Artificial island in Dubai Palma Jumeira. Photos, facts

The artificial island of Palma Jumeirai in Dubai is the largest scale of the creation of humanity. Its originality consists in contours that exactly match the palm tree. A variety of modern villas and skyscrapers are built on the island.

Where is the island

Island located in the Persian Gulf and belongs to the United Arab Emirates. It has a configuration in the form of a palm tree protected by a waveness, which is a crescent. Such an obstacle eliminates the destructive effects of marine waves.

Characteristics of the island

The artificial island of Palma Jumeira is located in Dubai, is the first of three such objects. The construction of the rest began later for several years.

Other islands are names:

  • Dzhabal-Ali palm trees.
  • Deira.

In general, they constitute the coastal territory of 520 km. Of them Palm-Jumeier is the smallest, but the most compact island. Its width is 5 km and about the same distance he goes into the sea. At the same time, the entire area is 5.6 km2. Communication with the mainland passes through a 300 m long bridge.


Artificial island in Dubai can be divided into 3 parts, the description of which is presented in Table:

Title of the site Description
BarrelThis is the basic part of the Jumeira Palm, through which the connection is made with the mainland. Along the entire territory, the tracks were built, and a monorail road was laid in the axial part. From the very top of the trunk to the nearest wave proof the tunnel. The entire area is built up with multi-storey buildings. For residents and tourists living in them there is a necessary infrastructure. Here in large quantities there are restaurants, shops and clubs. The coastal areas are equipped with beaches.
CrownFrom a height, branches-leaves symmetrically diverging from the center of the trunk are clearly visible. There are 8 of them on each side. If we calculate the total length of the coastline of such branches, then it will be 56 km. A highway is laid in the center of each branch. Built villas are densely located along the route. In order to increase the number of objects, the distance between them is made very small.
Crescent MoonThese are 3 breakwater barriers. Their total length is 11 km. At the design stage, it was planned to build one solid barrier. However, the decision was later changed. Due to the lack of natural water exchange between the surrounded territory and external waters, stagnant processes could occur. As a result, it was decided to make 2 breaks. On the territory of the breakwaters hotels have been built. There are beaches and many entertainment complexes.

In order to attract tourists to the area surrounding the island, coral reefs were placed and 2 sunken aircraft were placed. This is of additional interest to lovers of water diving.

Features of creation

The idea of ​​creating an artificial island in the Persian Gulf originated in the 1990s. This was due to the fact that there was not enough free space left in this area. This building gave impetus to the future development of tourism. After the start of work in 2001, the sheikh of the state set the task of building without the use of concrete and metal. The main materials were to serve as sand with stone.

The difficulty was that it was impossible to use sand from the nearby desert due to the small size of the fraction. The only way out was to raise it from the bottom of the sea in huge quantities. In 2006, the work was completed. The existence of the project is ensured by the huge weight of the embankment, which guarantees the strength and reliability of the structure.

Interesting facts about the artificial island

The artificial island in Dubai is now a symbol of the place. He carved his niche along with the ski slopes in the desert or huge skyscrapers. The constructed structure is so majestic in scale that it can be seen even from space. The island is characterized by the presence of many interesting facts.

Difficulties in designing

Projects were created by Dutch engineers. Such a daunting task required careful analysis of the situation and complex calculations. This was especially hampered by skeptics who believed that the created structure would be washed away by the waters of the bay. However, the researchers managed to prove that with a depth of 30 m and a bay width of 160 km, the waves will not be able to reach a height of more than 2 m and will not carry such a force as to destroy the structure.

Taking into account the fact that Dubai is located within the seismic zone, it was decided to build breakwaters rising to a height of 4 m above the water surface.

The project also included the following features:

  • The uplift of the valley sand was to occur at a distance of 8 km from the coast.
  • The sand cushion for the crushed stone had to be 7 m high.
  • All large stones were planned to be laid tightly so that they would be well protected from raging waves.

The work was to be carried out under satellite navigation control.

Construction costs

The construction of such an island cost the government of the country $ 12 billion.

This amount included the following costs:

  • The amount of sand lifted from the seabed was 94,000,000 m³.
  • The volume of stone is 5,500,000 m³. It was mined from 16 quarries.
  • The construction work involved 10,000 people who had to pay wages.
  • 40,000 people participated in the construction of infrastructure facilities. The work was carried out in 2 shifts.
  • High-class specialists from foreign countries received increased salaries. Their number was 1200 people.

During the construction of the artificial island, a special vibro-compacting technique was used to make the material better fit into place.

The price also includes the erected buildings:

  • There are 8,000 villas and various residential complexes on the shaft. In addition, 220 restaurants and shopping centers.
  • 1800 villas and 22 hotels were built on the side branches.

Despite the high cost of real estate, all of it was purchased in 2004 within 3 days while still under construction.

Island Attractions

An artificial island in Dubai has all the conditions for a good time. Comfortable accommodation in hotels is combined with a pleasant stay. Families with children can take a trip to the local water park, dolphinarium or marine aquarium. In addition to a beach holiday, you can take boat trips, visit nightclubs and museums.

Hotel Atlantis

The building consists of 2 buildings connected by an arch. The taller building includes 22 floors, and the other 19. The complex receives more than 800 tourists daily. Rooms are furnished in Arabic style. Their cost ranges from $250 to $13,500 per day.

The artificial island in Dubai has its most famous hotel.

Some interesting facts are connected with the Atlantis Hotel:

  • 10,000 pyrotechnic devices were involved in its opening.
  • The height of the building is 93 m, and it occupies 46 hectares of area.
  • An aquarium with an area of ​​160 thousand m2is equipped here. It is the largest in the Middle East.
  • Only world-class chefs work in bars and restaurants.
  • Transportation of guests from the airport and back is provided by a helicopter transfer.
  • Tourists are taken to the city center by free buses.

Dry cleaning, laundry, and sauna are always available to visitors.

Aquaventure Water Park

The water park is located in the central part of the island. 2 artificial rivers have been created on the territory. One of them has a small current with varying speed, while the other constantly has high waves.

The water park also includes the following facilities:

  • 3 types of entertainment complexes, in which adults and children can participate. They have the names "Neptune's Tower", "Poseidon's Tower" and "Ziggurat Tower".
  • A designated area for small children. On the territory there is a shallow pool and 14 small slides.
  • The cable car. It is located at a height of 20 m. While driving, the speed is 15 km / h.
  • Swimming pool for adults with great depth.
  • Private beach. It is available to hotel residents and water park visitors.

A distinctive feature of this institution is that here you can find any entertainment for both an adult and a child.

Dolphin Bay Dolphinarium

The Dolphinarium is located on the territory of the Atlantis Hotel. Unlike other similar venues, there is no animal performance show here. The principle of operation is to communicate visitors with dolphins.

For this, a group of 6-8 people is formed. The period of contact between humans and animals is limited to 30 minutes. This is due to the fact that dolphins are subjected to a great psychological and physical stress. During this time, a person can swim with animals and, if desired, take a photo with them. It is also allowed to pet a dolphin or throw a ball to it.

Animals are so tame that they go to people on their own, so it is not necessary to swim to the sea inhabitants to a depth. Sometimes a person does not even need to go into the water, but you can simply communicate with a dolphin through the side of the pool.

The Lost Chambers Aquarium

This aquarium also belongs to the Atlantis Hotel. A group of 10 people enters the hall, around which there are 10 aquariums. Each of them presents the scenery of the unknown Atlantis. Here you can see the remains of sunken ships and the ruins of a lost city. At the bottom lie household items of representatives of a lost civilization. Thousands of fish swim in the water area of ​​the aquarium.

They differ in great variety. Here you can see sea bass, piranhas, jellyfish, sharks and sea urchins. 500 kg of seafood is used daily for their food. All 10 aquariums contain 42 million liters of water. Moreover, the largest of them has a volume of 11 million liters.

Environmental problems

Despite the uniqueness of the island, the project is clearly not well thought out.

Disadvantages are expressed in the following:

  • High density of buildings. The distance between them is reduced by 3 times compared to the original plans.
  • The gaps between the breakwaters were found to be insufficient in size. Internal waters stagnate. The result is an unpleasant odor.
  • The element has a destructive effect on the island. So that it is not washed away, it is necessary to constantly carry out restoration work.

The artificial island located in Dubai was ahead of its time. All the shortcomings present in it are not critical. Science does not stand still. With the development of new technologies, it will be possible to solve existing problems. Main idea. The best plots of land are constantly being built up, and the water area of ​​​​our planet is huge. The ability to create the earth's surface on the territory of the seas and oceans will expand the space for human settlement.

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