Anita Venus Beach Hotel 4 * (Anita Venus Beach Hotel) Turkey / Kemer. Photos, prices

Anita Venus is a modern Hotel complex, built on the coast of the Mediterranean Region of Turkey. Hotel Beach Hotel 4 * refers to the budget category and is popular with many tourists.

Hotel Description

This hotel was founded in 2002. Its last renovation was carried out in 2017 on site there is a main building (4 floors without elevator). Next to it places one 2-storey building Annex and two bungalows in the 1st floor. His name is translated as the beach hotel Anita Venus.

Earlier, the hotel was called Venus Beach. It has 4 stars and positions itself as a hotel for youth and family economic recreation. It also works on the "All Included" system. The complex covers an area of ​​3500 m2. It has a small green garden on its territory.

Location of the hotel and that in the surrounding area

The hotel is located in the village of Beldibi at: Merkez, Beldibi Sahil Yolu AtaTurk Cad. №96,07990, BELDIBI KEMER ANTALYA. It is 20 km from Kemer. The way to his airport is 40 km away. The sea is very close across the road, about 18 - 22 m. It can be seen from the hotel gate. You just need to cross the track to get to the shore. Underground transition is missing.

This is your own hotel's beach, its length is 10 m. Also, the hotel is 15 km from the center of Antalya, and to its air harbor - 30 km.

Beldibi does not have a large number of entertainment seats in the resort area. Nightlife, entertainment shows are focused mainly in Kemer and Antalya. There are also large shopping centers where you can spend time shopping lovers.

However, in the resort village there are various cafes, restaurants, shops where holidaymakers can go. And also have pharmacies. A number of attractions are located next to this locality, which tourists are happy to visit.

Cave Beldibi

Anita Venus Beach Hotel 4 * is located near the cave of Beldibi. This is the most famous Natural Heritage of Turkey. Mountains rose around it, citrus groves, coniferous forests grow. It is located in the east of the city of Olympos.

You can get to it with a tour or independently on a rented car on the D-400 road from Kemer to Antalya.

Mount Tachthala

Mount Takhtaly is located in the vicinity of Beldibi, next to the neighboring village of Kirish. This is the highest point of the Taurus Mountain Ridge. Highlights are available for travelers all year round. She loves to attend the fans of climbers and other types of extreme sports.

It is raised to it using the Olimpus Telefrik cable car. Or from the village of Badzhik or Yayla Cuzder. By car you can also get to Chukur. The D-400 track leads to the funiculos. It is necessary to move towards the tekirov, and then turn on the sign.

Mouse Island

Mouse Island is a small land plot with an unusual highly relief. It is also called the "turtle", as well as the "Island of the wrong wives". He is very popular with diving lovers. Before him get on catamarans and yachts.

Canyon Gainuk

Canyon Gainuk - This picturesque gorge is about 6 km from Anlta Venus. It is known for its orange and pomegranate gardens, mineral sources. The purest mountain river flows here.

The walk is performed only in the bright time of the day. It lasts about 2 - 3 hours. There are many sightseeing tours, which attend such a unique place. From Beldibi, Dolmushi follows the valley.


Fazelis is an antique city, which refers to the VI century. BC. His ruins are 14 km from Kemer. This is at the foot of the Mountain Massif Takhtaly. You can get by bus, taxi either by sea in the boat. Vacationers visit historical place with excursions.

The car is moving along the D-400 route towards Tekirov. An old town is located in the southwest of Kemer. The trip takes about 20 minutes.


Olympos is another ancient city. It was founded by pirates. It is dated to the 3rd century. BC. And even now archaeological excavations are carried out here. Tourists can see the remains of fortifications, tombs and an amphitheater.

The path to it passes along the D-400 road through the village of Cirali or the village of the same name. Buses run to the old city. There are also many semi-wild beaches. They are quite suitable for relaxation, although they are not equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas.

Ataturk Park

This is a small, cozy municipal park, which is very popular with tourists. It is broken in the south of Beldibi. There is a cafe where you can have a bite to eat, and the shade of trees will cover you from the heat. From it there is access to the city beach, which also belongs to the municipality.


Beach Hotel 4* is located approximately 6.6 km from the Dinosaur Park, which will be of interest to children and adults. Its territory is 30 km2, it is located in the village of Goynuk. From Anita Venus the journey takes approximately 10 minutes. by car.


A stone arch decorates the entrance to the square. It was erected in the old district of Belbedi-1. There is a market here on Mondays.


The mosque is located in the center of Belbedi-2. It was built relatively recently. Its architecture emphasizes the ancient oriental style and color.


For lovers of entertainment there is an open-air night club Fly Club. It only works in summer. Before him 9 minutes. on foot. Beldibi also has many different bars and discos.


Wild and man-made beaches are one of the main attractions of the village. Most of them are pebbly. Sandy ones belong only to large hotels, which themselves covered the pebbles with sand.

All equipped beach areas have been awarded the Blue Flag, which indicates their cleanliness. Wild beaches do not have infrastructure, but they are no less beautiful and clean. Of these, the most famous is located next to the Beldibi cave, as well as on the other side of the village.


Ataturk Boulevard is the central street of the village. It has a large number of shops, stalls, tents. Here you can buy almost any goods.

For example:

  • souvenirs;
  • household items;
  • jewelry;
  • leather, fur products;
  • ceramics;
  • textiles;
  • knitwear;
  • clothing;
  • shoes;
  • food;
  • sweets;
  • delicacies and more.

The market is located in the northern part of Beldibi, this is the place near the Stone Arch. It works 1 day a week. As well as most bazaars in Turkey. In the village it is Monday. In stores, the same goods sell on the market. Prices are not very different.

Cafe, restaurants

There are many different cafes, canteens in the village. At a distance of 2.7 km. Anita Venus Beach Hotel has a restaurant Sunset Bearch Restorant, as well as Lotus Restorant (Chinese cuisine). A little away, about 4 km. There is Mavi Terrace Restorant (Turkish Cuisine)

Infrastructure, Beach and Pool

The hotel has a 24-hour front desk, there is a luggage storage and a paid safe to the reception. There is a currency exchange.

The hotel provides ticketing services, as well as the tour desk. But she has practically no territory. This is just a small yard with a reservoir, sun loungers for vacationers and an open restaurant. Fruit trees grow around, and various plants grow in vases.

Anita Venus Beach Hotel 4 * has 1 open large pool with an area of ​​120 m2. With him, there is a bar serving various drinks. Sun loungers, umbrellas, towels are free. There is also an indoor (30 m2) and a shallow children's pool (3 m2). There is a water slide. All reservoirs work all year round.

The hotel has a restaurant indoors and on the street, (each of them is designed for 100 people), a cafe-bar, a vending machine. There are places set for smoking, there is a paid Wi-Fi in the rooms and lobby. The hotel has a sauna, a beauty salon, a massage room.

There is also a kitchen, laundry, free car park. The hotel has a garden, terrace, playground. A small territory of the complex is fenced with a stone fence having a niche. They contain vases with flowers, lanterns. The hotel provides a paid car rental and bicycles.

The hotel complex has its own pebble beach on the coast. It is located on the 1st line, equipped with umbrellas and sun loungers of the towels are given a deposit. The beach area is across the road from the hotel. It's only 3 minutes to go to it. The entrance to the sea is rocky. There is also a paid bar, where they treat various soft drinks. Shower cabins in free access.

Rooms and Equipment of the rooms

in the Arsenal of the hotel 70 standard rooms. They are designed to accommodate up to 4 guests. From the windows of the apartment you can admire the sea expanses. Residents of the rest of the rooms can enjoy mountain landscapes.

The balconies of the first floors there are greenery. With them, there are growing, exulting extraordinary aroma orange trees and figs. All apartments are equipped with beds, wardrobes, TVs. There is also a hairdryer, free air conditioning. The refrigerator is absent, the total is in the lobby.

Rooms at the Anita Venus Beach Hotel 4 * are decorated in bright colors

satellite television. There are 2 Turkish and 6 Russian channels. There is also a telephone in which you can carry out paid urban, long-distance and international calls. The rooms have heating.

All apartments have a shower. Bathrooms have towels, liquid soap. Most rooms with balcony. They provide linen ropes for drying clothes. The cleaning of the premises is made daily, the change of bed linen and towels is carried out 3 times a week.

Power concept, alcohol

Hotel food concept - buffet, by type AI. Alcoholic beverages are usually included in the cost of the ticket. This wine, beer. For freshly squeezed orange juice and ice cream will have to pay separately.

Anita Venus Beach Hotel 4 * receives guests in "All Inclusive" format. His restaurants prevailing vegetable food. But also in the menu there is meat (most often chicken), fish. The side dishes make up the cereals, pasta.

Porridge, flakes, milk are offered for breakfast. As well as cheeses, sausages, vegetable slicing. Fry scrambled eggs either omelet on the grill. The daily table is complemented by soups, salads, various side dishes.

The evening menu includes fruits in one species, as well as cakes, cake, cookies. Tea and coffee at any time are unlimited. The table by the pool is covered at 16.00. Feed gas with juices, sweets, baking. Alcohol lovers offer beer, red, white wine. There is also a paid lunch box and drinks in the room.

Operating hours of restaurants:

Breakfast07.30 - 09.30
Lunch12.30 - 14.30
Dinner19.00 - 20.30


The hotel complex offers its guests a variety of services.

Wellness and cosmetology procedures

For a fee, guests have the opportunity to visit the beauty salon, sauna, massage room. Hotel staff can call a doctor if necessary. This service is also paid by guests.

Adult entertainment. Options for active and passive recreation

In addition to the time of transmitting the pools, guests are offered to play table tennis, billiards. Fans of outdoor activities can do beach volleyball (free of charge), diving, windsurfing, as well as carry on canoe walks. The hotel provides the necessary equipment. But all these events are paid. Their cost should be recognized by the hotel administration.

According to tourists, the hotel's territory is cozy, although very small.

It has original design. In the evening, the lanterns create a special atmosphere, and the flowers fill the air to the divine aroma. Therefore, in such a courtyard nice to sit at the table enjoying silence. Also at the request of the guests will include music. She sounds until 23.00.

The hotel does not have animation, therefore evening show or day entertainment is not provided. Usually, the staff of the hotel complex invite everyone to visit nightclubs and parties in Kemer.

Entertainment for children

For children there is a small pool, there is a water slide. There is also a playground where kids can play. There are no animators and a special entertainment program. But there is a nanny that can look after the child. Her services are paid additionally.

Business services

Conference rooms are absent, because the hotel is very small, and it does not rent premises for offices. You can only send a fax.

Tours and Prices

Anita Venus Beach Hotel 4 * visit, booking room on the site tour_stitch_en. This operator offers various tours in different price categories. Couchers are designed for 2 people. The cost includes food, room accommodation in the hotel. As well as insurance, the flight is back and forth.

Type of number Number of nights Cost, rub. Discount, rub.
DBL (Econom)736 550.00-6 572.00
-4 819.00
38 661.00-7 413.00
-7 000.00
36 800.00-4 420.00
845 772.00-14 389.00
(Economy)731 015, 00-608.00
39 279.00-7 754.00
32 370.00-635.00
36 837.00-5 032.00
33 383.00-649.00
(ECO)744 416.00-13 453.00
-11 628.00
41 478.00- 9 712.00
32 441.00-636.00

Rimar value of tours for April - May 2020, prices can change. Therefore, all the information needs to be recognized by the operator. You can call: 7 495 921 4028, 7 812 336 6093.

TURPOISK_ site offers tours to the hotel. The price is designed to account for insurance, accommodation, nutrition. As well as tickets in both ends.

Departure place, duration of stay Room category Amount, rub.
Novosibirsk, 7 nightsSTANDARD ECONOMY96 812.00
Moscow, 7 nights33 855.00
Moscow, 10 nights51 992.00
Kiev, 7 nights18 774.00
Omsk, 8 nights108 066.00

On the Sale Tur_ru website, you can order a tour to the hotel from the company Intourist (NTK). In addition to living, the power supply includes air tickets and insurance. The ticket is designed for 2 people.

Duration of stay Type of number Amount, rub.
7 nightsStandard Economy32,873.00
33,855, 00
4 nights35,030.00
7 and 8 nights34,384.00
8 nights36,803.00
332,331 [35,669.00]
9 nights335,

Prices are valid for April-May 2020

Pegas Touristik travel agency offers travelers trips to Anita Venus Beach Hotel including accommodation in a hotel complex, insurance. As well as meals, flights to Antalya and back. Departure is expected from Moscow. Tour prices are for 2 people.

Number of nights Number Departure date Amount, rub.
2standard room, dblApril 2437,961.00
5April 2340,049.00
May 840,706.00
May 1341,692.00
May 1142,448.00
May 942,546.00
May 1042,875.00
6May 842,487.00
May 742,914.00

The office of the tour operator is located in Khabarovsk. All details can be found by phone: 7 4212 46 22 22. Or on the website Tu tu_ru. Phone in Moscow: 7 495 137 81 17. Contact from 9.00 to 21.00 Moscow time. Travel company "Positive Travel" offers to relax in the Anita Venus Beach Hotel 4 *. The cost of the ticket is from 16,652.00 rubles. for 1 person for a period of 7 days.

Working hours:

  • Monday - Friday: 10.00 - 19.00 (without lunch);
  • Saturday - Sunday: 11.00 - 17.00 (pre-registration);
  • national holidays are days off.

Phone: 7 495 775 72 45 WhatsApp: +9265306128, +792691.

Entry and exit rules

Check-in starts at 14.00. However, early check-in may be agreed with the hotel management. You may need to pay for some additional services. For example, change the number. A baby cot is also available upon request for a surcharge.

They usually leave the hotel at 12.00. The hotel provides a paid shuttle service to and from the airport. Its approximate cost is about 8000.00 rubles.

Pay attention! It is not allowed to take any animals into the hotel, even service animals.

Important information! Before settling into the room, it is necessary to check whether furniture, electrical equipment, plumbing is damaged. All defects should be immediately reported to the hotel staff in order to avoid conflict situations.

The hotel staff speaks English and Russian.


The hotel has its own website: venus_anitahotel_com. You can also book a room here. Phone: +90 242 350 08 29. Fax: +902428249380.

Beach Hotel 4* is located right by the sea, which is very convenient for vacationers. Anita Venus is an economical mini-hotel where you can have a good rest, enjoying mountain views, seascapes and clean air.

Video about the hotel

Video review of the Anita Venus Beach Hotel 4 * in Turkey: