Annecy, France. Attractions, photos and descriptions, how to get there, what to see

Annecy (France) is a place of concentration of historical and natural attractions - a city for a quiet family holiday for tourists on the shore of a beautiful lake framed by Alpine mountains.

Significance of the city in the modern world

The historical countdown of the city of Annecy (Annecy) begins with a mention in the annals of the era of Emperor Lothar (867 AD). Between the 10th and 15th centuries, the residence of the dynasty of the Counts of Genevois was located in the city. The transition to the control of Savoy took place in 1401. Accession to France as part of the mentioned duchy happened in 1860

The resort city is located in Eastern France, not far from the Swiss border (about 50 km), being the central part of Haute-Savoie.

The department borders Italy. To Grenoble in the south, the distance is 85 km, in the north direction to Geneva 45 km. The area of ​​buildings of the city is about 14 km2, the city channel Tew passes through the center, which is a natural branch of the picturesque Lake Annecy and connects it with the river. Fie.

Annecy (France), whose sights are popular with tourists from all over the world, is a town that many call the "Venice of Savoy". Guests come here to admire the beauty of the mountains, the serenity of the lake, the tranquility of the canals and the charm of the ancient urban landscape framed by many flowers.

Distinctive features of the city

Ancient cobbled streets; houses and castles, from which it breathes history; clean mountain air, mixed with the smells of numerous flowers; the picturesque shores of a transparent lake are a far from complete list of Annecy's features.


The temperature background in summer is calm: the minimum values ​​are not lower than +10oC, the highest temperature is not higher than +29oC, little rainfall.

Cool in winter: down to -3oC, heavy rainfall in November.


The lake of the same name is considered one of the cleanest in Europe. It feeds on mountain rivers, the water temperature in summer is 20-22oC above zero. Clean air from the forests surrounding the city, there are a lot of greenery and flowers on the streets.


More than 51 thousand people live in the city.

Flora and fauna

Moving along the eastern shore of the lake, tourists at a distance of 12 km from the city find the Roque de Cher natural reserve, one of the largest in the southeastern part of France. Its area is about 70 hectares, it is located around the mountain that gave it its name, on the slopes of which many plant species grow (more than 560 species), including oaks and hornbeams.

Vegetation forms the unique microclimate of the reserve. Deer and wild boars live in the foothill forests, swans live freely on the lake and in the city canals.

How to get to Annecy

Annecy (France), whose sights attract the attention of Europeans at any time of the year, is a settlement that is located at the intersection of various routes leading from geographically located nearby cities.

By plane

You can fly to Annecy airport only from Paris airport. The cost of a flight from Moscow to Paris in economy class is from 12,200 to 22,700 rubles.

By train

Tourists get to the railway station in the center of Annecy by train from the nearest cities:

City Cost Travel time
Genevafrom 1050 rubles.up to 2 hours
Lyon1700 – 2500 rubles.up to 2 hours
Grenoble1100 – 1700 rubles.up to 2 hours
Paris6300 – 7350 rubles.up to 3.5 hours

By bus

There are daily regular bus routes from Geneva to Annecy, which travel about 1 h, ticket price - 300 - 400 rubles.

Annecy, France can be reached by bus from Geneva in just 1 hour.

From Lyon the bus takes about 2 hours, the ticket will cost from 300 to 2000 rubles.

By car

For tourists traveling by car, the route of the trip passes through the following countries: Belarus, Poland, Germany, Switzerland. It is necessary to pay attention to toll highways, parking places and observe the speed limit.

The shortest route to Annecy from Geneva Airport on a modern highway by car will be a little over half an hour. Within an hour's availability of routes from the airports of Grenoble and Lyon.

Transport Annecy

Tourists go around the historical center of the city on foot, it is more convenient to get to the surrounding castles by local buses.


For comfortable travel during the day, you need to purchase a ticket for 3.1 euros, which will be valid for a day. A single bus ticket costs 1.2 euros.

The ticket is bought at the bus station of the city or from the driver on the route. Regular bus services from Annecy run to many cities in Europe.


A trip from Annecy airport to the city center will cost approximately 10 euros when ordering a taxi through the dispatch service.

Car rental

Several car rental companies at the airport offer car rental services starting from 20 euros per day.

The main sights of Annecy

Annecy has a special attraction - the shady Lovers' Bridge, famous throughout France. This place is considered ideal for dates and quiet romantic walks. The old town also attracts tourists with majestic castles, churches and houses.

Religious buildings

The city center is adorned by the massive Gothic Saint-Maurice church, founded in 1442 in honor of Saint Maurice, the patron saint of Annecy and the Duchy. For two centuries since its foundation, it has been the center of local provincial life.

Rousseau leads tourists to the stone palace of the 17th century. Bishop's residence. Nearby is the ancient Cathedral of St. Peter, built in the XVI century. He is famous for the fact that the future educator Jean-Jacques Rousseau sang in the church choir in his youth. Later, in one of his works, he described the patriarchal, rural, measured life of the settlement in which he happened to live in 1728.

Notre Dame is the church of Notre Dame de Lies, founded in the 16th century, later destroyed, but rebuilt in the 19th century. Inside are sculptures of saints and an unusual altar.

A modern structure built in the 1930s. under the direction of the nuns of the Visitation, since 1951 it has been operating as a basilica. Colorful stained glass paintings reproduce fragments of the life of Saints Jeanne de Chantal and Francis de Sales, whose remains rest in the basilica in gilded copper sarcophagi.


Museum of local history with interesting exhibits is located in an ancient castle on a small island in the middle of the canal. The castle-fortress was founded in 1132; during this time, it changed many owners; served as a palace of justice, an accounting chamber and a prison.

On the elevated part of the city there is a castle that belonged to the dynasty of the counts of Geneva (XII-XVI centuries), the walls and towers of which are built made of stone and have a thickness of up to 4 m. For a long time it was abandoned after a devastating fire in the 16th century, but in 1953 it passed into municipal administration, was restored and transferred to the museum.

Archaeological finds, works of ancient and modern art, antique furniture are exhibited there. On a hill stands the castle of Montrotier (XIII-XIV centuries), in which the Florimontai Academy is located. It was founded before the academy in France for 28 years. The exposition presents antique carpets, historical costumes, porcelain dishes and products.

Natural attractions

At the confluence of the canal into the lake, there is a peninsula, the territory of which is decorated with alleys, beautiful statues, magnificent fountains, numerous benches and boats on the lake.


This park complex is called the Garden of Europe, which began with the planting of trees and shrubs in 1863 (information plates with names are located next to the plants). Not far on the surface of the lake you can see Swan Island.


At the end of the embankment stands a statue of the famous local chemist Claude-Louis Berthollet, who was born in 1748 in Talloires. Conducting various experiments, he guessed to use the substance chlorine for the process of bleaching the fabric and paper produced. Place Saint-Clair is famous for the Kiberet fountain, launched in the 17th century. and still working, with the heraldic sign of a trout above the bowl.

An ancient well (built by knights in the 15th century) near the street. Carnot attracts tourists with clean cold water, being a place of frequent visits and meetings of local residents. On the cape next to vil. Duigne is the Chateau de Rufy, built in the 11th century. and privately owned.

Recreation in Annecy

Arriving guests can find places for recreation near the city and on its streets for every taste.


St. Clair and Royal streets abound with a large number of shops and boutiques, ready to delight customers with a variety of goods.

Leisure activities

Over the lake surface from a mountain 1.3 km high, extreme flights often start, international paragliding competitions are held here.

Catamarans are offered on the lake. There are modern sports centers and equipped beaches on the coast.

Interesting places for recreation with children

Walking tours around the city with children are interesting and informative, numerous cafes and establishments offering Italian ice cream invite you to relax and have a tasty snack.

It will be interesting for children to look at the old sundial (1874) made by monk Arsen on the edge of the city embankment.

A bus trip (about 10 km west of the city) to Montrotier Castle will allow you to immerse your child in the Middle Ages, look at the rich collection weapons and armor of knights and outlandish African and oriental things. An unforgettable trip will be to a mountain observation deck near the city, which is used for launches by paragliders and paragliders.

Events in the city and surroundings

Several significant events are held annually in Annecy:

  • in the spring (April) - a farmers' festival;
  • in one of the weeks of June - an animation festival;
  • in July (on the second and third weekends) - Night Jazz Festival;
  • The beautiful Lake Festival, instituted by Napoleon and accompanied by spectacular fireworks and a grandiose show on the water, is held in August (on the first Saturday of the month);
  • in October (second Sunday) - Alpine Harvest Festival, accompanied by local food, folk music and exciting entertainment.


Annecy (France), with its natural landscape to admire, is a city that offers active holidays for guests. For example, a bicycle tour along the road along the lake (about 40 km long). Beautiful views of the surrounding mountains of La Tournett, a seed; forests on the slopes; Sandy beach near the settlement Sevrier will meet on the travel route.

A boat with tourists on 2-hour tours of the lake spread several times a day. The main attraction, prominent from the water on the shore, standing on the hill of Menton-Saint Bernard castle, laid in the XII century.

Offer a pedestrian visit to the surroundings - the gorge r. Fier with steep picturesque cliffs. At the beginning of the bus trip to the village. Poisi, then the Tritter will have to go on foot. The route is closed in October - March.

Annecy Hotels

The doors of many hotels are open to the services of coming tourists.

Atipik Hôtel Alexandra

Hotel for budget recreation with standard rooms:

  • is located at: 19 Rue Vaugelas (st. Shovel), not far from turning the prosp. Albini to Nab. Turnet;
  • shower;
  • Accommodation with children;
  • Prohibition of smoking;
  • The cost of 2 people. For one night - 5000 - 5,300 rubles.

Hôtel des alpes

The hotel is located in the city center, the rooms are standard:

  • is located at: 12 Rue de la POSTE (st. Post), at the crossroads st. Somyo, not far from the prosp. Armor;
  • Breakfast included in the price;
  • shower;
  • Accommodation with children;
  • Prohibition of smoking;
  • The cost of living 2 people. For one night - 5,200 - 5400 rubles.

Hôtel Les Tresoms, Lake and Spa Resort

Comfortable hotel with spacious rooms:

  • is located at: 15 Boulevard De La Corniche (Kornish Boulevard);
  • open and indoor pools;
  • free parking;
  • Air conditioning;
  • Bathroom;
  • The cost of living 2 people. For one night - 10900 - 12000 rubles.


Hotel with comfortable rooms and beautiful views of the surroundings from the balcony:

  • is located at: ALLÉE DE L'IMPÉRIAL (Alley Emparial), on the shore of the lake in the park, close to the prosp. France;
  • Near Zoological Garden, Casino and Nightclub;
  • indoor pool;
  • free parking;
  • Air conditioning;
  • Bathroom;
  • The cost of 2 people. For one night - 11200 - 12500 rubles.

Remarkable historic Hotel Tallon (East Coast of Lake) was previously the Abbey of Benedictine.

What to bring as a souvenir

, Annecy offers tourists the opportunity to capture forever remembers of the rest, acquiring souvenirs in local stores:

  • Chocolate Shop in the gift execution at the address: 4 Place Saint Francois de Sales (intersection of the Embankment Il and Pl. Saint-Francois de Sal);
  • Store of various sweets at the address: 4 Place Saint Francois de Sales (crossing the streets of Carno and PE);
  • Cavavin Wine Store at: 24 Avenue de Geneve (on Rockad Boulevard ring);
  • in souvenir shops of local masters (paintings, sculptures, ceramics).

Annecy (France) - This city has attractions capable of satisfying the developmental taste of tourists - lovers of antiques and a calmly measured rest in the lap of nature.

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