountains, the descent to the sea and its own pebble beach is a staircase of 90 steps, as well as a gentle safe path.

The beach is 200 m from the hotel. There is a pier and a pontoon, where the rescue booth is located. The beach area has all the necessary paraphernalia: sun loungers, sun umbrellas and awnings, showers and changing cabins. The beach area is always clean and well-groomed. The entrance to the sea is gentle, with small pebbles.


All rooms of the hotel complex Atelika Horizon are located in 3 separate buildings. The level of comfort of the rooms is different. This is economy class, and standard, and "luxury". Therefore, the cost of living is also different. All rooms are equipped with refrigerators and TVs. Some rooms without balconies.

housing seats in room, type of rooms number in the hotel area room equipment priceper day, rub.
#111139sq. mwithout air conditioning, bed (1 bedroom),washbasin, facilities on the floor1050-2400
22710-12sq. m.) 1740-3990
32313sq. mwithout air conditioning, 3 beds (1-sleeping), washbasin, shared facilities on the floor 188]
1 standard69sq. m1 bed (1 bedroom), air conditioning, shower, amenities in the room1520-3990
2 standardsmall1613sq. m2 beds (1-sleeping), air conditioning, facilities in the room2220-6182
2 standard1817sq. m2 beds, air conditioning, accommodates 2 people + 1 extraamenities in the room2520-6650
2 studio123sq. M1 bed (2-bedroom), sofa, air conditioning, amenities in the room;2 people are placed + 2 additionally4850-8100
3 FamilyOf the 2 rooms1622-26. mseparate bedroom and living room, 1 bed (2 bedroom) + 1 bed (1 bedroom) or sofa, air conditioning, bathroom with amenities; 3 people are placed + 1 additionally and2nd additional place on request3910-10640
№21 economy149square. MAir conditioning, 1 bed (1-bedroom),Amenities in the room1160-3310
2 Economy,Small1411. MAir conditioning, 2 beds (1 bedroom),Amenities in the room1920-5510
3 Familyfrom 2 rooms1921-23square. m2 separate rooms, 1 bed (2 bedroom) + 1 bed (1-bed) or sofa folding, air conditioning, all amenities; 3 people are placed + 1 additional place on request3910-10640
2 Studio724kV. m1 bed (2 bedroom) + sofa; Air conditioning, Room Amenities, 2 people are + 2 additionally4850-8100
2 of 2 Rooms,Lux155. mLiving room, bedroom, 1 bed (2 bedroom), sofa, armchair, fireplace, 2 air conditioner, hallway, bathroom with amenities, shower; 2 people are placed + 2 additionally6350 -9650
No. 321011kV. m2 beds, washbasin; Amenities on the floor1740-3990
1 Standard411.m1 bed, air conditioning, facilities in the room1520-3990
3 standard1612sq. m3 beds, air conditioning, amenities in the room2220-6180


Atelika Horizon Hotel offers its guests three meals a day and an all-inclusive buffet.

The menu of the Aluston restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes:

  • salads;
  • fresh pastries;
  • meat dishes;
  • fish and birds;
  • juices;
  • compotes;
  • tea;
  • milk and milk drinks;
  • coffee.

There are always fresh fruits (cherries, plums, watermelons, apples, pears) and vegetables, as well as a children's menu with dairy dishes. Alcoholic drinks: champagne, various beers, a selection of wines are offered free of charge. They are included in the lunch and dinner menu.

Located on the territory of the first building of the hotel complex, the Primorsky bar offers vacationers light meals in between main meals.

Here you can have a bite to eat with all kinds of salads, eat hot pies, snacks, refresh yourself with a variety of soft drinks. Alcohol is served free of charge until 22:00. Kids are treated to ice cream and cotton candy here. The bar is open daily from 11 am to 11 pm.


Atelika Horizont 2* (Alushta) reviews characterize as a hotel with good animation for adults and children, as well as a wide range of different services.


  • reception desk;
  • Wi-Fi outside the rooms;
  • swimming pool;
  • Luggage storage;
  • gym;
  • library;
  • tennis court;
  • football field;
  • swimming pool;
  • outdoor dance floor;
  • table tennis;
  • yoga classes;
  • billiards;
  • animation for adults;
  • daily morning beach exercise;
  • towels;
  • sun loungers on the beach and by the pool;
  • children's animation;
  • services of a caregiver in a children's room;
  • game rooms;
  • laundry (self-service);
  • iron;
  • ironing board;
  • kids club.


  • transfer;
  • parking lot (200 rubles/day);
  • tour desk;
  • car rental;
  • international and long-distance telephone communication;
  • renting a cell in a safe at the reception;
  • rent of a conference room;
  • rent of air mattresses (150 rubles per hour);
  • rental of sports equipment;

  • trip on a water banana (300 rubles per person);
  • oxygen cocktails at the bar;
  • conducting and organizing wedding ceremonies;
  • corporate events;
  • holding banquets;
  • room decoration;
  • fan rental.

Entertainment for Adults

The hotel has an excellent, well-trained entertainment team who keep guests busy and entertained from early morning until late at night. One of the traditions is daily morning exercises on the beach and yoga classes. After that, all kinds of team quests and competitions on the water are held with vacationers.

The most popular activity on the beach is banana water riding. The service is paid. A trip for one person will cost 300 rubles. Do not allow to spend time aimlessly by the pool. Fun tournaments and water aerobics, fun dancing and karaoke parties, as well as fun themed competitions are held here.

Sports activities in the gym, volleyball, badminton, billiards and mini football are popular during the day. From quiet entertainment, you can choose to watch movies in the cinema, read books from the library.

Entertainment for children

As Atelika Horizon positions itself as a hotel for families with children, there is a wide range of services for the entertainment of young vacationers.

There is a children's club called Solntsegrad, where children from 4 to 12 years old are engaged and entertained by a specially trained teacher. They are engaged in modeling, drawing, making various crafts, reading books and board games.

The hotel has two playgrounds with various horizontal bars and swings. By the pool, animators hold fun water competitions with children in the children's area. In the afternoon, fun discos are held for young tourists.

Business Services

The hotel has a conference room that can comfortably accommodate up to 200 people. It has a big screen and a stage. The administration provides the hall for rent for business meetings and conferences, while the organization of these events takes over for an additional fee.

Tours and prices

Select and book a tour for a trip to the holidays in Adikka Horizon 2 * (Alushta) on the websites of tour operators online. Prices for vouchers vary depending on the demand and tour operator. In winter, the hotel does not take guests.

The cost of the bus tour for 10 days, depending on the class of the number and decade of the month:

  • In June from 19,800 rubles. up to 34 100 rubles.
  • in July from 25,300 rubles. up to 36,700 rubles;
  • in August from 26,000 rubles. up to 35,700 rubles;
  • in September from 23,200 rubles. up to 28,200 rubles.

The cost of an airline for 10 days, depending on the class of the number and decade of the month:

  • in June from 24,400 rubles. up to 38 200 rubles;
  • in July from 31 800 rubles., Up to 42,600 rubles;
  • in August from 32 100 rubles. up to 42 400 rubles;
  • in September from 26,400 rubles. up to 31 700 rubles.

Rules of entry and departure

At the Hotel Attelik, the horizon population of new arrivals is made from 12 o'clock in the afternoon, and eviction 10 o'clock in the morning.

when arriving with parents, children take children:

  • to 3 years - free of charge; Extra place and nutrition are not provided;
  • up to 12 years (only 1 child) - free, place and full-fledged meals.
  • Children, more than 1 - paid at a discount.

Setting in the hotel guests with animals is not allowed.

Contact information

  • Address: Republic of Crimea, Alushta, ul. Komsomolskaya, d. 7.
  • Phone: +7 365 602 18 18.
  • Official website: ATELICA_RU.
  • Instagram: instagram_com_atelica_gorizont.

Despite the fact that the Level of the Attelka service Horizon is qualified as 2 *, reviews of numerous tourists who have already been resting here positive. Many are ready to come back here again.

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