Ajman, UAE. Attractions of the resort, photo

Tiny and calm Ajman in tourist guides is described as One of the best resorts of the UAE with beautiful beaches and natural attractions. In addition, here you can get a high-class service for relatively small money (if you compare Ajman with neighboring emirates, the prices are here below).

Where the Emirate in the UAE

, Ajman is located in the west of the UAE on the banks of the Persian Gulf, and almost all over the perimeter (except for the coastal strip) covered by a larger Emirate of Sharjah.

Ajman, UAE

, Russian tourists are easy to reach the Emirate. A negative point can be attributed to the absence of an international airport in Ajman, so from Russia to the Emirates should be shifted through other cities. The closest right airport is located in Sharjah. This is just 18 km from the city. A little further (at a distance of 25 km from Ajman) is Dubai Airport.

A trip through Sharjah

From the Russian capital to Sharjju daily, air flights are carried out daily, and the flight takes about 5 hours. Of the airport, Sharjju to Ajman's airport, you can travel by bus, but more convenient to vacation By taxi (the cost of a trip 30-60 Dirhams) or use the transfer service to the hotel selected for living.

Trip via Dubai

A trip from Dubai to Ajman to a taxi will cost approximately 100-130 dirhams. There is another option: in the airport rental point you can rent a car. The cost of renting is 90 dirhams per day and above, the price of 1 liter of gasoline is from 2 dirhams of the UAE. Before Ajman from Dubai can be reached by bus from the subway. At the same time the path will run through Sharjah.

the name of the metro station route number Arrival clause
"Union Square"E400from 10 to 12 DirhamsAjman bus station
"Al RashIDIYA"

Buses are running with an interval of 15-20 minutes. From early morning until late evening.

Climatic conditions, the best time for the trip

Ajman in the UAE (the description of the resort is given below) - an interesting tourist destination for those who are planning to spend their holidays on the beach. It's not worth going here in the summer months, since during this period there is an unbearable heat. The best time for the trip is the offseason.

The lowest temperature in Ajman is observed in January. This month, an average air temperature is 23.7 °, and water 22.4 ° C. Above the entire bit of the thermometer rises in July-August when the air warms up to 40.6 °, and water to 33 ° C and higher.

The most comfortable temperature regime in Ajman is held in December, February and March. During this period, air on average warms from 25 to 28 ° C (at night it is slightly lower - 20-22 °).

The rainy months are January and March. In January, precipitation drops to 13.2 mm, in March - 16, 6 mm. Most of all sunny days (30-31) in July, August and September.

Recreation options

Ajman in the UAE (the description of the resort is available in all tourist guides on the UAE) offers its guests primarily a calm and measured vacation on the bank of the Persian Gulf.

Beach holidays

The total length of the beach line in Ajman is about 19 km. The shore is covered with small light sand, the water is transparent, the entrance to the water of the bay is flat.

But it is better to use specially equipped beaches for bathing, where there are rescue stations and medical care points. These include sector sites owned by hotels and public beaches.

Public beaches

Along the center of the city stretches the long section of the public beach, which is also an excellent place to relax. From the noise of the streets, they are separated by a palm planting. City beaches are free. They are equipped with arbors, sun beds are installed, umbrellas. Here are necessarily rescue stations, which is especially important for vacationers with children.

Ajman is primarily luxurious hotels with private areas of the most beautiful beaches of the UAE with large sections of untouched white sand. Therefore, the resort is attractive for tourists who prefer passive rest and come here to swim and soak in the sun.

Use the amenities of hotels with a visit to their private beaches can be guests who purchased a one-day subscription. Here guests offer a large selection of services and wonderful beach holidays.

Note. However, there are closed beaches that are available only for hotel guests.

The beach of the Hotel Ajman

This beach with a length of 400 m is considered one of the most green. The shore is covered with a variety of palm trees that create enough shadow. There are lounge chairs, umbrellas and comfortable mattresses.

From the Sun, it is possible to hide in the arbors placed in the beach area, or sit in the bar.

Resort Beach Obero (al-Zora)

Beach, owned by Oberoi, is located on the territory of the Al-Zora Reserve in the heart of the Mangrove Forest. The beach area is considered one of the cleanest, as the sand here every day the hotel workers sift and smash.

As an active recreation, you can enjoy underwater floating, beach volleyball. Al-Zora also known as a great place to fishing. It is ideal for family holidays.

The beach of the Hotel "Bahi Ajman Palace"

The length of the beach is only 150 m, but it is very beautiful. Vacationers can accommodate both in the sand and on the lawn under the palm trees. There is a large swimming pool on site, lounge chairs and umbrellas are installed. Especially for children, there are still two small pools.

The beach of the luxury hotel "Ajman Saray"

This hotel is located in the city center. The length of its beach is only 200 m, but it is easy to get to it.

Free for guests here are provided with water for drinking, towels and lounge chairs.

Wyndham Garden Ajman Corniche Hotel Beach

This 4-star hotel's beach is suitable for outdoor enthusiasts. Here you can play badminton, volleyball, tennis. It is possible to rent equipment for water and underwater sports.

Ramada Hotel & Suites Ajman

The hotel itself is located in the city, but has a good beach, which is 10 minutes away. can be reached by hotel bus.

Leisure activities

Ajman in the United Arab Emirates (the description of the resort does not end with just a beach holiday) can offer its guests quite a lot of active leisure options.

Ajman Stud

For example, in the vicinity of the city there is a horse farm "Ajman Stud". Thoroughbred horses are bred here for international competitions and exhibitions.

Not so long ago, excursions began to be organized to the farm, during which you can watch the care and training of animals, as well as get to an interesting horse show held by here regularly.

Ajman Equestrian Club

The equestrian club is located within the city. Here you can take riding lessons and take a horse ride in the desert.

Camel riding

This is no less interesting entertainment, allowing you to take a short trip through the sand dunes on a camel or watch the races of these animals, which take place on the famous Al' Tallakh track, built on the lands emirate.

Thermal springs

Ajman in the UAE (the description of the resort in tourist brochures is not complete without this clarification) is also a place suitable for health tourism.

Here in the Masfuta area there are several thermal springs, near which spas and thalassotherapy centers are open. There is also a beautiful park where many exotic plants grow. Around the thermal springs are natural rock formations that look like sculptures. You can admire their beauty while walking or driving a jeep.

Diving and Snorkeling

Magellan Diving Center was founded in 2010 and is the only dive center in Ajman. The center offers a wide range of marine activities such as diving, snorkeling.

Diving courses, sale and rental of equipment for water sports are also organized here.


Fishing tours in Ajman are organized by CAPTAIN HOOK Fishing Charters. Fishing in the Persian Gulf takes place on a sea boat. All the necessary equipment and equipment for bottom and trolling fishing is available on board.

You can catch barracuda, king mackerel, tuna (about 500 species of fish live in the bay). It is possible to cook caught fish right on board.

In addition, helicopter tours, balloon flights are organized for tourists, and Four Seasons Travels LLC is the leading travel agency operating in Ajman, arranges multi-day excursions on four-wheel drive vehicles, SUVs and off-road vehicles.


Ajman is usually described as a great resort in the UAE, suitable for tourists who prefer a quiet and secluded holiday. However, the nightlife still exists here.

Fans of active nightlife should choose one of the large modern hotels with a nightclub or bar for accommodation. The fact is that there are no nightclubs in the city, and the only option for evening entertainment are restaurants, some of which are open until late in the evening. They usually organize entertainment programs with the participation of local musicians and dancers.

Such restaurants include Zanzi Bar, Cosmic Bowling, Thirsty Horse, The Caver Sports Bar & Kitchen".

«Zanzi Bar» (Hotel «Ajman Hotel»)

Everything is here to have a great evening: ​​

  • delicious grilled dishes and a carefully selected range of drinks;
  • hookah and soft drinks;
  • The menu includes vegan, chicken and beef options.

Average order for two people: AED 380 (including alcohol).

Cosmic Bowling (Kempinski Hotel)

This bar-restaurant is a great place to relax with friends. Cosmic Bowling has a hall with billiard tables, bowling lanes, slot machines. In addition, the menu offers a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Average order for two: AED 240 (including alcohol).

Thirsty Horse (sports bar at the Radisson Blu Hotel)

This is one of the relatively cheap bars in Ajman. Here, while watching competitions in your favorite sport, you can enjoy delicious meals and drinks at a reasonable price. In addition, in your free time there is an opportunity to play billiards with friends.

Average order value: AED 225 with alcohol (for two people).

The Caver Sports Bar & Kitchen (Fairmont Ajman)

This is the perfect place to watch live sports on 12 large digital screens. Guests are offered a variety of alcoholic, non-alcoholic drinks and hearty meals at a reasonable price. During breaks you can play billiards and darts.

Average order for two people: AED 360 (including alcohol).


Despite the fact that Ajman is the smallest of the emirates, there are interesting sights that you can visit in your free time from a beach holiday.

Al Zora Nature Reserve

Coordinates: 25.426445401690277, 55.49908947110398.

Al-Zorah is a natural reserve, which is located 25 minutes. drive from Dubai International Airport. It occupies almost 2 sq. km (about 100 hectares) and is an amazing combination of beaches, blue lagoons, mangrove forests and coral reefs.

In addition, Al-Zorah is an important habitat for migratory birds, as well as pink flamingos and herons. During a visit to this unique corner of nature, you can see almost 60 varieties of rare birds that live in the mangroves.

The best way to explore the reserve's dense mangroves is by kayaking. The network of canals and calm waters make this activity suitable for beginner kayakers as well. Accompanied by experienced instructors, you can take an informative tour here.

In addition, the reserve is home to a championship golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus, a famous professional golfer. Players can play on the 18-hole course at the Al Zorah Golf Club.

Ajman National Museum

Coordinates: 25.41345748730258, 55.44560206612896. It is located in the heart of the city and is one of the oldest forts of the UAE, which served as the residence of the ruling dynasties of the region.

The fort was built at the end of the 18th century. and was the first line of defense of Ajman. The entrance is decorated with majestic gates with two cannons and watchtowers. In the museum you can see historical documents and other relics reflecting the past of this area, there are expositions of archaeological finds.

The presented exhibits demonstrate traditional daily life, ancient manuscripts, weapons. Due to the fact that after 1970 the fort was given to the possession of the police, police paraphernalia is also presented here.

The museum is open to visitors from Saturday to Thursday from 8.00 to 20.00. Tickets cost AED 5 for adults and AED 1 for children.

Verf Dow in Ajman

Dow Yard Ajman, located opposite the fish market on the territory of the sea port al-boom, remains one of the world's largest construction centers.

Help. Dow (Dow, Dhau) is a light Arabic vessel, manufactured by special ancient technologies.

Here is completely free from 9 to 20 hours. You can observe the work of masters using techniques and tools transmitted from generation to generation. In addition, fiberglass Dow produce in Dow Yard on diesel engines designed for racing competitions.

Sheikha Alu Ohuov Mosque

The mosque located in the southern region of Ajman was erected not so long ago by the ruler in the memory of the Father. Against the background of other buildings, the structure is beautifully highlighted thanks to its classic Arabic forms and high minarets.

The mosque acting, the entrance to it is prohibited to nemsulmans, so tourists are allowed to take pictures only outside the building.

Al-Murabaa Tower

In Ajman, you can get acquainted with some architectural wonders. These include the Al-Murabaa Watchtower, built in the 1930s. From coral stone. Located near the beach Ajman. Because of its form, it is also known as the "Square Tower".

The fish market

should be visited to feel the atmosphere of the Arab market. Fresh fish and seafood are sold here. But for purchases, it is not at all suitable, as there is no retail trade here, but you can make great pictures for memory.

Azhman Shopping Center

Coordinates: 25.399545199209772, 55.47921934101337.

In the center of the city there is a largest shopping center of the Emirate, which occupies about 35 thousand square meters. M of retail space, which every year take more than 10.5 million visitors. Only in 2017, 30 new stores were built here.

In the shopping center there are the Carrefour hypermarket, the vox cinema (it has 14 halls and watching the film here can cost from 30-40 to 170 dirhams), 15 restaurants, Magic Planet.

Magic Planet is one of the largest gaming establishments of the Emirate, as well as an indoor family entertainment center. Its area is about 1.5 thousand square meters. M, where a soft gaming area is located, a territory with slot machines, attractions. There are arcade games such as aerochokki, mario cards, motorcycle racing, Halo, Fortune Wheel.

Amusements for children, such as "Carousel", "London Bus", "Sailing Boat". In the soft gaming area there are large slides, screw staircases, mesh paths and a place for playing the ball. An hour of entertainment is worth 40 dirhams.

The shopping center is located in the Al Jurf area on Al Ettehad Street Street. It is 8 km from beach hotels.

Opening hours:

  • from 10 to 22 hours - Sunday-Wednesday;
  • from 10 to 24 hours - on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays;
  • The Carrefour hypermarket operates daily from 9 to 24 hours.

In addition to all the advantages described above, the resort also has such an attractive moment as a successful location. From Ajman, it is easy and quick to get to Sharjah and Dubai, where tourists will be able to get acquainted with the architectural masterpieces of the UAE, make exciting excursions on old castles, visit the largest shopping centers.

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