Alan Xafira Deluxe Resort & SPA 5* Antalya, Turkey. Reviews, hotel photos, prices

Alan Xafira Deluxe Resort & SPA is a five-star Turkish hotel, located 20 km from the famous resort town of Alanya. He has long been fame not only among Russian tourists, but also among visitors from other countries, which confirm multiple reviews.

Hotel description

Alan Xafira Deluxe Resort & Spa 5 *, reviews about which is 98% positive, is not just a private hotel, but an integer entertainment complex. It is known for its entertainment complexes, spa treatments. A distinctive feature of the hotels are bright tropical gardens, surrounding its entire territory.

The hotel has been built. Recently, in 2014, so in general the state of infrastructure is excellent, but even if something fails, the numerous service personnel instantly solves any problem.

The tourist complex of the hotel has in its composition 2 two-storey build and 1 nine-storey building. Positions yourself as a hotel of the highest category equivalent to 5 stars. Its category the hotel complex fully justifies. Even the appearance of the hotel says this: it looks like a real luxury royal palace from past centuries.

Gold-plated domes only enhance this feeling. The internal interior of the hotel is also made in a rich style: various currency, gold and red tones, furniture is made in an aristocratic style.

Location of the hotel and that in the surrounding area

The hotel has a very convenient location: only 90 km is the airport in Antalya. The nearest airport is 55 km away, Gazipaste. This hotel is located in the village of Turkler, just a few kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea. The most closest city from the village - Conakla, located 6 km.

The most famous sights located near the hotel:

  • In the very center of Conaklov, a small chapel was located, made in the form of a rectangular tower with Arches. Unusual roof shaped crowns famous weather. Not far from the chapel, each wishes can relax on the benches with comfortable backs. It is especially beautifully a chapel in the evening when multicolored lights and street lights are lit.
  • ​​
  • Conaklov Mosque. This is a majestic domed building. It is located in the central part of the city. From the 4 sides, the mosque ishing the high towers of minarets, which are visible from a distance of 10 km. Thanks to the backlight, this architectural structure is similar to a precious overflowing stone.
  • Sculptural construction "Koni". This sculpture is made in the form of 2 snow-white horses that have stuck on the wind. The sculptor was very clearly conveyed every line of muscles on the body of the horses. It seems another minute and they will come to life. There is a statue 100 meters from the trading area in the concalches. This architectural structure has been placed relatively recently, in 2012, and it has already gained popularity among celebrating tourists. Often here you can see taking pictures on the background of the monument of people.
  • Charavoxian caravansery. This architectural construction of the 9th centuries ago was a hotel. She looks like a real fortress today: gear turrets, portal arches only complement this impression. A distinctive feature of the caravansery is that the Great Silk Road passed through it, when the traders series several centuries ago caravans went to trade in China and back. To date, this architectural monument is protected by the Government of Turkey and is a state heritage.
  • Mobile market. This market is not similar to all the markets of the world, so he is very famous among those who come here. In every new day of the week - the bazaar moves to a new place. He starts his work at 8.00 am local time, closes - at 20.00. Here you can buy various oriental delicacies, tea, spices, vegetables, fruits, clothes, shoes, hookah and even colorful Turkish lamps. The main rule on the market is to bargain with sellers as long as possible. Thus, the cost of goods is usually reset in 2, and even 3 times.
  • Summer Gurden Nightclub. This is the most popular disco in Alanya. The main feature of the night club is that it is divided into 2 halves, equal to each other. One half is on the street, the second is indoors. It is often in the program there are foam parties with light music, popular DJs, who are known not only in Russia, but also in Germany, England and Italy. In part of the club, which is located in the open air, there is a huge aquarium with exotic fish and improvised waterfall with a swimming pool, tropical trees.
  • Temple of Apollo. Apollo Temple is located in Side. From the village of Conakla - 45 km, the bus you need to go 50 minutes. These are the majestic remains of the former Great Roman Empire. The temple was defeated due to wars, earthquakes and on time. But even despite this, several large columns remained intate and unharmed, allowing to make magnificent pictures on the background of the sea. It was completed by the temple in the architectural style of Peripter. The peculiarity of this style is the majestic, square and stone buildings surrounded by large columns.

Infrastructure, Beach and Pool

The area of ​​the hotel is 46,000, so there is everything you need for outdoor activities. The entire huge area of ​​the hotel is covered with greens: tropical palm trees, decorative bushes - all this economy is mostly served daily by several gardeners, so all plants, trees and shrubs have a neat and trimmed look.

The hotel is constantly working at least 5 animators who entertain guests in every way. Their work begins at 8.00 am and ends deep at night. In the morning, they charge near the pool and in the pool in the pool, where they are invited to take part in it.

during the day Animators carry out different interesting contests. In the evening, guests are waiting for a surprise in the form of a show. Every evening - its own special program, not like another. At 23.00 there is an incendiary disco. Who does not want to go to the local hotel disco - for them, animators sell tickets to the nearest famous clubs Alanya.

The beach of the hotel complex Alan Haifira is located 700 m. To the coast of the Mediterranean, there is a convenient asphalt road, so the time of the guests for guests will only take a few minutes. For especially lazy - every 15 minutes from the hotel complex on the beach and a specialized small bus rides back.

Hotel guests can take advantage of protective umbrellas from the sun, sun loungers with mattresses. Near the beach there is a bar where you can eat and drink a cool drink. The menu is mostly hamburgers, french fries and salads. Almost at all seasons, the sea is warm, except for winter, early spring and late autumn.

Usually the sea is clean, only sometimes there may be slight pollution during tides. For lovers of the sandy beach there may be disappointment - the whole shore is mainly covered with pebbles. For a small additional fee, tourists can ride a boat with a motor, a catamaran, a banana, water skiing.

Alan Xafira Deluxe Resort & SPA, hotel beach.

There is even a separate sailing instructor with a special boat and a diving instructor with all the necessary equipment. To go to sea with a diving instructor, you will need to go through a two-hour briefing.

Rooms and facilities

Alan Xafira Deluxe Resort & SPA 5 *, reviews of which make a good advertisement for the hotel, has more than 800 comfortable rooms with all the necessary living conditions.

Today it has the following types of numbers:

Number Description
King SuitThe largest rooms in the hotel complex with the highest comfortable level. These rooms have a footage of about 140 square meters. m.

A notable fact is that in addition to two huge bedrooms, there are two bathrooms with a Jacuzzi. These rooms are considered "Lux" rooms and are intended for the richest travelers who are ready to pay a lot of money for comfort.

Villa Family RoomsThe second most comfortable rooms in the hotel. Their peculiarity is that they are located separately from other rooms, in the so-called villas. They have a bathroom, a bedroom and a large living room.
Superior Family RoomsMedium class rooms. They have an area of ​​48 sq. m.

They have a bathroom and a bedroom.

Superior Standard RoomsThe most budget rooms. Their footage is 36 square meters. m.

Regardless of the category, each room has Wi-Fi, air conditioning, safe, LCD TV, refrigerator. If necessary, you can ask the administrator at the reception desk to put an additional baby bed, this service is free. You don't have to pay to use the safe in your room.

There are 2 main methods of accommodation in a hotel room:

  • Through a tour operator. The most common way to check into rooms is through a tour operator. In this case, the cost of renting a room is included in the price of the tour. It also includes the cost of the flight and the services of the tour operator itself. For most people, checking into a hotel with the help of a tour operator is the easiest and best option.
  • Self-hosted. The second option in popularity is independent accommodation. The person himself buys air tickets, on the Internet it will be found out, whether the rooms are free if he needs it - to book them. The price of the room per day ranges from 3,000 rubles. up to 10,000 rubles. Depending on the category of numbers and time of the year.

If you come to the very season - the room will cost much more expensive. Therefore, if the tourist wants to save, it is recommended to come at a time when it is not very hot, but not cold. An ideal season can be called a velvet season, which lasts from the end of August to early October.

Power concept, alcohol

In this hotel, all vouchers are sold with a service included in it known in the Russian Federation as the "All Included" concept. This concept means that all the food in the hotel is already included in the cost of a ticket or the room rate. And this breakfast, 2 afternoon snack, lunch and dinner.

The hotel in the hotel is the most diverse and will allow to satisfy the tastes of the most picky gourmet. Breakfast is mainly served pancakes with the most diverse stuffing, several types of cheeses, buns, eggs, both fried and boiled, omelet with eggs.

The most diverse is power supplied to lunch and dinner. For lunch, there are several types of salads (more than 10), at least 3 types of soups, 3 types of garnish, often served fish or meat cooked on the grill. Sweet table is represented as delicious cakes (minimum 3 different types) and cakes.

For dinner, the diet is the same, only meat or fish baked on the grill are served every day, unlike lunch.

Also in the evening the menu is more diverse than in lunchtime. Sometimes shrimps and squid are served for dinner. In the concept of nutrition "All Inclusive", all drinks of Turkish production are free, as well as alcoholic cocktails made on their basis. If the Bar visitor wants to drink the whiskey of foreign production, for him will have to pay separately.


Conditionally, all services can be divided into the following groups: wellness, medical and cosmetology procedures, entertainment for adults, entertainment for children.

Wellness and therapeutic, cosmetology procedures

Alan Xafira Deluxe Resort 5 * offers tourists a number of wellness, medical and cosmetology services (reviews characterize them from a positive side), which are carried out in the spa.


  • Thai massage. The cost of one session is 1400 rubles.
  • Japanese massage using the shiatsu point method. The price of one session is 1400 rubles.
  • Traditional Turkish peeling in the hammam. The cost of one session is 1000 rubles.
  • Stone massage with hot stones. The price of one session is 1400 rubles.
  • Argan, marjoram, olive, citrus mask for the face. The cost of one session is 700 rubles.

Entertainment for adults. Options for active and passive recreation

For lovers of passive recreation, there is a large equipped swimming pool with a bar and an aqua park that will appeal not only to children, but also to adults. For adults who prefer active recreation, there is a sports ground on the territory of the hotel where you can play mini-football, basketball and volleyball. There is a separate tennis court.

Rental of tennis equipment, such as rackets and tennis balls, is paid.

There is also a table for playing ping-pong, a table for playing billiards and darts. At the request of tourists, all the necessary equipment for these sports is provided free of charge.

The water park compares favorably with other hotel water parks in Konkala. It has 6 slides of varying difficulty. In the cold season and in the evening, there is a closed water park located in the hotel itself, in a nine-story building. A feature of this indoor water park is that warm water constantly flows in it.

Entertainment for children

Alan Xafira Deluxe Resort & SPA 5 * (reviews rarely describe children's animation on the territory) offers children to spend time in an entertainment club where parents can leave their children up to 1 hour, 2 children's animators will look after them. Also for children there are 2 small pools with warm water. During this time, they will entertain the kids in every possible way.

There are special art supplies, a huge LCD TV with a large video library of cartoons, and even a game console. If parents need - for a fee for a few hours you can hire a nanny in the room.

Services for business

For business people in the hotel you can rent a conference room for up to 100 people. The cost of one hour of rent is 2000 rubles.

Tours and prices

Here are some examples of tours and prices to the hotel:

  • Check-in at the hotel on 10.10.19. Duration of rest - 5 nights. Meals "Ultra All Inclusive", where in addition to free food and drinks all day long, some additional service is also included. The cost is 68,730 rubles. Room type - Superior Standard Rooms. Tour operator - Pegas Turistic.
  • Check-in at the hotel on 10/11/19. The rest period is 6 nights. Power "Ultra all inclusive. The price of the tour is 69,745 rubles. Hotel room type - Superior Standard Rooms. Tour operator - Sunmar
  • Check-in at the hotel on 10/11/19 Duration of stay - 6 nights. The cost is 70 350 rubles. Room type - Superior Standard Rooms. Tour operator - Coral Traver.

Entry and exit rules

Alan Xafira Deluxe Resort & SPA 5 *, reviews of which note the punctuality of employees, has established the following entry and exit rules:

  • Upon arrival at the hotels, you must immediately go to the registration desk and receive a special card.
  • Fill in all the fields in it. Attention! The card can only be filled out in English.
  • Hand over the completed card, voucher, passport. After the necessary pages are removed from it, it will be returned immediately.
  • Check-in takes place at 14.00 local time. After check-in, guests are given cards for which they will need to receive towels and a room key.
  • On the day when it will be necessary to check out, at 12.00 local time, you will need to vacate the room, hand over the key to the room and the cards with which the guests received towels to the administrator at the counter.

Attention! Guests will not be evicted if there is a debt for additional paid services: paid alcoholic drinks, use of a tennis court, sports equipment.


Hotel contact information:

  • VKontakte: Vk_com/xafiradeluxe.
  • Address: Turkey, Turkler, index 07407 Antalya / Alanya.
  • Phone: +902422121585.

Alan Xafira Deluxe Resort & SPA is a well-known five-star hotel in Turkey with good service, which, according to reviews, is suitable for recreation not only for couples with children, but also for young people without children. The hotel has a lot of entertainment and every tourist will be able to relax so that only pleasant memories remain from the hotel.

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