Abu Dhabi. Attractions, photos with a description that visit yourself, with a child

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates, famous for luxurious five-star hotels, sandy beaches and green parks in the middle of the desert. Despite the predominant beach holiday, the sights of Abu Dhabi also attract lovers of Arab culture and high-tech architecture.

Top 10 The most interesting sights of Abu Dhabi

  1. Big Shah Zaid Mosque. Snow-white building, known expensive decoration from marble and a chandelier with a diameter of 10m.
  2. Embankment "Kornish". 8 kilometers of pleasure zone, sandy beach and unusual fountains.
  3. Hotel "Emirates Palace". Palace of 114 domes, surrounded by 85 hectares of gardens.
  4. Aldar HQ skyscraper. The world's first skyscraper in the world.
  5. Al-Bahar tower. A complex equipped with a system for preserving coolness in rooms without air conditioners.
  6. Louvre. Museum with a dome with a diameter of 180 m, leaving in the open sea.
  7. Ferrari WORLD. The construction where American slides are at a speed of 240km / h.
  8. Al-Husn fort. Fortress, served by the base of the city of Abu Dhabi.
  9. "Yas Marina". The route where the Formula 1 race passes.
  10. Yas Waterworld Water Park. The entertainment complex contains wave attractions and hydromagnetic water hill.

architectural facilities and monuments of Abu Dhabi

1. Presidential Hotel Emirates Palace

Hotel, built in 2005 as a demonstration Arab luxury, surrounded by 85 hectares of gardens. The height of 114 domes reaches 80 m. For interior decoration Designer John Elliott Ribe chose a crystal, gold, stone, marble, handmade wall carpets. In the lobby, you can familiarize yourself with the city development layout from the XX century.

Tourists on the hotel are excursions with a guide, and in the gardens you can walk on your own. There are parks, fountains, water pools with imitation of the river and a private beach. The hotel is located near the Kornish Embankment.


2. Etihad Towers

The complex, located opposite Emirates Palace, consists of 5 skyscrapers. One of them was the highest in Abu Dhabi at the time of opening - 305m. In 4 skyscrapers there are residential premises and hotels, in 1 - offices. Construction, which cost 2.5 billion dirhams, lasted from 2006 to 2011. The project was carried out by the DBI Design bureau, which built houses on the water in Dubai.

The towers appear in the American film Fast and Furious 7.

3. Al-Bahar Towers

Twin twins, built in 2012, are located on Al Salam Street next to the mangrove park. The 145-meter skyscrapers house the Abu Dhabi Investment Council.

Arup Engineers solved the problem of eliminating air conditioning at 50 °C. The shielding grilles of the building rotate according to the position of the sun, keeping the rooms cool. Heat input is reduced by 50%. About 2000 modules are powered by solar energy and controlled by the program.

The grilles are a reference to the Arabic element of the mashrabiya, which is patterned inserts on the outside of windows.

4. The Capital Gate skyscraper

The tower, located in the Embassies District, got into the Guinness Book of Records for the largest slope in the world - 18 °.

The corner is formed by a diamond-shaped grid fixed on a 30 m deep pile foundation. Inside is the Hyatt Hotel and offices.

5. Aldar HQ Skyscraper

Abu Dhabi, whose sights and architecture are trying to distinguish among modern buildings, ordered the construction of the world's first round skyscraper. The construction of the 23-storey building was carried out from 2007 to 2010. During construction, stability problems arose due to the location on an alluvial site and wind loading.

The building is 110 meters high and has a round shape and its entire area must resist wind currents. But MZ Architects brought the project to life and received the award for "Best Futuristic Design" at the BEX competition. The skyscraper uses its own water supply and waste disposal using a vacuum.

The building can be found in the Al-Raha area. It houses the construction company Aldar Properties.

Historical Monuments of Abu Dhabi

1. Al-Husn Fort

The "White Fort" was built in the 18th century by immigrants from Libya. The walls of the fortress protected the insipid source from enemies. Gradually, a city appeared around the fort, oil was traded. Until 1966, this was the residence of the sheikh. Since 2007, full access for tourists has been opened. Visitors can walk around the grounds, the inner garden and climb the towers.

The building houses the Historical Fund containing old documentation, manuscripts. The fund has more than 2,000,000 books at its disposal. The premises host fairs and film festivals broadcasting English films. Al Husn Fort is located on Hamdan Bin Mohammed Street in the center of Abu Dhabi.

2. Historical village "The Heritage Village"

The museum near the shopping complex "Marina Mall" reproduces the life of the Arab peoples. The exposition was organized in 1997 with the support of the Emirates Cultural Heritage Club and the Government of Abu Dhabi. The objects on the territory are arranged by subject, here you can find goat hair tents, brick and bamboo dwellings, Bedouin camps in the middle of the desert.

Masters of pottery, glass blowers, weavers offer to try their hand at traditional looms. There is also a collection of ancient tools, including those used for catching pearls. The shipyard talks about the principles of creating Arab boats. Theater shows are held on two stages of the courtyard.

On Fridays, the work of the traditional oriental market is recreated, where you can buy dried herbs, sweets and souvenirs.

Abu Dhabi Museums

1. The Louvre

Construction of the art museum located on Saadiyat Island began in 2009. The opening date was postponed 3 times (2012, 2015, 2016), it took place only in 2017. The architect is the Frenchman Jean Nouvel. According to his plan, the building creates a feeling of being on the high seas. The building covers an area of ​​24,000 m².

The museum is covered with an openwork dome with a diameter of 180 m. It is formed by 8 metal layers 7 m thick, due to which the sunlight is scattered. The structure weighing 7500 tons is supported by only 4 pillars. Between the white cubes, which are a reference to the Arab settlements, there are water channels.

The museum collection consists of paintings by artists:

  • Leonardo da Vinci;
  • Pablo Picasso;
  • Henri Matisse;
  • Paul Gauguin;
  • Rene Magritte.

The exposition also contains finds from Ancient India, China, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Congo and Jordan. Abu Dhabi, whose sights are always unique, paid France $400,000,000 for the name of the Louvre.

2. National Automobile Museum

45 km from Abu Dhabi on Hamim Street there is a car museum in the shape of a pyramid. The collection, worth $180,000,000, belongs to Sheikh Hamad Al Nahyan, called "rainbow". Exposure from 200 cars contains rare models: Lamborghini LM002, Dodge Power Wagon, Big Foot W116, Wide Body C126.

Machines are exhibited here, with a rainbow transition and Mercedes, painted in different colors for every day of the week. On the street there is a four-storey house on wheels in the shape of a globe, the diameter of which is 26 meters. The models appeared in the Top Gear program. Visit will cost 50 dirhams.

Abu Dhabi Mosques

1. A large sheikh Zaid Mosque

The mosque, open in 2007, is the name of the first ruler of the UAE. President Zed Bin Sultan Al Najyan united 6 territories (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Umm-El Caivine, Fujer, Ajman and Ras El Highma) to one state.

On any day, except Fridays in the Muslim temple, they allow everyone. On Fridays, ministry is held, during which the mosque holds up to 40,000 people. Free tours can be visited from Thursday to Sunday. The building is located next to Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street.

The mosque refers to six largest in the world. The carpet, woven according to the sketches of the artist Ali Khaliki, covers an area of ​​5627 m2. To create it, 1200 weavers were attracted, the weight of the carpet of wool and cotton is 47 tons. Inside is suspended with a chandelier with a diameter of 10 m, inlaid by gold and crystals "Swarovski".

Sheikh's mosque Zaza consists of four minarets with a height of up to 107 m and 82 marble domes. The inner area of ​​a 17400 m² milestone is lined with white marble tiles with floral patterns. The pools with a total area of ​​8000 m², located around the perimeter, reflect all the facades of the building.

In the dark, the backlight is turned on, depending on the phase of the moon. Evening excursions start at 16:30.

2. Al-Aziz Mosque

The mosque is located on the street Hazza Bin Zayed in the northeastern part of Abu Dhabi. Modern vision of the mosque architecture belongs to the Bureau "APG Architecture and Planning Group". The building made in deconstructivism style is decorated with 207 LED elements. At night on the concrete facade, they depict the hieroglyphs of 99 names of Allah, and it seems that the light goes through the buildings.

In the mosque of the 3rd floor: on two - prayer halls for men, on the 3rd floor there is a hall for women.

3. Khalifa Mosque

The building is located on Al Bada Street. A distinctive feature of the mosque is the presence of two enlarged minarets. At night, they are highlighted in green. There is prayer for women.

4. Salem Mazer Mosque

Mosque with a black dome and one minaret is located next to Nad Kawas Street. The facade is decorated with seamless sand color arches.

5. Mother of Jesus Mother, Mary

The name of the mosque, located next to the Al Karamah Street, was chosen in honor of Mary as encouraging religious tolerance. The building consists of 4 minarets with acute vertex and 5 domes. Before the mosque has a small area laid out by black and beige tiles.

The Catholic, Orthodox, Orthodox and Evangelical Church Abu Dhabi is located in the area. Attractions are nearby, emphasizing the diversity of religions.

6. Al Basit Mosque

The mosque located in the Khalifa City area has a 60-meter minaret and ribbed dome. The facade is made by alternating rough and smooth stripes. The dome is also cut by zigzags. There is a prayer room for women and for men, an Islamic library, and rooms for reading the Quran.

7. Mosque Al Aleem

The construction of the building was conducted on the Donations of Sheikh Mansura Ben Zaza. Sand color mosque has completely smooth walls. Decor was removed to show a clean Arabic style.

Parks, Gardens and Sades Abu Dhabi

1. Embankment and Kornish Beach

Embankment of 8 km long is located in the Al-Hubeira region. Here you can ride the cycling paths, visit numerous cafes. For children, playgrounds are arranged, bicycle rental works. The embankment was awarded the Blue Flag award, outstanding clean and comfortable beaches. In the evening the backlight is turned on.

awaited vehicles are installed on the embankment, some have the shape of a bird. On the shore there is an artificial cascade waterfall. The sandy beach is equipped with sun beds, umbrellas, rescue tower.

2. Saadyat Beach

The beach refers to the island of Saadyat. Biss Turtles nest on white dunes, employees hold their population under control. In the territory is prohibited by construction, the entrance to the beach is carried out on the wooden flooring.

For visitors, showers, chaise lounges with shadow canopies, locker rooms and lockers for things are installed. There are yoga classes, windsurfing and sailing. Mediterranean cuisine are preparing in restaurants.

Wishing can join Beach-Club, including a spa, swimming pools and bars. Nearby is the Hotel Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi, where the 1500 AED fee can be swimming in 4 pools, the length of one of them is about 100 meters.

3. Abu Dhabi Zoo

in the zoo in the Al Bahya area contains more than 1400 animals. There is a bird park, a kite alley, a department of primates, giraffes and reptiles. Predators are also in spacious, predators are also inhabited: Siberian Tigers and Amur Leopards. They work the cooling system that supports the usual coolness.

Zoo is open all year round. You can stay at the Emirates Park Resort Hotel, with a balcony overlooking the zoo and the city.

4. Mangrove Reserve Abu Dhabi

The reserve is located on the coast of Al Salam Street. On the territory you can move only on boats with electric or kayaks, so as not to pollute the forests. Here they nest turtles, octopuses, flamingos, herons, rods, shrimp. Abu Dhabi, the attractions of which usually do not boast a natural component, is going to create another 4 such park until 2030.

5. Green Mubazárah Park

Green zone at the Jebel Hafeet Mountain is interesting to healing sources. Bathing are divided into men's and female. The time of visits is not limited, although in one hot source it will not be possible to sit for more than 15 minutes. Healing water is recommended for people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

There are places for picnic, playgrounds and a lake where you can ride a boat. For a fee of visitors can rent on camels. When lifting the mountain, viewing platforms are organized.

6. Caliph Park

Park on the Street Estrn-Ring Road was named after Sheikh. Opening took place in 2007. The green zone, which absorbed the features of Arab culture, cost the city of $ 50,000,000. The territory permeates artificial rivers, waterfalls and lakes. Each plant is served by an individual irrigation system, allowing you to maintain moisture in the conditions of the desert.

There are many lawns in the park, on which it is encouraged to run, play and arrange picnics. Visitors can find an amphitheater, a large aquarium and a separate pool, where men are not allowed. The entrance to the park costs 5 dirhams.

ABU Dhabi fountains

Aquatic objects are distributed throughout the city:

  1. Kornish embankment fountains: "Volcano" (with orange Illuminated in the evening), "Coffee pot", "Swan", "Pearl", "Cannon"
  2. Dancing fountains at the Yas Mall shopping complex on the island of Yas.
  3. Fountains on the artificial lake in "Formal Park".
  4. Fountains beating from under the ground before the main entrance "Emirates Palace".
  5. Khalifa Park Fountains.

Modern facilities, interesting for visiting

1. Indoor theme park "Ferrari World" ​​

Indoor Park on the island of Yas, created in 2010, covers an 86,000 m2 territory. The glass tunnel is a formula for formula 1 simulator. Another attraction "G-Force" shoots a capsule with passengers through a roof to a height of 62 m. The park has the highest-speed American slides in the world: "Formula Rossa" at a speed of 240 km / h.

Since the theme is dedicated to the Italian racing brand, its corner is recreated here and with the Colosseum, Venice and Trattoria restaurants, Mamma Rossella, Cavallino. For children, the small carousel "Ferrari" and a track for driving teaching are working.

2. Observation Deck AT 300[188)

The observation deck is located in the ethihad skyscrapers on the 74th floor. From the height of 300 m, a panorama opens on the Persian Bay, Towers and five star hotels. The cost of inspection is 95 dirhams. You can also dine in a restaurant where tea is carried out.

3. Sokolin Hospital Abu Dhabi

The first clinic for Sokolov, opened in 1999. The building contains 200 chambers to be treated for 6,000 birds per year. In a falcon hospital, you can visit the museum telling about the falcon hunt from Bedouins, as well as watch the bird manicure. Located on Sweihan Road Street.

4. Waterpark "Yas Waterworld"

Water Park is located on the artificial island of Yas. The water park area of ​​more than 15 hectares is at the same time more than 6,000 people. In addition to 38 major rides, there are still 5 more, which have no analogues in the world.

Extreme entertainment lovers will not leave indifferent attraction "Bubble's Barrel", whose waves reach three meters in height. There are also the biggest waves for Falcon's Falaj floodboards, which is translated as a "falcon hill", the first attraction in the world with a flying in water.

On the territory there is a hydromagnetic 238-meter slide with a tornado effect called "Dawwama", the dead loop "Liwa Loop" and the 550-meter Bandit Bomber with light effects. The main theme of the water park is pearls. The reason for this is the main craft of the indigenous inhabitants in the past - pearl mining and bottom fishing.

5. Trade and entertainment center "Marina Mall"

The shopping center is located in the elite area of ​​the city "Marina". Combines the comfort of the Arab city and marine themes ("Marina" with Latin - Sea). In a 4-storey building area of ​​390 m2, more than 140 boutiques with world-famous brands are located. Boutiques are popular with the elite part of the population: Monsoon, Pinco, Promod, Boogi, Ascots & Chapels.

But also for customers of secondary and high classes there are shops in the shower, such as ECCO, Mango, Coast. On the 1st floor there is a children's play area and a supermarket. On the upper floors are cinemas, bowling alleys, boutiques and restaurants. The building also has its own observation deck.

6. Yas Marina Raceway

The island has hosted Formula One every year since 2009. The length of the route is 5554 m, since the number 5 in Islamic countries is lucky. 1 m was lost during construction. The maximum speed is -317 km/h.

Abu Dhabi, whose sights are famous for their entertainment, has placed 4 covered stands. Spectators can also watch the competition from yachts or from the Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi hotel. The glass passage of the building hangs directly over the race track.

Abu Dhabi Tours

Name, description Price for 1 adult ticket Price of 1 child ticket
Sightseeing tour of Abu Dhabi.

The tour starts from the Bedouin Heritage Village. It is home to the indigenous population of the country, whose main craft is pearl fishing and fishing. Next is a visit to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque with the world's largest handmade carpet. The tour ends with a place called "Emirates Palace". 8-storey hotel with an area of ​​850 thousand square meters. m is located in the desert. Tourists will have the opportunity to try "camelcino" - a cappuccino made with camel milk.

Excursion along the Yas Marina track.

Behind the scenes of the Formula 1 race you can learn about all the nuances of the race and its preparation. Visitors will have access to the pit stop areas (temporary stopping of the car), the race control center, as well as a bus ride along the famous track and its main points, accompanied by a professional guide. The tour ends with a photo with a trophy on a pedestal.


Tourists who prefer active rest will suit this excursion. Professional jeep drivers will take you to the most majestic desert in the world - Rub al-Khali. A fascinating trip through the dunes will be complemented by riding a sandboard - a sports board designed for riding on sand; for professionals - quad biking. The trip is followed by dinner in a Bedouin village with a special program including belly dancing and a dance of men called "Tanura". Here you can smoke a hookah, do henna painting and ride camels. The same drivers will deliver to the hotel.

Musandam. Sea cruise.

An 11-hour boat trip takes place on the National Dhow ship, from which you can fully enjoy the fabulous landscape of the Musandam Peninsula. The program includes an acquaintance with the third largest emirate of Sharjah, a tour of the carpet market and a full boat trip, during which you can dive into the underwater world and see its flora and fauna in all its glory. To do this, visitors need to bring a bathing suit and a towel. After lunch, which is included in the price of the tour, you can ride a banana in the lagoon or join the fishermen and take part in bottom fishing.


Top 5 places suitable for families with children

  1. Umm Al Emarat Park Children's Park on Airport Road. There are rides, carousels, fountains and a playground.
  2. Yas Waterworld water park. On the territory there are shallow pools and children's slides.
  3. Khalifa Park. The child will love the children's railway, covering the entire park area. In addition, there are many lawns on the territory where you can run and play.
  4. Abu Dhabi Zoo. The zoo contains many representatives of wildlife, as well as a petting zoo where pets can be touched by hand.
  5. Ferrari World theme park. For children, not only separate attractions are arranged, but also a special track with a driving instructor.

Walking route for tourists

The route can be started from the north-eastern part of the Corniche. Along the way, there are fountains "Volcano", "Coffee pot", "Swan", "Pearl", "Cannon" and parks: "Family", "Lake park" and "Formal park". From the waterfront of Abu Dhabi, an overview of the Persian Gulf, high-rise buildings opens up, and, having reached the end, the route passes through the Etihad towers.

If you wish, you can go up to the observation deck. Then the path goes to the Emirates Palace Hotel, where you can go on a sightseeing tour of the buildings and relax in the gardens. If you have time and energy left, you can walk to the Marina Mall shopping center to ride the Ferris wheel or sit by the fountains.

It is better to plan a visit to the capital of the UAE for the period October-April, as in summer the air warms up to +49 °C. In Abu Dhabi, cultural attractions coexist with entertainment, making the city suitable for both solo travelers and families with children.

Article design: Mila Fridan

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